Can I get tourist visa on arrival at Dubai airport?

Visa on arrival is a facility that is provided by a few countries to their Travellers where you can apply and get a visa when you show up. You can do that once you enter the respective country. You can only be issued if you are travelling for a holiday or tour purpose. And it has to be kept in mind that Visa on travel is different for different countries like in some countries you get that once you reach the country but in some countries, you have to apply beforehand online and the VISA will be waiting for you at the airport. Visa on arrival is very advantageous for immediate plans where you do not get time to apply for a Visa be
There are 20 countries and territories that are capable to procure a free UAE visa on arrival which is valid for 30 days, the addition is possible for a fee which is only applicable for British citizens, British Overseas territories citizens and British subjects who have a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode. Those 20 countries are Andorra, Australia, Bahamas (90 days), Brunei, Canada, Costa Rica ( 90 days), El Salvador ( 90 days), Hong Kong, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Maldives ( 90 Days), Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea ( 90 days), United Kingdom, United States, and Vatican City.

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What do you don in destination like Dubai?

Hello all

If you will get one chance to visit Dubai, what you would like to do in Dubai??
If you ask me I would love to go in snow park i.e ski Dubai.

customs and immigration – Carrying Exhibition items From India to Dubai & Back

I am attending an exhibition in Dubai, & i intend to carry the exhibit items with me as check-in baggage.

The items are surgical instruments and none of those items contain Lithium batteries. They are also not under any goods which can be classified as Dangerous goods. The value of the goods is Indian Rupees (INR) 1,00,000 /-

I am exploring the following scenarios with respect to clearing the items at respective customs:

  1. Using an ATA Carnet:
    I am filling the Carnet and creating documentation for it, But can i clear it myself as an exporter instead of using a clearance agent? Can the same be done at Dubai Customs?

  2. Declaring at Customs section:
    Can I declare the items of such nature at Mumbai Customs, Do i need to pay import duty as checked on, which is as follows:

Assessable Value – (A)
(CIF Value + 1% Landing Charge of CIF) (A) 101000.00

Basic Duty – (B) (A) x Basic Duty R ate 10 (B) 10100.00

Preferential Duty – (B)
(A) x Pref. Duty Rate 0 (B) 0.00

CVD: Additional Duty – (C)
(A+B) x CVD Rate 12 (C) 13332.00
Central Excise Edu Cess – (D)
(C) x Central Excise Edu Cess ra te 3 (D) 399.96
Customs Education Cess – (E)
(B+C+D) x Customs Edu. Cess ra te 3 (E) 714.96
Special CVD – Special Duty – (F)
(A+B+C+D+E) x Spl. CVD rate 4 (F) 5021.88

Total Custom Duty (A+B+C+D+E+F) INR 29568.80

Do i need to pay similar Duty during Import into Dubai?

Again the question arises, Can i clear this at the Customs section myself as the exporter of goods

tickets – Getting Boarding Pass from inside Transit area in Dubai Terminal 1

Is there any PIA counter for boarding pass inside Transit Area in Dubai airport Terminal 1? I am a Pakistani National and travelling from Sweden to Dubai Terminal 1 and have separate booking for my onward journey for Flight PK 222 to Multan.
I don’t have any checked baggage and I only need boarding pass for flight PK 222 from inside Transit area at Terminal 1, Is it possible to get boarding pass while in Transit area without going through immigration?

OR, Is it possible to get PIA flight PK 222 boarding pass from any other Service Desk inside Transit Area in terminal 1 in Dubai?

Please advise,

Best Regards,

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legal – Dubai COVID-19 related fines

I have a question related to fine process in Dubai. How and under which circumstances fines are being applied?

For example, is it possible to get fined silently when Dubai CCTV registered mask policy violation so someone is supposed to pay the fine without even knowing about it (which might become a serious and unexpected problem later when passing the border)? Or all fines in Dubai should be officially presented by the police forces?

covid 19 – Travelling to Dubai from Berlin with a connection in Amsterdam – do I need a PCR test?

I read the emirates travel guide and it says that passengers arriving from Germany do not need to take the PCR before travel.

I am travelling from Germany but I have connection in Amsterdam with a 1 hour 15 minute layover.

Does this mean I have to take the test?

