nikon – Is my sensor dying?

Please check this cropping at 100% of a night sky.

enter description of image here

I took this photo on a Nikon D750 with a Nikkor 50mm f / 1.4 D @ f / 8, ISO 100, RAW format.

I had already noticed this kind of noise / hot pixels (all these little RGB dots) on much longer photos, above 10 to 15 minutes. But this blow was only 269 ​​seconds (less than 5 minutes).

Is this a sign that my sensor is slowly dying? And can I do anything to prevent this from happening outside of activating long exposure noise reduction?

Inventories are collapsing, businesses are closing, unemployment is going through the roof, people are dying. What excuse will Trump use to avoid liability?

Wow, so you have a virus that kills people. The CDC told Trump to suspend travel. What he did in January.

States close their doors by ordering shelter there or staying at home.

Only essential employees are allowed to go out.

service – ubuntu 18.04: clamav running, tomcat dying

Ubuntu 18.04. 2 GB RAM + 512 MB swap.

When running clamav, it consumes more than 800MB of memory as it loads all the signatures into memory. For this reason, I have configured it to operate everyday at 3 am instead of continuing.

Until now, tomcat and clamav got along very well. At 3 am yesterday evening, the tomcat service was closed when clamav started operating.

(4643256.375812) OOM killed process 8145 (clamscan) total-vm:1149268kB, anon-rss:969476kB, file-rss:4kB
(7667218.452649) OOM killed process 8865 (java) total-vm:4568248kB, anon-rss:1067312kB, file-rss:0kB

Mar 26 03:00:31 user systemd(1): tomcat.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=9/KILL
Mar 26 03:00:31 user systemd(1): tomcat.service: Failed with result 'signal'.
Mar 26 03:17:08 user systemd(1): Reloading The Apache HTTP Server.
Mar 26 03:17:08 user systemd(1): Reloaded The Apache HTTP Server.

I know the upgrade is an immediate answer, but until then, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to run clamav without consuming 800 + mb?

  2. Is there a way to automatically restart Tomcat if something like this happens again?

  3. Did Java really take 4,568,248 KB = 4.5 GB or is something missing?

Are webmaster forums dying?

I see that the old webmaster forums (like DP for example) receive much less traffic / visitors / publications than before. Or are webmaster forums no longer profitable niches? What are the best webmaster forums currently?

dnd 5th – Can the Regenerate spell be used to save a dying snail?

Yes, regenerate will stop the death process

By the statistics block Snail Flail (Volo, 144)

Healing magic that restores limbs, such as the regenerate spell, can stop this dying process.

The spell you ask for is specifically listed as an option to stop the process of death.

My organic traffic is dying – have I been banned from the shadows?

I have been managing an alternative news site for almost 3 years now. My SEO is good. I earned about $ 500 a month with Google AdSense. Until June, when my traffic fell sharply. Today, August 22, I earn just $ 50, and the traffic seems to continue to fall.

I do not have a penalty warning though. Do you think I have been banned from the shadows or that this drop could be seasonal?

Here's a screenshot showing the graphs of the last 4 months …

See attachment 244746

windows 10 – How do I know if my SSD is dying because it has no bad sectors?

In the last few months, my SSD has been totally unbearable due to startup configuration data issues and the apparent lack of EFI partitions. I have reinstalled Windows maybe four or five times with the problem always come back, including a complete erasure of the drive, I will always receive a little message stating that the drive has an error and needs to be rebooted, and when I restarts Windows The boot manager will disappear from the BIOS or with another hard disk as boot device.

As I have exhausted all the help online, I relied on the conclusion that the SSD drive was dying, but everything seems to indicate that all is well. It has no bad sectors, it has only received 17 TB of its 100TBW, its speed R / W is actually faster than other tests that I have already seen its model (Samsung 750 EVO 500GB ) and both the Samsung Magician and CrystalDiskMark that he is in good health.

Because I do not want to waste money, is it possible to conclusively prove that there is no fault and to prove that the problem lies in another part, such as the motherboard? There is a part of me that suspects the mobo of having a problem with UEFI or something of the sort.


windows – How to prevent Mathematica kernels from dying?

j & # 39; uses ParallelDo to execute a long function on a list of 1000 elements. This results in many background kernels each taking about 1 minute to process an item on the list.

However, the nuclei seem to die slowly, until only a few nuclei remain, then remain stuck forever. I can see this happening in Task Manager.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

dnd 3.5e – How long does it take to use first aid to save a dying person?

In the PHB, it is said that a character can perform first aid in order to stabilize a dying character. The healing care center is 15 years old and if the character makes it, it immediately stops losing life and is stabilized. This takes a standard action. (Since you get a shot and a standard action in one turn and a turn lasts 6 seconds, this action takes about 3 seconds to complete.)

Yet on page 138, under "The Combat Round", it is written

Anything that a person can reasonably do in 6 seconds, your character can do it in one round.

My problem is the difference here. You can not reasonably stabilize someone and prevent it from losing blood, etc. in 3 seconds; it's impossible without magical help. So, how is it that a person can perform a care check in 3 seconds and stabilize a dying person, while this is unreasonable?

Given these two contradictory rules, how long does it really take to use first aid to save a dying person?

How do I know if my mini computer is dying or is it just a fan?

I have a little computer Zotac, one of those computers that is in a small box like a book. Everything is piled up in a small space.

The computer makes scary noises. How do I know if the fan is running badly or if the hard drive is dying?