How to easily earn $ 50 a day // (suitable for beginners)

Here's how you can easily earn $ 50 a day.

Sell ​​- APICodes Embed Manager v2 – The best solution to easily manage your movies, TV series | NewProxyLists

APICodes Embed Manager v2 is the best solution to easily manage your movies, TV shows, you will have full control over adding new movies, TV shows with multiple subtitles.

You can also create an integration link with ID IMDb and TMDb. Flexible custom logo, poster, caption, server, advertisement and reader style such as: font color, font size, font family, etc.

With this script we will install it manually. If you are interested in this script, please contact us via Skype: (protected by e-mail) for more information.

Demo with films:
Demo with series (all episodes in one integrated link):
Demo with series (episode on each integrated link):
FREE support for 9 servers:

  • Google Drive
  • Youtube
  • Google Photos
  • Blogger
  • Fembed
  • Mega
  • Vidcloud
  • GoUnlimited
  • Yandex
  • Can add more servers as needed.


  • JWPlayer 7 and 8 available
  • Integrate link protection by limiting specific areas can be played
  • Support for multiple subtitles
  • Support for integrated link with ID IMDb and TMDb
  • Support for movie search, TV series name
  • Support for Vast, Banner, Popunder ADS
  • Can expand more servers according to your needs
  • One year free updates
  • Free installation service
  • Lifetime technical support

Price: $ 399.99 $ 299.99


Contact by e-mail or Skype: (protected by e-mail)

Networking – Set up an easily accessible NAS using Apache or other programs

I have a 400 GB SSD that I connected to my Raspberry pi and configured as a Samba Nas server. It works great when I'm at home, but my ISP blocked ports 445 and 136-139, so I also configured an OpenVPN server to be able to access it outside.

However, when I use public computers or school computers, I cannot use the OpenVPN client, so I also set up an Apache server, where I can easily access and download my files (with authentication of course) from any browser anywhere.

The problem is that I still can't download my files without FTP or SCP, so how do I add the ability to download, rename and delete files in Apache or is there another way to have a easily accessible files where I can download, edit and delete files?

get paid everyday easily

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monitoring – Easily monitor the percentage of CPU usage of a process

I have a small ISP and currently we are running a client application which creates high CPU spikes. Basically, we have a running Chrome tab and automate a process to control a web application, so that Chrome processes are created almost every minute. Here's the fun part

To monitor this, I had to literally record the server screen with the Microsoft resource monitor, but this is not the best way to track this.

I have tried perfmon but i cant get it … i don't really know how to use it and i feel a little overwhelmed by it.

Is there a simple application that I can tell, hey, monitor each process under chrome.exe and let me know when and for how long the spikes are?

Thank you very much for reading and helping out on this.

Sincere friendships.

Best method to easily earn LEGIT 50-200 $ / day

Hello, [IMG]

Today, I share a high quality method to earn money easily

This method is easy to configure, requires NO investment but can lead to free income for life by implementing it correctly only once.

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Best method Easily earn LEGIT 50-200 $ / day

Hello, [IMG]

Today, I share a high quality method to earn money easily

This method is easy to configure, requires NO investment but can lead to free income for life by implementing it correctly only once.

The money you get makes up no hacking or cracking!

Sale – Automated cartoons and cartoons site – Easily monetizable – Big name

Why are you selling this site?
I started building this site last year, I did not have time to launch it because I am busy working on other sites.

How is it monetized?
Not monetized at this time. Has many locations available specifically for ads, can be monetized via native ads, banner ads, push ads, affiliates.
I am experienced with this niche and advertise it, so I can tell you that it is quite easy. (Can provide revenue figures for a similar website)

Does this site come with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to work?
0hrs. Fully automated with the latest cartoons and cartoons published daily.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
Need to know how to monetize a website of this nature. Manage DMCAs and manage referencing.

The website comes with lifetime access for a continuously updated anime and cartoon database.

I will be available to answer questions and guide you first. The code is very robust and well structured. Easy to monetize and grow.

azureservicebus – Is there a way to easily receive messages currently in C # from a ServiceBus subscription?

Looking at the documentation, there doesn't seem to be a way to just read and manage certain messages.

My problem is that I want a program or task to check a queue and handle certain messages, and I don't want this program or task to exist longer than emptying the subscription messages.

Here is the example code for example:

// Register subscription message handler and receive messages in a loop
await subscriptionClient.CloseAsync();

What I want to do is replace Console.ReadKey(); with something that will continue when the queue is empty. The way the classes are configured is that you have to define an error handler and a message handler, then it will basically call your handlers when events occur until you tell it to Stop. I don't see any type of message that will let you know when there is no more message.

[ Politics ] Open question: what's the point of an election if everyone knows it will be Trump against Biden and Trump wins easily?

Everyone knows that the 2020 election in November will be Trump against Biden and that Trump will win a second term.

What is the point of even having an election when everyone knows it almost a year after the election?