I could save 60 Euros if I don’t have to.

legal – Travelling as unmarried couple in Dubai

Let me first state that I’ve lived in Dubai for a solid 19 years (years 0 to 19). In these 19 years, I have done almost everything there is to do in Dubai and been almost every place there is to go (including going to night clubs even though I was under age).

At the outset, let me clarify this:

I’d wish to visit Dubai with my girlfriend, but after reading this travel advices and this question on sex and couples in Dubai I started to get a little worried about it.

I truly believe that this is one of those cases of Western media sensationalizing news from the East. Dubai is a city in a Muslim country. You should take the same precautions in Dubai as you would in ANY Muslim country.

I now live in Ottawa, Canada. Legally, I am not allowed to smoke a joint in public. I can still do it though (without consequences) as people often do if I don’t see any cops around me. The same applies to jaywalking. Now, let’s say I do do it in front of a cop- there is a good chance I will get prosecuted and to many people this would seem like a very tiny thing to get prosecuted for…but it happens.

So, public intimacy in Dubai: if there are cops around you, avoid it!

How should I book an hotel? Must I book two singles?

Not at all necessary. Even though I’ve lived in Dubai, I’ve booked hotels in Dubai and in neighbouring cities for parties and there have been no issues.

Could it be a problem if we walk together in the city and go together at restaurants and malls without being married?

No. There are unmarried couples walking around everywhere without prosecution.

Tourism in Dubai

It is important to understand that with the globalization of the population in Dubai, there has a been (for the better) an injection of common sense in the way laws are applied. Dubai, as an economy, relies on oil and tourism. The oil won’t last forever.

As a tourist, I’d urge you to have the same precautions in Dubai as you would in any MUSLIM country. Apart from that, there is a growing party scene, great restaurants and insanely large shopping malls that await you.

Transit visa in Dubai for Philippine passport

I hold a Philippine passport but a green card holder/permanent resident of the United States. I will be traveling to Maldives from the U.S. I have an 8 hr layover in Dubai. Do I need a visa to leave the airport and tour the city?

visas – From India to Dubai, non Indian and non UAE citizen and allowed for VOA. But there’s a trick

I’m in India. I’m not Indian, not UAE resident, not from the Gulf countries either. I’m allowed to obtain visa on arrival in Dubai nowadays during the pandemic, and it’s with certanty.

The thing, however, is: even though I’m allowed to obtain VOA in Dubai, it’s still unclear whether or not I’m permitted to travel there concretely from India and now. And I have no one to ask about this who’d give a definitive answer.

Note I already know that yes, I’m allowed to get VOA in Dubai, as I’m in contact with my fellows of my country, with the same residency and citizenship, on other travel forums, who are flying to Dubai nowadays, from other countries, daily, and do get VOA for 3 months.

But even that may not be enough to take a flight from India during this time.


(1) FlyDubai and Emirates state on their websites that on “India – Dubai” they allow only indian residents and UAE ones. Already there’s a restriction.

(2) At in regards to UAE – the same thing:

India has created an air bubble arrangement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This bubble is valid till 31.10.2020. Indian and UAE carriers are now permitted to operate flights between India and UAE and carry the following categories of persons on such flights:

A. From India to UAE:

i. UAE nationals.

ii. ICA approved UAE residents destined for UAE only.

iii. Any Indian national holding any type of valid UAE visa and destined for UAE only. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter UAE with the particular visa category before issue of ticket/ boarding pass to the Indian passenger.

(3) Vistara, GoAir, IndiGo kind of has implied that accept everyone as long as he’s permitted to enter Dubai with either visa or visa on arrival. But never do they imply it directly.

(4) The airlines don’t bother to read them via Facebook and email always answer with a generic response: “go ask the embassy of UAE”. Then “we don’t know, we just fly and follow the rules, check out our website”. “Ahhh, yeah yeah, you’ll be allowed. Ohhh, nooo, may be you won’t be allowed. What’s the rule you’re talking about?” Never has they given me a clear answer. Not by phone either.

So, am I allowed to fly to Dubai? And if I am, how about the (2)?

P.S. I’ve already been denied boarding at a flight “India – Amsterdam – Turkey” (single ticket, with a transfer) because of a similar rule at (2) for Netherlands, even though I’m permitted to a) transit through Netherlands and b) get VOA in Turkey, nowadays too.

P.S.S I’m aware about a PCR test, a ticket to a third-country and so on.