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tree – Control UX to easily create pre-formed answers

I need to create a component to help doctors generate patient reports after performing a test. The goal is to optimize the time needed to generate these reports. Currently, they take more than 30 m to produce.

I have attached a sample report below. Data such as date, patient name, measurements, etc. come from metadata from a machine. The part I'm not sure about is the Comment and Conclusions sections. I've highlighted two predefined answers under Left Atrium, but almost all the text elements under Comments are generated.

Sample report

Each bit of text in the Comments section is a preformed observation phrase, which depends on the measured values. They do not want to write this text manually. They want to make a selection in a drop-down list, an automatic completion or another control. I would estimate that for each section (left ventricle, atrium, etc.), the doctor chooses about 100 preprogrammed responses. In 95% of the studies, some selected answers were used (ie most people do not have a specific disease). They want to minimize the manual entry of these answers, which they currently do.

My current idea is to have an integrated editing page, where they click on the fields and edit the report, in a WYSIWYG style. For the Comments and Conclusions section, I was thinking of a tree type selector like this one. But I'm afraid it's awkward with too many answers.

Does any one have any other ideas? How is this motif called?

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ux designer – How to visually format questions / answers to easily follow the story?

Teacher: How to visually format the questions / answers to easily follow the story?

Student: I think using "T" as a prefix for Teacher and "S" as a prefix for Student can help. You can also use the full word (see also) at the beginning. Do not omit it if the roles can be reversed or the flow will soon be blurred (unless it's your creative intent.) Consider repeating the whole word when the normal sequence is T / S / T / S is subverted (as in this discussion).

T: You're right, but how do you distinguish questions from answers?

S: I think you do not need to, after all the questions are short and they probably end with a question mark, an uninterrupted visual flow can be read as a fluent speech instead of a list bullets.

T: I'm not sure it's enough and not all questions end with a quotation mark. Also note that the text of the question can become quite long and that it can easily be confused with other answers. Take this one, for example.

S: I think it can be helpful that quickly leaf the questions to find a specific point but, if you really think that this is not enough, you can use a subtle formatting like italics to denote questions. Alternatively, another (twinned) police, clearly distinguishable from Ordinary one (in size and / or style). I am a mature man, but if the book is for young children, you can use a serious police for the teacher and a comic one for students. In the Chicago Manual of Style QA, for example, the questions are faded and printed in gray. I do not particularly like this: you focus on the answers but often the questions are as important as their answers. APA suggests using bold for questions, but this can be visually annoying and put too much emphasis on the issues.

Student: What do you think?

T: I admit that it can work, if the questions are not too long, then even the italics will not make much noise. In this way, I can also keep the color for something else (if any). If I'm not mistaken, I think I've seen this technique (sometimes using bold or even bold italic) used very often in print magazines. I think I also saw answers in italics and questions in bold but that makes everything confusing: I do not want to read a long text in italics and I do not want to be too empathic unless searchable titles.

Teacher: Do you have another idea instead of italic / bold text, just in case? I'm not sure that they fit the graphic style I'm thinking of.

S: An answer is logically related to its question, you can also delete italicized text and use indentation. You can also use both. In typography, the limit is only our creativity.

T: Can you give me an example?

S: Of course, it makes me happy!

T: Do you think it works?

S: Yes! Clear spatial separation can also help children to follow the path.

Note that the above suggestion applies to traditional Printed media, electronic and / or interactive content have more options and you do not have to keep it simple because of the cost of printing (color vs b & w and text vs images / graphics). I also suggest asking your typographer, their experience is invaluable.

blog – How to easily combine composition modes and HTML at blogger?

I need to edit a blogger article to add HTML snippets. When I switch to HTML mode, it becomes very difficult to find the location where I want to add the HTML snippet, unlike the Compose mode, which I use for normal text. . Is there not a way to easily identify the text (as I see it) to add HTML snippets?

uk – Which bus station is easily accessible from Heathrow Airport?

I want to travel from London (Heathrow Airport) to Canterbury.

Can any one tell me which of the following stations is easily accessible from the airport? I've seen distances on maps, but it can happen that something close but less access, ie public transportation.

  1. Victoria Coach Station
  2. Elephant and castle
  3. Walworth
  4. New cross door
  5. Lewisham Station
  6. Eltham

All other cheaper ways (about GBP 8, the bus fare is GBP 5) to go from Heathrow Airport to Canterbury are also welcome (though this is not part of the main issue) .

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