Which VPS configuration to edit videos?


Maybe that’s a silly question but I was wondering what would need to be the configuration of a VPS to be able to edit some videos … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1843857&goto=newpost

SP2013 List: Trigger JQuery to run with each list view change or to/from Quick Edit mode

To insert a script that always runs when a view is refreshed

The only right way of injecting JavaScript to SharePoint lists/views is to use the JSLink / Client Side Rendering (CSR). Check out the fantastic article on this by Andrei Markeev.

This is how you run your script reliably, without any script webparts:

  • Install Cisar Chrome extension
  • Navigate to the SharePoint list
  • Click F12
  • Click Cisar tab
  • Click on the “Click here to add a file to the webpart
  • Type a file name of your choice
  • Press Enter:

enter image description here

  • Uncomment the “OnPostRender” function and inject your code here:

enter image description here

enter image description here


SP.SOD.executeFunc("clienttemplates.js", "SPClientTemplates", function() {

  function getBaseHtml(ctx) {
    return SPClientTemplates("_defaultTemplates").Fields.default.all.all(ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.FieldType)(ctx.BaseViewID)(ctx);

  function init() {

      OnPostRender: function(ctx) { 
            if($(this).find('div').attr("displayname")=="Prev Month")
                    $(this).find('a:first').text("Prev EOM 03-31-2021");
      ListTemplateType: 100


  RegisterModuleInit(SPClientTemplates.Utility.ReplaceUrlTokens("~siteCollection/Style Library/ViewScript.js"), init);


You can also add the JS Link manually.

  • Edit the page
  • Go to the webpart properties
  • Specify the JSLink like so:

enter image description here

8 – Conditional Show/Hide Child Terms on Edit Page

I have a content type with a term reference. The terms have child terms. On the admin editing side, I want to show only top level terms until selected, then show only the child terms for that parent.

This to prevent having a ginormously long field.

Parent 1
  Child 1
  Child 2
Parent 2
  Child 3
  Child 4
Parent 3

When a user edits a piece of content, I want to only show the parent terms initially. Then show/hide the child terms when the parent is checked.

Parent 1
Parent 2 (checked)
  Child 3
  Child 4
Parent 3
Parent 4

I’ve used conditional fields, state API, and select (other) modules. But this is showing and hiding children on the same field. So it’s a bit different.

Anyone have any advice for this scenario?

MS Removed WIndows Update from Group Edit

As of the last update we received it appears that MS has removed the Windows Update from the Computer Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Windows Components”.

I’ve been using the method described here to stop the updates from our streaming computers…

Yesterday I got a notice that it wanted to restart to apply updates (apparently no way to completely stop the updates!) – after the restart the Group Edit Policy no longer contained the Windows Update section.

Can anyone confirm this? Any other ways to stop the updates? I tried disabling the service but it seems to re-enable itself magically. 😉


Is there a way to edit a “paperless” text document on G-docs?

Google Docs text document editor seems to be stuck with the paradigm of last-millennia text editors and bound to the concept of physical paper. I mean, it has a page setup and displays your text on virtual paper pages.

That bothers me because the text I’m working with is not meant for print. Things like margins, pages, landscape-portrait-orientation, are irrelevant.

Worse yet, after a certain threshold it adds a whole lot of empty space below the prompt, pushing the scrollbar further down.

Google seems to have lots of tips for going paperless with their webapp [ref] but for the material world. Is there a way to go paperless within Google docs? I.E. remove the page display and go with just formatted text?


  1. I didn’t find a dupe. This question’s answer does not solve my problem. If there’s a dupe, just flag this Q.
  2. I am aware there might not be a way to do it currently. Answers that state exactly that won’t be constructive. It’s okay to have unanswered questions.
  3. A template, a plugin, or third-party mod is fine.

terminal – Edit lots of profiles in iTerm2

A longtime user of Terminal on the Mac, a colleague recently recommended iTerm2. I had a play around with it, and the same colleague gave me his Profiles JSON file. In vim, I was able to do a global replace of his username with mine, to change the ssh profiles. However, he uses a white background and black text, and the font is far too small for me.

Is there any way to know what to change in the JSON, which is 16,334 lines long, so there’s no question of doing it manually?

I essentially want to make all of my ssh sessions open with a dark green background, yellow text and with the entire window enlarged to where it would be if I did roughly eight presses on CMD+.

Thank you.

c++ – Creating an external tool to edit Unreal project optimization settings


I am creating a C++ app that will help users to set up optimization settings in the Unreal game engine. I want to let the program make all this work on its own. This application is being written for Windows 10 platform (maybe it will be cross-platform in the future).


To make the program working as intended, I must be able to change configuration files, add some UE objects to the project and call editor functions (e.g. rebuild lights).


I can parse some of the .ini files and edit them. However, the real problem is with UE objects and editor functions. One of the possible ways is to get symbols from the .dll and run that function in a separate process. Another way is to use the actual UE4 code for these tasks.


Is there any easier and safer way to achieve what I need?

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entities – Autofill drupal field in edit page

I am not sure if this was posted earlier, but I would be specific and conscise.

I am writing a Drupal module to store post meta in the “Node edit” page field. Just basic field, in node edit page.

What I am Looking for
Upon inserting the title of the node, I have multivalued field(3 values to take), the first one gets automatically populated with the title of the page.

And when I have set the url of the node, the field (2nd) value also gets populated… and like so.

How to implement the above? With Javascript if possible, that would be more native. Or Drupal Jquery API.

Use for the above Module I am building plain meta field for my website.

I can build Module, and know about JavaScript, JQuery, but I do not know how to put all together to make the above.

navigation – Node edit – large menu management options

I have a site with about 800 pages in the main menu.
When creating or editing a node, managing the menu item parent can be challenging with a select list containing so many options!

I am using Big Menu [https://www.drupal.org/project/bigmenu] to manage the menu within the menu edit areas. Is there something similar I can do with the node edit page?
Or some other option to make selecting a node’s menu parent a little easier?