mouse – Is the redragon m601 good for drag clicking?

So, I am thinking of getting a better gaming mouse under 20$ which could get me good cps. This is as I would like to learn breezily, and godbridging in minecraft bedwars.

I have currently seen only redragon phaser m609 and m601, and I have seen some youtube tutorials on how to drag click on m601, but I am unsure that if this is my best choice. If anyone could recommend me a better mouse, it would be really helpful.

Also, I don’t know if I can ask these type of questions here, if I can’t, then please tell me where can I, and I will ask this question there.

I live in India, and I am okay with price range of under 2000 inr. Also, I would prefer mice present on Amazon/Flipkart.

c++ – How to a select a single 3D object out of multiple objects using mouse click and move it using mouse drag in OpenGL

I am rendering multiple 3d objects on the screen but i want to select one particular object by clicking on it and then move it using mouse drag but i cant figure it how to do it because on clicking on the screen all i get is the 2D coordinates of the mouse pointer

I am new to OpenGl Plsss help

google sheets – cannot drag query across multiple rows (overwrites data)

You can use

=query($A$2:$B,"select sum(B) where A = '"&C2&"' label sum(B) '' ",0)

and drag it down for as many rows as needed.
Please notice how we also need to lock the range $A$2:$B. We would otherwise may get strange results.

As an alternative use a single


enter image description here

microsoft excel – How to increase the lookup value by 1 row after I drag down the formula 23 rows?

hope you guys can help. I have an old table from which I need to build a database. As you see, “Position 1” needs to be repeated 3 times, and then to move on with “Position” 2 of “Source A” another 3 times. Is there a formula where I can do this while referencing the old dataset?

enter image description here

Plot the Total Drag Fd

enter image description here

Hi. I’m trying to do part b. The min drag that I have is 0.006U^2+1.5833(W^2/U^2).

Any thoughts about drag and drop website builders?

A lot of hostings offer drag-n-drop website builders nowadays with lots of different functions and abilities. In 2021, it’s hard to find a h… | Read the rest of

google sheets – Drag to fill/autocomplete dates only increases year, not day

Please see screenshot below. When I draged on the blue square in highlighted cell, I only get the result below.

I have set correct region in sheet settings. I have set the correct date format in the cells (how do you verify that, it makes no change…)


dnd 3.5e – How far can a wolf drag a 175 lb human on tundra?

50 ft. per movement action, or 25ft. if the terrain is difficult.

A normal wolf is a quadruped medium creature with a strength score of 13.

As per the carrying capacity rules, this means that it can drag up to 1,125 lb. under normal conditions.

Further, according to the Frostburn p.27 handbook, tundra terrain can be difficult terrain (depending on the characteristics of the zone), but it doesn’t mention carrying capacity. However, the carrying capacity rules about dragging do mention bad circumstances can reduce carrying capacity to one-half or less, without giving any more indications. The weight limit under such circumstances would be up to the DM.

Dragging something doesn’t seem to incur any special penalty, there’s just a limit to how much weight you can drag. Therefore, the wolf wouldn’t have any penalty because of dragging this body.

In 3.5 dnd how far can a wolf drag a 175 lb human on tundra?

One of my players is arguing that a wolf cannot drag a 175 lb human including gear more then 5 ft.

How far can they drag them?

unity – How to increase drag sensitivity while dragging distance is less than a certain value

I built a inventory hotbar wheel for mobile controls. The wheel can be accessed if I put my finger on a specific “hitbox” on the right side of the screen and drag left. The result looks like this.
Inventroy Hotbar

I haven’t added in item icons and such, but the black stain things are going to be the outlines of the items, and there will be item icons in the middle of them. As you can see, the larger, darker outline is the active item (the one that will be used/equipped from the inventory). I have coded the script for the inventory so that the active item will be 3 slots away from the right side of the screen.

This is the script

public class Quick_Acces_Slider : MonoBehaviour, IDragHandler, IPointerUpHandler, IPointerDownHandler
public Image quickAccessSlider;
public Canvas canvas;

public float slotDistance;
public float() slotPosition;
public float trueOffset;
public float offset;

public float canvasWidth;

public Vector2 originalPosition;
public Vector2 position;

public float slideDistance;
public float slideCap;

public float scrollSpeed;

// Start is called before the first frame update
void Start()
    canvasWidth = canvas.GetComponent<RectTransform>().rect.width;

public void OnPointerDown(PointerEventData drag)
    originalPosition = drag.position;

    slotPosition = new float(quickAccessSlider.transform.childCount);
    slotDistance = 1f / (slotPosition.Length);

    offset = trueOffset * slotDistance;

    for (int i = 0; i < slotPosition.Length; i++)
        slotPosition(i) = ((i * slotDistance) + (slotDistance/2)) + offset;

        if (quickAccessSlider.transform.GetChild(i).gameObject.activeInHierarchy)
            slideCap = slotPosition(i);


public void OnDrag(PointerEventData drag)
    position = originalPosition - drag.position;

    slideDistance = Mathf.Clamp(((position.x / canvasWidth) * 2f), 0f, slideCap);

    for (int i = 0; i < slotPosition.Length; i++)
         //Scale active objects, change color, etc

    quickAccessSlider.rectTransform.anchoredPosition = new Vector2(slideDistance * -quickAccessSlider.rectTransform.rect.width, quickAccessSlider.rectTransform.anchoredPosition.y);

public void OnPointerUp(PointerEventData release)
    Array.Clear(slotPosition, 0, slotPosition.Length);
    originalPosition =;
    position =;
    slideDistance = 0;


The inventory slider is set up so that there is a rectangular panel, with the item slots as its children, and the pivot point of the panel is the right side of the screen, as such:


Essentially, right now, because I have the offset value which makes the active object the one that is 3 slots from the right side, I actually have to swipe a certain amount before I can get to the first active item.

I want to make it so that the slider is more sensitive to drag while the slide distance is less than the offset value, so that I don’t have to drag as mush to get to the active item. I also want the effect to work in the reverse scenario, where I am trying to stow the slider (dragging toward the right of the screen).

I’ve tried a few methods such as where I tweak the slideDistance while it is less than the offset, or where I try to Lerp the slideDistance value to the offset value, but none of them seem to work due to a few reasons.

The main reasons my solutions didn’t work was because the slideDistance value needs to be equal to the offset value once I’m done tweaking the value/it is not longer less than the offset value to prevent jittery movement, and because I need the increased sensitivity to work both ways, when dragging left and also dragging right.