css – Is there any software in which I can drag and drop elements to create template?

I am creating my first website and no template available online satisfies my needs. So I have decided to create my own template.


  1. How can I do it?

  2. Is there any software available for that?

  3. Or do I need do it with html + css (if anything else is also needed then please tell)? If yes, then how?

PS- Try suggesting free softwares.

If this not the correct site for my question then please suggest the right site.

firewall – How can I use iptables to drop packages for an invalid ether-type?

19:27:47.782291 98:9b:cb:: > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, ethertype Unknown (0x88e1), length 60:
        0x0000:  0000 a000 b052 38e5 d57f 0000 0000 0000  .....R8.........
        0x0010:  0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  ................
        0x0020:  0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000       ..............
19:27:47.782293 98:9b:cb:: > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, ethertype Unknown (0x8912), length 60:
        0x0000:  0170 a000 0000 1f84 e5a3 97a2 5553 bef1  .p..........US..
        0x0010:  fcf9 796b 5214 13e9 e200 0000 0000 0000  ..ykR...........
        0x0020:  0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000       ..............

My router is sending this garbage into my network and I’d like to block it, as one cannot disable it. Doing so via iptables has proven to be more challenging than I thought it would be:

root@fw:~ # iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source 98:9b:cb:: -p 0x88e1 -j DROP
iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): unknown protocol "0x88e1" specified
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.

Is there any way to block an invalid ether-type?

firewall – iptables: employ DROP or REJECT rules in non-‘filters’ tables, namely the NAT table?

For an iptables(8) firewall that is otherwise “properly locked down” in the filter table, is there any use to employ DROP, REJECT or similar, terminating, “blocking or disabling” rules in non-filters tables, namely the NAT table (or the mangle, raw, or security tables for that matter)?

We specifically want to close any, potential “holes” in our firewall.

NAT‘s POSTROUTING chain does not accept a DROP or REJECT target on at least one of out team’s systems:

$ iptables -t nat -P POSTROUTING DROP
iptables v1.6.1:
The "nat" table is not intended for filtering, the use of DROP is therefore inhibited.

Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
$ iptables -t nat -P POSTROUTING REJECT
iptables: Bad policy name. Run `dmesg' for more information.
$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Release:    18.04
Codename:   bionic

mysql – DROP a table during ROLLBACK

I had a huge INSERT into a table (about 1B rows). I had to interrupt the query, and it is now rolling back ~200M rows INSERTed. By my estimate, the rollback takes 20-30 days.

I will DROP the table after ROLLBACK.

I read a possible solution is to DROP table and innodb_force_recovery=3, but I am reluctant to go to recovery mode.

Is there a safe way to speed up ROLLBACK when the whole table is not needed and can be DROPed?

The reason behind IPv6 adoption rate dramatical drop in China according to Google measurements?

Google has an IPv6 measurement page that reports that their numbers report on the percentage of users that access Google over IPv6.

According to the report by Jan 2020 0.3% of users in China used IPv6 to access Google

However, looking at this metric in dynamic we see the substantial drop starting from June 2019.
enter image description here

I failed to find any solid news that may cause such behavior. I have two hypotheses in mind.

  1. Also as it is a percentage metric, they can adjust their calculation on the total internet penetration rate in China.
  2. Previously open discussions between netizens took place on Google Plus groups. In April 2019,
    Google shut down Google Plus. Technical discussions continue on
    Chinese-language blogs, forums, and groups. For obvious reasons,
    discussions must be hosted outside China, and posters must register under pseudonyms. So probably that caused the shift from Google services but I hardly believe that it may cause such plummet.

seo – Zero impressions to a lot of pages while I can see still see them in Google? Huge drop

In Google Search Console I can see hundreds of search queries dropping impressions from e.g. 800 to literally 0 (!), while I can still see them on Google when I search for them. I know that Google did a massive update, but this certaintly can’t be true, right?

Am I doing something wrong or is Google’s data wrong?

Take this as an example

                  new cl. old cl.  new impr.   old impr.   new ctr   old ctr     new pos   old pos
(my search query)   0      3         0         622         0%         0.48%       0        5.86

So, you can see that the impressions dropped from 622 to 0 (!!!) and the crazy thing is: the position is showing a drop from 5.86 to 0 – and I don’t get what that means. Does it mean the page is removed or blocked? If so, why can I see still see it if I search for it?

And like this, I have hundreds.

                new cl. old cl.  new impr.   old impr.   new ctr   old ctr     new pos   old pos
(my search query)   0   3          0           478         0%        0.63%       0         4.83                                                                 
(my search query)   0   3          0           420         0%        0.71%       0         6.2                                                                  

Can anyone help me understand?

drop down list – Automatically opening the dropdown for guiding users

We have a page that lets our users analyze their data. In order to analyze the data, they need to select the data-set via a dropdown first and without selecting the data-set, the page is almost useless. Here is how it looks like:

empty page

We’re planning to open the dropdown automatically when the user opens the page, here is how it will look like if we implement it:

enter image description here

The idea is that we open the dropdown automatically on behalf of the user in order to be able to guide them in a better way. Otherwise, 30% of the users leave this page without selecting the model. On the other hand, dropdowns are usually user-controlled components so we’re not sure if it’s a good practice.

dnd 5e – Can a willing creature targetted by Animal Shapes choose to drop the animal form


Nor can the caster “drop” the animal form although they can use an action to transform a target into a new beast. It is a concentration spell so the caster can choose to end it for everyone at any time.

