Questions about the Google Forms drop-down list based on the previous drop-down list selection

The majority of the questions I've found regarding Google Forms referencing the drop-down list based on another drop-down list selection (cascading), are directed to Google sheets or do not receive an answer. . The last date I found an "answer" was the one that gave (which was Google Sheets, not Google Form), it was in 2018.

multiple drop-down menu on a blogspot site


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magento2 – How to create a drop-down list for custom attributes in products grouped in Magento?

I have created two custom attributes, such as File Length and File Size.

Now, I need to create a drop-down list for the custom attributes above and using custom attributes, I have to filter the table's data into bundled products.

For reference please find the attached images

Suppose that if I select 21mm File Length, it should only display a file length of 21mm.
enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

magento2.3 – Magento 2 how to add an image field in the dropdown list of product attributes?

How to add an image field in the dropdown list of product attributes?
Please check below 2 image

magento 1
enter the description of the image here

Magento 2
enter the description of the image here

you can check both images in Magento 1 image, there are 3-4 more fields like flag, thumbnail, image.

How can we do the same thing in Magento 2?

I can only create yes-no fields in the attribute under the Properties tab of the showcase.

views – Drupal 8 – Rule: add a condition to the selection by drop-down list

I have a drop-down menu in a node and the id's drop-down menu is "field_b_status".
I want to add a condition to a rule if the value of the drop-down list is equal to one of the "Full" values, then send an e-mail

When I try to add this, I see the error.
Field_b_status.value data selector for the context The data to be compared is not valid. Can not get field_b_status variable, it is not set.
Please see the screen capture:
enter the description of the image here

Can you help me how to add the dropdown list "field_b_status" in the condition?

javascript – Search with drop-down list using a combination of items and with View

I need to implement a search with a list of contextual objects.
How can I combine features with the list using Vue.js (or, if that is not possible, in view, in any other javascript framework) so that the filter request sent to the server and the data of the servers displayed in the form using the drop-down list or a pop-up window with a list of items.

I've tried to implement it using datalist – but there are some problems, this form should be used to select a specific element in the database, then to display the data of that element in the view, in the example, the station element, which has the code, the name parameters, and when i use the datalist, only display the name or code. In this respect, select matches perfectly, it is the javascript object that is selected, but the disadvantage is that there is no text search with a query at server.
One of the options is to create 2 form windows, an entry for the filter, another selection to select a specific value from the list of filtered values, but the option is downright lousy. Tell me the options to combine these elements, or an alternative version to get a drop-down list, with the action when you select an item.


Send the station:

Receiving station:

Station sent: {{sentStation}}
Receiving Station: {{receiveStation}}

I've missed filter requests to the server, for simplicity, with these moments already figuring out after form debugging.
Thank you for your answers. – Reload a drop-down list with DobleClick DataGridView

By double-clicking on the DataGridView, it does not list me in the CboListDepartment

& # 39; & # 39; My code is as follows:

CboTorresP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvPropietario.SelectedCells.Item (0) .Value.ToString)
cboDepartP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvPropietario.SelectedCells.Item (2) .Value.ToString)
txtDNIP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvPropietario.SelectedCells.Item (3) .Value.ToString)
txtNomP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvOwner.SelectedCells.Item (4) .Value.ToString)
txtCelP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvPropietario.SelectedCells.Item (5) .Value.ToString)
txtCorreoP.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvPropietario.SelectedCells.Item (6) .Value.ToString)
cboStage.Text = Convert.ToString (DgvOwner.SelectedCells.Item (7) .Value.ToString)

When starting, the department drop-down list is not listed because it is only listed if esque is selected from the Torre drop-down list.

Angular 7 – Selecting a value from a drop-down menu updates the others

I have an html file in my angular 7 application where I display the same drop-down menu for each line. Selecting a drop-down menu changes the value of the other. How can I make the single selection to this particular drop-down list.


Component code

DocumentTypes: any = {};
selectedDocumentItem: { id: any; & # 39; Name & # 39 ;: No matter which; };

public getDocumentTypes () {
this.documentUploadService.getDocumentTypes ()
.subscribe (data => {
this.DocumentTypes = data;
this.DocumentTypesForDropDown = (x => x.Name);
this.getDocumentUploadDetails ();
this.setGridOptions ();
this.setColumns ();
err => {
this.Error = & # 39; An error has occurred. Please contact BSG & # 39 ;;
() => {


google search console – How to resolve a verified property that does not appear in the dropdown list of security properties?

I have several properties verified in Google Search Console / Google Analytics.

Unfortunately, I recently took a client that was reported by Google as a phishing site (what they are not). To force Google to lift the phishing warning, the following page should apparently be used:

However, when I go to this page, this particular property is not visible. I click on the Add property and ownership button is there (which means I can not add it).

Is there another way to submit the property to lift the phishing warning? Or to make it appear in the link above?

javascript – The Sumoselect plug-in does not work with the dynamic selection drop-down menu

I'm using the sumoselect plugin (

I have two dropdown lists selected. First, I added directly to the HTML page and the other one I dynamically display using jQuery.

sumoselect plugin only works for the first drop-down list but does not work with the second one.

Could you help me with this problem?

$ (document) .ready (function () {
$ (& # 39 ;. fileStatus & # 39;). SumoSelect ();
var wrapper = $ (". appentInside .row"); // wrapper of fields
var add_button = $ ("click_me"); // Add a button ID
$ (add_button) .click (function (e) {// after clicking an input button

$ (wrapper) .append (& # 39;& # 39;);


click me to display the seocnd drop-down list