Do links to your sitemap make SEO easier?

Of course, I know the importance of having a site map and linking it from your own website. This is not my question at all. No, my question is a lot more complex and intriguing.

But first …

A bit of history to my question

I was doing a competitive link analysis for a client and I discovered that one of his competitors was creating links to their sitemap.xml file. That led me to start asking some questions …

Having a link to your sitemap would ensure that Google searches your entire site … maybe ..?

Even then, would your robots.tx file or XML sitemap submission in the Google Search Console not do the same thing faster and easier?

Is there a value in creating external links to your Sitemap?

Since this is the first time I've met this and I never remember reading anything about it (and I read a lot of SEO blogs!), I thought I was going to start a little post asking if anyone met that either.

We also hope that someone will be able to tell us if this would bring real added value and if there would be any benefit to this tactic of strengthening style links.

Thank you!

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To start programming from 0, which is a little easier, or do you recommend, Javascript (node ​​and react), or Php and react / angular for front?

My idea is to create web applications, but I still can not choose the language to study, which will be easier for me.

Travel tips for cheaper and easier trips

DEVIS (Osarta @ Sep 17, 2019, 6:46 PM) *

I am looking for ways to save money while traveling, share your experience.

In order to save money, you must plan your trip thoroughly in advance in order to find the best prices for the train / flight journey. Look for Airbnb or Booking apartments where you can cook and where the stay would be cheaper than the hotel. In addition, it is best to choose the cheapest countries / cities to visit, for example, read this article…tries-to-visit/

sharepoint online – How is it easier to navigate a subfolder in a modern experience?

I've seen this post here and I know that the modern experience is about being better and more user-friendly, but how easy is it to navigate the folders that use it?

We always use the folder structure and there are a lot of subfolders, which makes the navigation less pleasant.

Education – This question addresses to all who read Introduction to the algorithms of MIT 3rd Edition – Exercises, how to make them easier?

I am a student in a liberal arts college and I have just taken courses in a technology school through the cross exchange program between our schools.

I did not do well last semester, so I spent the summer educating myself.
I learned C by doing all the exercises in the previous book that I read.

Now, I'm doing something that a professor told me to do in a technology school, study algorithms in C. So I bought a manual C algorithms. But this manual puts me in questions about algorithms that I do not understand well. I've therefore opened the 3rd edition of the Intro to Algorithms and resolved to move on to Chapter 3 at least for me to know how to correctly analyze the algorithms.

Here is the thing, I have read manuals all summer, it is the third book I have arrived at, and it is difficult. This is difficult because, I do not understand how to solve the problems of the book before having access to the answers on the Internet.

This is not good and I need a method or a way to see this properly. Without the online answer guide, I would never have solved most of the questions in Chapters 1 and 2. I understand them now, but I would prefer to be able to solve them myself.

Another question: Is it important to do all the exercises in this book?

Which American border is easier to cross

I am a valid f1 student in the United States and I am thinking of traveling to Mexico or Canada while I am here. I have heard a lot of stories lately when border services officers refuse entry of returning students and I was wondering if there was any statistics on the number of forbidden entries when crossing between us / canara or the border between us and mexico by plane / car. In the end, it's all about the immigration officer, so you wonder what will be the safest way to travel

network – does make ads easier?

I've recently started using connection sharing via an Android phone to access the internet.

The connection triggers, which, as I understand it, has something to do with the facilitation of connectivity via Network Manager, in response to this question. Some flying software makes a request to

Well. Except, it seems that I also receive an ad attached to the nmcheck response screen. Not good.

Where does this ad come from? Does my ISP intercept HTTP traffic? How can I stop this?


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api design – How to intelligently discover and track significant changes in HTML with a C ++ / Qt backend, making it easier to extract and inject code?

Backstory (You can jump)

I work almost exclusively with Qt and with the design philosophy of

Expand everything as API

The particular practice of this question is the tracking of the members of the group, emitting signals whenever their value changes.

For example, here is a general way to treat class members with the philosophy of the API, namely that for each member, there are at least four components:

QUrl url (); // return a copy of m_Url

public niches:
void setUrl (URL QUrl); // A designated URL creator

void urlChanged (); // emit a signal whenever setUrl () is used

QUrl m_Url; // the object itself, with its protected state

This has worked very well for me so far, since as soon as I have to add features that depend on m_Url, I only have to do this:

connect (this, & MyClass :: urlChanged, & foo, & MyOtherClass :: doBar);

And this is reliable because, basically, at will always be a significant change, the perfect signal that informs me when to try the injection of JavaScript code. (Well, it's not really perfect.) Running conditions appear, making complicated and complicated code injection, one of the problems I would like to solve by designing a better API than the one I'm using. have now.)

Now, I must say that HTML and web development were not my original strengths in programming, and as such, I did not understand why these signals would exist:

But, there was no signal for htmlChanged. Instead, all you have is:

Which is a function that will capture the current state. I had to manually call him on a timer whenever I wanted to check for a change of state.

So that's what I did, and then I discovered that even the HTML code of a static web page, or at least the one I was working with, was constantly changing, in which the changes had not changed. no meaning, and that's why none of this signal has been included by Qt's developers.

The heart of the problem

So I know what you are saying, "significant is a subjective and situational term ", so let me define what I mean by significant

It's an excerpt of HTML code, say about 10,000 lines, the change I noticed on a webpage:

change in this

and returns to a constant loop. The fact that it comes back to the original state in a constant loop is what makes this change no Sensand for that matter, it's not something I know how to follow intelligently. My initial strategy of detecting each change in the html string and analyzing it over an interval seems to me to be a very bad approach.

And yet, that being said, I really need signals that will tell me the appearance of buttons or timer, to then inject JavaScript code that push buttons at the right time.

The fundamental questions

  • How I intelligently discover and follow significant changes in HTML? For example, suppose that a single value changes in an HTML document of 100,000 lines; Do I repair the entire document, compare it and find the change, or is there a way to avoid all that and correct the difference?

  • What API design philosophies, or existing APIs, should I use when interfacing with HTML, which will give me the correct signals for code injection or the right time for it? data extraction?

The answer should ideally take into account that the backend is Qt / C ++ oriented so that I can easily interface with the other libraries I depend on. I can do things like inject JQuery into the web page, or follow printfs and others. If that counts, the current engine I'm using is based on Chromium,