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Hashing unvariant tables to ease caching on client side

Hi, I’m working on my first project that requires a database and I was hoping to get an opinion on an idea I just had. Sorry if it’s too basic or already implemented in a framework. I couldn’t find anything like this on google.

I was thinking on caching some of the tables that have lots of reads and few writes in the client application. To make sure the cached table is the same as the one in the database I wanted the client application to send a precalculated hash of the cached table when making a request. The server application would compare it against its own precalculated hash stored in the DB (which I’d keep updated through triggers) and if it’s the same it’d send a confirmation instead of the whole table.

Am I over engineering this? My main reason to do it this way is to give the user a more fluent experience. I used a dozen applications similar to the one I want to make and there’s always a second or 2 of delay for the ones where the client app is browser based.
The other ones I used had on site server or even managed the data on the same computer, so it’s not really comparable.

I’m using postgres and the client application will be a PWA. I expect the tables to have peaks of a thousand reads per hour and the tables shouldn’t have over 200 rows and 10 columns.


color – Grey versus white background for ease of use and readability/legibility

The only benefit of choosing a white background over a light grey background is that it arguably gives you a broader range of text colours that you can use, and still remain within accepted usability and accessibility guidelines.

In other words, if you want to use blue text you would be able to use a slightly lighter shade of blue on a white background, than on a light grey background.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the colours perceived on users’ screens vary based on the gamma settings on their screens (especially important with the new release of Night Shift on iOS (New in version 9.3:, and also based on the environment they are in.

This last point is important to this question because in bright sunlight, on a mobile device, the white background paired with very dark text could result in a better reading/viewing experience because you actually need the brightness on the screen to be as high as possible.

I think your point about a benefit of the light grey screen being that you can use white as an accent is problematic. Whilst your accent is not text, you still of course want it to be noticeable, but the contrast between a very light grey, and white, might well be too little for your accents to be helpful and accessible.

There’s also then an aesthetic aspect to this. Of course within reason it is beneficial to have an aesthetically pleasing UI, because it is both perceived to be, and ends up actually being easier to use (barring any actual usability issues of course). The User Experience comes out of not just the UI, but also the emotional reaction to it, and to the brand of the product, and to the beauty of it. White backgrounds arguably are more compatible with a wider range of colour schemes (that would be used for graphical features, text and branding), and currently I think personally that the connotations of white imply minimalism, simplicity and beauty more than light grey (overall..I know that is very debatable 🙂 ).

Here is a helpful colour contrast checking tool, by the way:,bg=333333

Scanner App – Tips to scan documents and photos with ease

Hi everyone, today I want to share a super cool application that I recently discovered. This is a must-have application if you are bored with controlling and organizing a bunch of papers at work or school.

We all know that studying or working requires quite a lot of documents. However, managing a large amount of paper or paperwork will be quite inconvenient because it takes up a lot of space, takes time in searching for the required documents and the documents can be lost. Instead, you can actually convert documents from hard copies into soft files stored on your devices like phones and computers by scanning.

In the past, to scan a document, I often had to go out to the photocopy store to scan, and it took time as well as money. Fortunately, once I went to Google Play and figured out that the scan can be done with my own phone with the Scanner App – a professional document scanning application.

My initial feeling is that the scanner app has a friendly user interface, with many languages ​​to choose from. And when I scan it up, it looks pretty clear and fine, which is enough for my demand. Besides, we can adjust the filter accordingly to improve the quality of the documents. For soft file documents scanned from this scanner app you can view at any time, easily search, manage documents and share with many people. Scanner App has the following outstanding features:

– Scan photos directly with the camera or scan photos from the gallery. Get the sharpest image quality.
– Constant scan feature and unlimited number of scans
– Scan any file format very quickly and conveniently
– Flashlight for scanning in low light
– Scan document to pdf app allows to adjust the documents after scanning by the crop feature, image rotation, and color filters
– Create PDF files quickly while exporting or sharing scanned images
– Sort files by name, file size, or file creation date according to the user’s needs.
– 3 convenient file views such as list view, grid two, grid three
– All files exported by scan documents app free has extremely high quality. Users can choose to export a PDF file or a JPG image file.

In general, I find this app easy to use, smooth, the scan quality is stable and the features are quite responsive to my learning requirement. Currently the app allows users to save and export in two main formats: PDF and JPG. I think it is quite enough and suitable, but the drawback is that because there is no export feature to Docs so I can’t edit the text. Hopefully in the future the developer will add this feature. However, summarizing with the utilities that this Scanner App brings, I also rate about 9/10.

