How Google finds out duplicated content?

How Google finds out duplicated content?

Prevent duplicated connection with OpenVPN

The --duplicate-cn which I tested will cause newer connection take over and drop the previous connection.

However, I want to prevent newer connection, if any existing connection still connected, is it possible?

How to perfectly wipe a duplicated project (statistics & URLs & emails) in GSA SER ?

I wanted to duplicate an already used project and couldn’t find out how to clear everything in the new copy. To delete the URL cache, the URL history and the accounts is not enough. The statistics (Submitted/Verified) for example keep the data from the original project. I’m sure there is some more data kept in the background too. Who can help please?

multisite – Under My Sites Menu, I can find only one of my Sites, and it is duplicated

I have WP Multisite.
I have only two Sites. The main one, and a second Site as a subdomain ( ).
The problem is, if I am in my main site, I can find both Sites under MY SITES menu.
But if I am in my Subdomain site, I can only see that second Site under the Menu, and more weird, it shows twice.

This is what it looks like from the Main Site.

What I see when I am in Main Site

This is what it looks like from the Subdomain Site.

What I see when I am in Subdomain Site

The only one User I have, is assigned on both Sites as Admin. So it doesn’t look like a user setup.
If I deactivate Plugins for the Network, they do not look deactivated when I change Site.
Other than this, everything works great. But in order to switch between Sites, I have to type ( or delete ) in the URL the subdomain.


magento2 – Product recommendation duplicated when using Adobe Sensei

I’m using a Magento 2 Commerce Cloud + Adobe Sensei product recommendation

I did all the steps described in the DevDocs – Product Recommendations but when I enabled the AI product recommendations, it didn’t stop my native product recommendations, so there are 2 recommendation blocks in my product page.

How could I void this?

java – SonarQube flagging String literal duplicated for Sql query bind parameters

We are using SonarQube lint for code quality analysis. The problem is, it is flagging query parameter binding literals as duplicated. However, declaring them as constant does not make sense.


String queryStr = "select * from Person p where p.firstName=:firstName";
Query personQuery = session.createQuery(queryStr);
personQuery.setParameter("firstName", "Mark");

Sonarqube is flagging repeated String literal firstName. However, I feel the rule is invalid for this use case because declaring them as constant and changing them at one place won’t work. Because the parameter has to just match what is used in query String.

It does not involve any business logic or contract. Is my interpretation correct? If so, How do I go about convincing my peers about it?

sharepoint online – Only add comment is incorrectly duplicated when using "Check in file" action in Flow / Automate

I'm using an Add Comment field only in my SharePoint list, which I update via a Microsoft Automate workflow. I do this several times in a single Flow, and it works very well at the start of the Flow.

The problem I have is: when I finally use an "Archive file" action at the end of my feed, the last comment is duplicated. Is there a way to avoid this duplication?

Very appreciated.

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mysql – Result lines duplicated by the spider engine

I have two mysql servers G0 & # 39; and & # 39; G1 & # 39 ;. And there is a test table on one line respectively.


mysql> select * from test.t1;
| id | node   |
|  1 | DB-G0  |
1 rows in set (0.00 sec)


mysql> select * from test.t1;
| id | node   |
|  2 | DB-G1  |
1 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I then use the spider engine offered by MariaDB 10.4 (mysqld Ver 10.4.12-MariaDB-1:10.4.12+maria~bionic-log for debian-linux-gnu on x86_64 ( binary distribution)) to combine them like this:

   node TEXT
) ENGINE=Spider
COMMENT='wrapper "mysql"'
 PARTITION par0 COMMENT = 'srv "G0", tbl "t1"',
 PARTITION par1 COMMENT = 'srv "G1", tbl "t1"'

It works well for a simple query like this:

MariaDB ((none))> select * from test.t1;
| id  | node   |
|   1 | DB-G0  |
|   2 | DB-G1  |
2 rows in set (0.013 sec)

But this has doubled the results when using this condition:

MariaDB ((none))> select * from test.t1 where id != 0;
| id  | node   |
|   1 | DB-G0  |
|   2 | DB-G1  |
|   1 | DB-G0  |
|   2 | DB-G1  |
4 rows in set (0.017 sec)

Here are my settings related to Spider:

# * Spider
spider_bulk_update_mode      = 2
spider_bulk_update_size      = 512K
spider_bulk_size             = 512K
spider_conn_wait_timeout     = 5
spider_connect_timeout       = 3
spider_direct_dup_insert     = 1
spider_direct_order_limit    = 1
spider_multi_split_read      = 1
spider_net_read_timeout      = 5
spider_net_write_timeout     = 5
spider_quick_mode            = 3
spider_quick_page_size       = 1000
spider_remote_trx_isolation  = 1
spider_support_xa            = 0

spider_remote_time_zone        = +00:00
spider_remote_access_charset   = utf8mb4
spider_remote_autocommit       = 1
spider_remote_default_database = 0

spider_general_log          = 1
spider_internal_sql_log_off = 0
spider_log_result_errors    = 4

I commented on all of the above parameters and tried again, the results are the same.
Is there a problem with me or is it a bug?

windows 10 – Configuration of three monitors: Two are duplicated after restarting! How can I fix it?

I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad which has two video cards: an integrated Intel and an NVIDIA. It is connected to two HP monitors via a USB-C docking station. So, in total, I have three monitors, configured to extend the mode, and I have had no problems so far.

Today I restarted my computer and now the two connected monitors are treated as one! It looks like this:

(Image X) (Image X) (Image Y)

where the X image appears on the two external monitors and the Y image appears on the laptop screen. I have tried a handful of things:

  • driver update on both graphics cards
  • reboot without a monitor connected, then reconnect the two monitors
  • restart while everything stays connected
  • toggle between "Duplicate" and "Extend" multiple times (in "Change display settings")
  • switch the same thing but repeatedly using the Windows key + P
  • disconnect a monitor, let it settle in (Image X) (Image Y) and reconnect the third monitor

I can't find anything that works! I haven't updated any drivers or anything (before the problem started), unless something has updated in the background. What is happening here?