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google analytics – Summary of e-commerce transactions [deleted sales]

It happens to me that every 24 hours the data of the purchase transactions is erased.
This problem has never happened to me as I have not had the opportunity to track sales on a website.
The website is developed in a CMS [WordPress] has the plugins configured to carry out the monitoring, the code is set correctly, the data is sent correctly to the analytics but we have had the problem that every 24 hours the data is deleted of purchases, the values and the transactions carried out are removed, this does not help us since we need the information to make improvements in the products.
We do not use TAG MANAGER, we follow up directly with ANALYTICS.

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Ecommerce Site For Sale In Evergreen Dropservice Niche

Why are you selling this site? I create easy to run sites to help others make money online.

How is it monetized? Selling video services

Does this site come with any social media accounts? No

How much time does this site take to run? A few minutes to pass along orders to the supplier

What challenges are there with running this site? You need to do proper marketing

You have the SEO advantage with this site, as the main keywords are in the domain. Most of your customers will want the most expensive service, as its the only one that includes voiceover, so its an easy sell.

You simply give the order details to the supplier, who then does the work for you and you keep the difference as profit. It’s almost 100% passive income, as you don’t need to do any of the work yourself, plus I will include a list of reliable providers to the new owner.

I will also include basic FTP hosting for just this site at BIN only!

NO Reserve! Happy Bidding!


Wholesale & Dropshipping Sourcing agent seeking for ecommerce clients

Hi! I am Ken, who is a professional sourcing agent, with more than 10-year experience. We have established strong sourcing and logistics networks, helping many clients find or manufacture goods with satisfactory quality.

I can offer:

1) Sourcing

To find products from direct manufacturers based on your requirements in multiple platforms (1688, Taobao, Xianyu. etc), as well as hidden platforms that cannot be easily searched online (e.g.Electronic cigarette, you cannot find the source in 1688/Alibaba)


To manufacture your products within your budget. To negotiate with direct manufacturers to reduce your OEM expense.

3)One-Stop Delivery including:

– Warehousing

– Product inspection

– Branding

– Repackaging to reduce your shipping cost

– Shipping recommendation

If you are interested, please find out more information here and contact us. Thanks


Ecommerce mobile apps


I’m a developer with experience in data analytics/ML, scraping, and app development (just finished developing a fully-functional marketplace app) who is looking to start making apps in ecommerce. Let me make an app for you gratis. If you are interested, email me at


How many pages Ecommerce website need to have?

I think will be enough 5-6

Ecommerce Website Page Speed Issue


I’m using siteground for my eCommerce website, it is a small website with just 54 product pages.
But the website is a bit slow at tim… | Read the rest of

How to use WooCommerce for non e-commerce website


I am working for a fashion client. His requirement is to get a portfolio website made.
The theme he has liked is using WooCommerce for listing products.
I wanted to know can we use WooCommerce for a portfolio site without any pricing or other eCommerce pages?

Where to Find Product Photo For Ecommerce Site?

Hello Everyone

I am trying to learn how to develop an e-commerce website. I want to showcase my e-commerce projects. One of the challenges that I am facing is finding demo images. After spending hours in google search I found that there are no useful places where I can buy or download product images for e-commerce websites. Of course, there are royalty-free stock photo image websites but most of the images found there are not suitable for product pages.

Can anyone help me on this?



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