unit – Easily save and load the complete state of a GameObject in Unity3D?

I'm working on place predefined tilemap rooms in my procedural dungeonsand I would like design the location of objects and monsters in these special rooms as well as.

Currently I "compile" my preconceived room scene in scriptable object, and the map generator loads this tilemap in tilemap "gameplay".

I'm already analyzing the special game objects in the scene (like objects and monsters), and store their transformations and prefabricated roads in the scriptable object.

But this has 2 problems:

  • Have each object and monster in the resource folder would make my executable huge.

    • But that could be solved by doing a "MonsterPrefabDictionary" on a manager like gameobject, and drop each prefab into this list in the editor. The map generator will simply use this dictionary to find the prefab of the object.
  • the bigger problem Is each monster variant would need another prefab (or prefabricated variant). And by variation, I mean also small changes.

    • Do you want a crowd to have only 50% health in the room early? Make a prefab for that?

    • You want a monster to start with a specific buff in this room? Make a prefab for that?

    • Do you want a monster to have a different position from the usual one in this room? Make a prefab for that?

    • As you can see, it weighs badly.

    • But that could be solved by store all MonsterScript data in the object that can be the subject of a script.

    • But that would be bad scale toobecause each new information about a monster should also be added to this serialization process.

is there integrated, automatic, easy for just register the complete state of a GameObject and just load everything with a single line later?

functional programming – Swift: attempt to reduce data more easily

I have data,

let points = ((718, 620), (4596, 1280), (410, 333), (4597, 993), 
(410, 337), (4597, 996), (428, 337), (4597, 1000), (431, 335), (4599, 1044))

This is reason,

((pointStartOne.x, pointStartOne.y), (pointEndOne.x, pointEndOne.y),
(pointStartTwo.x, pointStartTwo.x) // ... 

I need to structure it for

typealias PointPair = ((start: Point, end: Point))
struct Point {
    let x: Int
    let y: Int

Here is my code:

var result: PointPair = ()
while i < points.count{
    result.append((Point(x: points(i).0, y: points(i).1), Point(x: points(i+1).0, y: points(i+1).1)))

I think it may be a good situation to use functional programming reduce

Here is the code:

let result = zip((points.enumerated().filter({ (offset: Int, element: (Int, Int)) -> Bool in
        return offset%2==0
    })), (points.enumerated().filter({ (offset: Int, element: (Int, Int)) -> Bool in
        return offset%2==1
    }))).reduce(PointPair(), { (result: PointPair, arg) -> PointPair in
        let (one, other) = arg
        let (offset, point) = one
        let (offsetTwo, otherPoint) = other
        return result + ((Point(x: point.0,y: point.1), Point(x: otherPoint.0,y: otherPoint.1)))

It's messy. Try to use functional programming in a practical and elegant way.

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