network – Intel e1000e Ubuntu problem

I have a problem with an Intel 82545GM (Pro 1000) which gives some problems.

The card does not work in my system but I have tested in another machine and works perfectly. I installed the Intel e100e driver, everything is normal, but the card still does not work, so I start to check, and I created "lsmod | grep e1000" and the result is the following:

build@TUSKEGEE-SERVER:~$ lsmod | grep e1000
e1000e                249856  0
ptp                    20480  1 e1000e
e1000                 143360  0

So now I have two modules, the e1000 and the e1000e, but the most extraordinary thing is that my integrated card works with the e1000e module (the new one) and my pci network card works with the e1000.
If I make a rmmod e1000 my PCI card will disappear.

I do not know how to solve that.
Please help.