Here is the link so that you can install it and experience:

HTML Code:


French – Divine Ease CBD Oil France | NewProxyLists

Divine Ease CBD Oil France Fried food. this is often especially hard to offer up because fried food is extremely tasty and it is so easy to form that tons of individuals base their home cooking on this food type. But fried food is extremely bad for you because the frying oil sticks to the food and you finish up eating dishes which are saturated with fat. If you want to fry your food, do so with vegetable oil which is far healthier.


visas – Will the USA ease on the ESTA restrictions for tourists who’ve been to Iran (among others)?

EU citizen here, living in Germany.

In 2012 I traveled to Iran.
Last time I was in the USA, in 2015 (pre-Trump), some border officers asked me needless questions about my travels, and told me to write down the names and phone numbers of the locals I had met.

In 2019 (Trump administration), I tried applying for a ESTA to visit New York and was rejected due to the fact that I was in Iran in 2012.

I was wondering, now that Trump will be kicked out of the White House, if these restrictions will be eased and tourists that have been to Iran >= 2012 will be once again able to easily get ESTAs.


Handle your money with ease by investing in a Bitpay Clone App Development Service – Cryptocurrencies Corner

 People are looking for the best, and secure exchange platforms. Keeping this demand for cryptocurrencies, you can launch a Bitpay clone app. 


To help you with this, at Appdupe, we have a team of seasoned developers, who build world class Bitpay clone apps. Here is the list of features we provide:


  • The application supports multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc.,

  • The app supports any number of transactions every second.

  • Currency conversion like Fiat-cryptocurrency or vice versa can be done.

  • The app offers utmost security, as all records are stored in block chains, backed with decentralized ledger technology.

  • When compared to other platforms, the app deducts less amount as commission for every transaction.


In a nutshell, we provide ready made apps that save your time, and you can acquire the market position in no time. In addition to the inbuilt features, we offer paid plugins so that you can integrate them according to your business needs. Our solutions are scalable in case your business needs expansion in the near future.

desktop application – What is the best ease curve and speed for color transitions?

I am creating a dekstop app, and I’m currently implementing animations.

I understand from Material Design Guidelines that I should set the speed for transitions for dekstop apps at about 100-250 ms to keep it short. I also understand that the curve used depends on where the object animated is moving to and from.

But I could not find any resources on animating colors when hovering over or pressing an object (e.g. hovering over a button, hover over an item in a navigation drawer, hovering over a back button). In these examples, the color changes from the normal color to a shade or tint of the original.

What is the recommended duration for these kinds of animations (the buttons and objects are generally small)? Currently I am using 25-50ms for these color animations.

What is the recommended easing curve for these kinds of animations? Currently I am debating between EASE_OUT and EASE_BOTH.

What is the optimum Flesch Reading Ease Score for a Website?

Defining Readability as the way text is written ( not font styles and size ), what’s the optimum Flesch Reading Ease score for a General Public website for users over the age of 18 ?


integration tests – Ease testing with complex setup scenarios

Within our codebase we have tests like these:

func TestActivateSuspendedFoo() {
    // setup all dependencies
    baz := jsonToStruct(
        "baz": {
            "a": "someInfo",
            "status": "active",
            "start_date": "01/01/2020",
    SendCommand("create_baz", baz)

    bar := jsonToStruct(
        "bar": {
            "baz": &baz,
            "start_date": "01/01/2020",
            "end_date": "02/01/2020",
    SendCommand("create_bar", bar)

    foo := jsonToStruct(
        "foo": {
            "bar": &bar,
            "status": "suspended",
    SendCommand("create_foo", foo)

    // finally setup scenario data
    SendCommand("activate_foo", foo)

    foo.status = "active"

    ExpectResponse("foo_activated", foo)

Setting these up is painful because:

  1. The developer in charge of “activate_foo” must know that foo depends on bar which depends on baz, and how they are set up (specially hard for new hires).
  2. “create_foo” has the exact same previous set up, same for “create_bar” up to its point (lots of duplication).
  3. Every SendCommand is hitting the database, which can fail due to some instability during its run and pass without changes on a second run (unstable).

There are some utility classes that set up some defaults for each of these structures, but they are brittle since the author could have a different understanding of a default case for a given structure (it isn’t wrong for baz to have a different status other than active, or a start_date different from the input one, but that could have downstream effects for other scenarios).

To summarize:
We are currently looking for means to ease the data setup, reduce duplication and make tests more stable.

Some things to consider:

  1. It’s also difficult to simply write the dependencies to the database without using their dedicated APIs since internally these APIs could also trigger other validations/updates that are expected for its business domain.
  2. This is a Golang project and we don’t use an ORM (no good candidates ATM) and it would be too expensive to make this change even for mid-term (big project), we use an internal abstraction for the DB’s APIs (MongoDB).
  3. Semi-related to How to setup data for service tests