equation solving – Duplicate RowReduce function


AA = {{a, b, c, d}, {e, f, g, h}, {i, j, k, l}};
AAold = AA;
nn = Length[AA];
For[ii = 1, ii <= nn, ii++,
    If[Quiet[IntegerQ[AA[[ii, ii]]^0]] == False,
       kk = ii + 1;
       While[kk < nn && Quiet[IntegerQ[AA[[kk, ii]]^0]] == False,
             kk = kk + 1
       If[kk > nn,
          Print["Singular matrix"];
       For[jj = 1, jj <= nn + 1, jj++,
           ll = AA[[ii, jj]];
           AA[[ii, jj]] = AA[[kk, jj]];
           AA[[kk, jj]] = ll
    For[jj = 1, jj <= nn, jj++,
        If[ii != jj,
           ll = AA[[jj, ii]]/AA[[ii, ii]];
           For[kk = 1, kk <= nn + 1, kk++,
               AA[[jj, kk]] = AA[[jj, kk]] - AA[[ii, kk]] ll
For[ii = 1, ii <= nn, ii++,
    AA[[ii, nn + 1]] = AA[[ii, nn + 1]]/AA[[ii, ii]];
    AA[[ii, ii]] = 1
FullSimplify[AA == RowReduce[AAold]]

I get


and the same if I define:

AA = {{0, b, c, d}, {e, f, g, h}, {i, j, k, l}};


AA = {{0, b, c, d}, {0, f, g, h}, {i, j, k, l}};

On the other hand, if I define:

AA = {{0, b, c, d}, {0, f, g, h}, {0, j, k, l}};

I would expect as output:

Singular matrix

when I get error messages instead. Could anyone kindly tell me how to fix this code without twisting it?


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What happens if user generated content is duplicate?


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I have an Excel file that contains the data of a website’s users. In column A I have their username, and in column B I have their email address. Unfortunately, there are many duplicates: both inside the same column, and across.


  1. Thelegend28 | myemail@gmail.com
  2. timmyhs | timmysdademail@gmail.com
  3. l33tu53r | iml33t@live.com
  4. Thelegend28 | duplicatemail@hotmail.com
  5. 2l33t4u | iml33t@live.com
  6. timmyhs | timmysdademail@gmail.com

As you can see, not only do I have users that are registered twice with the same username and email (2. and 6.), but I also sometimes have different unique usernames linked to the same email (3. and 5.) and usernames that are linked to more than one address (1. and 4.).

What I need to do, if possible, is format these three occurrences differently.

Of course, any help is greatly appreciated. I’m just a noob, but I’m trying to learn. Thank you all in advance.

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