There are no secret rules. If it doesn’t say it, it doesn’t do it.

Becoming unwilling

See Can you make an unwilling creature willing? In other words, what defines “willing”?

This is a DM call as to whether a “willing creature” must be willing only at the time the spell is cast or must remain willing throughout the duration to remain a valid target.

Unlike most other circumstances where a target becomes ineligible, deciding to be willing or not has no cost.

It also seems to treat “willing” as some sort of ‘active’ state that you must consciously remain willing or the spell fails – what if, momentarily, you doubt the sense of being a lobster? Does that momentary doubt make you unwilling and drop you back into your original form?

Similarly, if you are rendered unconscious or go to sleep does the spell end? The designer suggests an unconscious creature is not willing.

As a DM, I would not want to deal with all that and would rule that if you are willing to have the spell cast on you, it doesn’t matter if you change your mind later.

javascript – The drop down menu is not always filled in the form using Angular (Reactive Form), how can I solve it?

I have created a dropdown list of city (), it is filled according to the state selected in the second dropdown list, which works normally, searches according to state and function of & d & rsquo; Insertion in the backend works perfectly, however, when I redirect via the client list table to make a modification in another component, the drop-down list is not always filled, I noticed that the parameters (& # 39; id & # 39;) are always filled.
am i adjusting correctly when i edit?
or could it be a configuration of "roads"?
I am trying to solve it for 2 days, maybe it could be a logical mistake, but as my knowledge is still short with angular and typed, I found myself without north. I would be grateful if you would show me a "way".
During the tests, I noticed that every time I update (F5) the page is always filled,
and in debugging, even if the dropdown list is not loaded and the error below is reported, the object and the attribute city are filled in correctly.


Console error:

  ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined
        at MapSubscriber.project (cliente-cadastro.component.ts:103)
        at MapSubscriber._next (map.js:29)
        at MapSubscriber.next (Subscriber.js:49)
        at TapSubscriber._next (tap.js:46)
        at TapSubscriber.next (Subscriber.js:49)
        at SafeSubscriber.schedulerFn (as _next) (core.js:36386)
        at SafeSubscriber.__tryOrUnsub (Subscriber.js:183)
        at SafeSubscriber.next (Subscriber.js:122)
        at Subscriber._next (Subscriber.js:72)
        at Subscriber.next (Subscriber.js:49)

estados: EstadoBr();
   cidades: Cidade();

    ngOnInit(): void {

         this.sexos = this.dropdownService.getSexos();
         this.status = this.dropdownService.getStatus();

              (params:any) =>{
                let id = params('id');
                console.log('ID: ', id)
                  if( id ){
                  const cliente = this.clienteService.loadByID(id);
                  cliente.subscribe(cliente => {

            this.formulario = this.formBuilder.group({
              nome: ( null),
              endereco: this.formBuilder.group({
                cidade: (null, Validators.required),
                estadoSigla: (null)

              tap(estado => console.log('Novo estado: ', estado)),
              *map(estado => this.estados.filter(e => e.sigla == estado)),*               // LINHA 103
              map(estados => estados && estados.length > 0 ? estados(0).id : empty()),
              switchMap((estadoId: number) => this.dropdownService.getCidades(estadoId)),
            .subscribe(cidades => this.cidades = cidades);

          }//Fim ngOnInit

          updateForm(cliente) {
              id: cliente.data.id,
              nome: cliente.data.nome,
                cidade: cliente.data.endereco.cidade



const routes: Routes = (
       { path: 'cliente', component: ClienteListaComponent},
       { path: 'cliente/:id', component: ClienteCadastroComponent},
       { path: 'cliente/novo', component: ClienteCadastroComponent},
       { path: 'cliente/editar/:id', component: ClienteCadastroComponent}

      imports: (RouterModule.forChild(routes)),
      exports: (RouterModule)
    export class ClienteRoutingModule { }




  onEdit(id) {
    this.router.navigate(('editar', id), { relativeTo: this.route });

Unity drop items enemy sprite size problem

how can i drop the power ups in front of the enemy without hiding under the enemy sprite due to the size of different enemies. I would also like to distribute the deposited objects

How it is currently
enter description of image here

How I would like it to be
enter description of image here

My code:

public void TakeDamage(int damage)
    int dist = 10;
    Vector3 spawnPos = transform.position + transform.forward * dist;
    GroundItem.Create(new Item(3, 1), spawnPos);

    health -= damage