flashing rom – Is it possible to repair a hard drive?

I work in an electronics repair shop as a technician and I started 4-5 years ago, but something really bothers me.

Why can not we repair hard devices? As the equipment of the device completely well. Is there a type of device for this problem?

I have 5 to 10 appliances dying dead because of hard bricks because an amateur tried to flash a ROM without any experience

Also, I do not know if this is the right place to ask this question, I'm actually trying to flash an Android ROM, but if it's not the right place, I can delete my question and please if you are not 100% of course, do not write "you can not fix hard devices", I heard and said that for a long time

dual boot – Install Ubuntu on an external hard drive, Windows 10 UEFI

I have an empty external hard drive (EHDD) and a USB key with the installation of ubuntu. I want to boot from the USB drive and install Ubuntu on the EHDD, but can unplug the EHDD and boot Windows 10 as I normally do.

The problem comes from something I read about installing ubuntu on a device with UEFI, which I know of my device. This is the article


That's the relevant bit

Unfortunately, the Ubuntu installation program assumes that you want a dual boot configuration parallel to Windows. Therefore, it adds itself (in fact, the boot loader that it uses, GRUB2) to the UEFI configuration of your computer. This causes two problems. For starters, the external hard drive is not portable because you can not boot it from another computer.
Second, if you remove this external hard drive, Windows will not start. Bummer. We must solve this problem.

I do not know if this part of the article applies to my situation.

I am not sure that the grub installation can change my UEFI settings. this is due to the fact that my sata controller is currently set to the AHCI setting, so the Ubuntu setup USB key can not even see my internal SSD.

Hopefully I will know if I can always boot from Windows 10 normally.

backup – Can not add a shared drive as a Time Machine drive

I have a Mac Mini on my network with an external hard drive mounted on it. I use this external drive for Time Machine for some computers.

Everything was fine until today, when I had a new Mac Mini. I've migrated all my documents to the new machine, mounted my backup drive and tried to add it as a Time Machine backup drive in my Macbook Pro. I receive the following error:

Time Machine can not connect to the backup disk.

The operation could not be completed. (Error OSStatus 13.)

I have tried several troubleshooting tips. Restarting both machines, rebooting the external box, even reformatting the backup disk (nothing important has been lost … I hope).

Like a possible hint at a root problem, Finder -> Go -> Network -> (Computer) -> Backups also generates an error:

The operation can not be completed because the original item for "Backups" can not be found.

Both machines use macOS 10.15.

Insert an image into a spreadsheet from the Google Drive folder, the png image does not show, why?

I have an image in a folder that I want to import into my worksheet (in a cell). I use the script of
Insert a Google Drive image into Google Sheets
(with some modifications).

But it only works on one of the images.

I could see that the other image is a .png file and the first image was a .jpg file. I've tried converting the .png to .jpg, but it still does not work.

The modified script:

function listFilesInFolder(folderName) {
//writes the headers for the spreadsheet
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
var folderId = "1smphWTohvgOVTwGDbxrIxsFWeFd3tBNo";

var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById(folderId);
var contents = folder.getFiles();

var cnt = 0;
var file;

while (contents.hasNext()) {
    var file = contents.next();

    // writes the various chunks to the spreadsheet- just delete anything you don't want
        data = (

            "https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=no_antivirus&id=" + file.getId(),
            "=image("https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=" + file.getId() +"")",


The spreadsheet

Google Drive folder
The scripts

g suite – Can not access Team Drive administrators?

My CEO and I have super admin access to our Google for Business account, but in player settings there is no option to set up or edit our team drives.

We used to have a CTO that put them in place. Since then, we have left and deleted his account.

How in the world do we have access?

itunes – Unable to unmount an external drive used with the Music application due to the AMPLibraryAgent process

I'm using an external storage drive for my music library in macOS 10.15 Catalina because the required file size is several times that of my internal SSD. After upgrading to Catalina, when I connect the player to use Music, I can not eject the player later because of the player lock. AMPLibraryAgent process. Here is the exit of the terminal detailing the problem:

diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk2
Unmount of disk2 failed: at least one volume could not be unmounted
Unmount was dissented by PID 710 (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AMPLibrary.framework/Versions/A/Support/AMPLibraryAgent)
Dissenter parent PPID 1 (/sbin/launchd)

How can I remove this lock without leaving the service process or turning off my computer?

Encryption – What software to encrypt entire disks, Google Drive folder, retain access on Android and get good performance?

I would like to encrypt my drives and my data under Windows 10, but I need a recommendation to use the appropriate software or programs.

  • On my system drive, I have the "Backup and sync" Google software and the synchronized Google Drive folder. But I absolutely have to leave the contents of the file readable from my phone at any time. If I encrypt the entire drive, will this folder be synchronized as encrypted? If so, is it possible to decrypt files from Google Drive on the fly on Android?

  • I also have a "Media" SSHD (with my Pictures and Videos folders and video editing elements), a "Backup" SSHD (which contains the FileHistory Windows folder), and a "Virtual machines" SSHD. Note that I must keep good performance with all if I figure them, regardless of the method.

I think the most important files to encrypt are Google Drive, Pictures, Videos and FileHistory. But I do not know if the full encryption of the drive will be better and more appropriate.

For Windows, I found "Bitlocker" and "VeraCrypt", but if all the files are encrypted, I will not be able to decrypt Google Drive folder content on Android.

For Google Drive, I found "Boxcryptor", "Cryptomator", and "GoodSync" that work on Windows and Android, but seem to be specific to cloud storage.

  • Which folders or drives do I have / can I encrypt to maintain good performance?
  • Which software (s) do you advise me to use? Do I have to use two software packages to meet my needs, or do you have another recommendation?

Thank you!

onedrive – How To Repair The Storage Space Of My One Drive?

I deleted some files from my One Drive account yesterday; reducing the amount of Used One Drive storage space to 80%; emptied the One Drive trash. I am connecting to my computer this afternoon; and One Drive says, "Your OneDrive is 91% full, you only have 433 MB of free space".

(Note: images and videos on my iphone are not synchronized with a player, and I have not added any new videos or files that could result in such a large increase in storage space ).

I went online and I tried to see if there were any new large files via the "Bigger files from your drive" window, but there is nothing new; and the culprit is not the files that I deleted yesterday, otherwise they would be displayed in the window "The biggest files of your player".

I've deleted more files that would undoubtedly take up a lot of space on One Drive, emptying the trash from my computer and disk, but the number remains at 91%. Naturally, I am terrified at the thought of what will happen if I try the old adage of "Have you tried turning it off, then again?" for my computer. Any ideas on how to reduce the storage number used by One Drive?

How to delete / delete files from my shared folder in Google Drive?

How can we delete or delete files from the shared folder in Google Drive because no delete / delete options are displayed? See the screen shot below:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Here I want to delete ymusic-latest.apk from my shared folder. How do we do that?

Is there a way to automatically upload items to Google Photos, but NOT to Google Drive?

I use Google's backup and sync tool to automatically save photos from my hard drive to the cloud. The problem is that I want my photos to go to Google Photos but NOT to Google Drive. In Google Drive, they consume my storage quota and I only want the specifically designated documents to be synchronized.

Is there a way to do that? Even manually deleting photos from the player is useless because they are then deleted from my local drive or resynchronized.