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Editorial roles: Where to put job applications?


A friend of a friend tells me that one fairly big tech website is advertising for a editorial role (remote) in web hosting and relate… | Read the rest of

Should we be surprised that when the NY Times runs a Conservative editorial that the staff there goes ballistic about it?

Cotton called for public executions of American citizens for exercising their right to protest. Why are cons for this? That’s actual fascism. There isn’t a both sides here. At all. Cotton should have to step down and face public and private censure for this. This would be actual war crimes if the military did this. I know you’re for fascism in theory but come on. 

Trump: “The only good Democrat (31% of pop) is a dead Democrat!” Conservatives: “Meh.”

 Biden: “10-15% of Americans are bad people.” Conservatives: LOSE THEIR COLLECTIVE **** WAH WAH

“The cardinal error of the Germans who opposed Nazism was their failure to unite against it.”  

– William Shirer (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) 


James Mattis, the esteemed Marine general who resigned as secretary of defense in December 2018 to protest Donald Trump’s Syria policy, has, ever since, kept studiously silent about Trump’s performance as president. But he has now broken his silence: “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try,” General James Mattis writes in this extraordinary condemnation. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort.” The Atlantic

OK, I’m confused. The US has a heavily armed ‘militia’ who are backed by the 2nd amendment in case a tyrannical Government puts the army on the streets. Where are they then? Unless the right for black people to live doesn’t enrage them as much as having to wear face-masks…Stu Cameron

The president pressured the Park Service to mislead about the size of his inauguration crowd. Now, the Park Police say they didn’t use “tear gas” when we all know what happened. And they say troops were under assault from bricks and frozen water bottles. No one saw that. Jonathon Allen

Heavily armed men who refuse to identify themselves are patrolling the streets of Washington, DC. They were sent by the Bureau of Prisons.…

stock photography – How do editorial photographers work “in the wild”?

I am working on becoming a better editorial photographer. I’m not sure if I’m after “breaking news” but certainly want to focus on events that are local/national news for 1-3 days so I submit my pictures as quickly as possible.

How do editorial photographers work to submit their pictures quickly?

I am starting to develop more and more experience as an editorial photographer and I like to focus on current events around my city. That means that I find myself often submitting pics to Shutterstock from my car or other “mobile” locations to get my pictures approved as quickly as possible.

Right now I do:

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 saving to RAW+Fine
  2. Connect my iPad to the G7 via the built in WiFi router; I can only download the JPEGs via this method, RAW cannot be done over WiFi
  3. Panasonic ImageApp on my iPad to transfer the images and save them to my iPad camera roll
  4. Use the iPad to review the images and decide which ones I actually want to submit
  5. Send the images to my iPhone via AirDrop
  6. Write all my editorial captions to spec
  7. Submit the images via the Shutterstock Contributor app

It feels like this might be too many steps. So how do professional editorial photographers submit their pictures from the field? Do they submit them to an assistant first and the assistant handles the submissions? I suppose I could cut out the use of the iPhone, it’s just easier to write the captions on that platform.

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Installation – Content Moderation: Uninstalled Editorial Workflow and Damaged / Missing Manager in Moderate Content View

I have problems activating the content moderation module (content_moderation) on a Drupal 8.7.8 site.

During the installation, everything seems fine, drush en content_moderation ends without error, the workflow module is already activated before.

After installation, the editorial workflow is missing, but it is possible to create a new content moderation workflow.

All role permissions are available and the Moderation State widget displays on the nodes of the selected types. But the use of the widget has no effect, the nodes are neither published nor unpublished.

The database tables for content moderation are created correctly (that is, content_moderation_state and three others with similar names).

Also see moderated_content shows "Broken / missing manager"where the filter criteria"Content review: state of moderation (exposed)"and"Content review: state of moderation (<> published)"are supposed to be.

By clicking on the Broken / Missing Manager fields, some details appear for the two broken managers:

The handler for this item is broken or missing. The following details are available:
id: moderation_state_1
table: node_field_revision
field: moderation_state
relationship: none
group_type: group
operator: not in
group: 1
entity_type: node
plugin_id: moderation_state_filter
Enabling the appropriate module may solve this issue. Otherwise, check to see if there is a module update available.

The second field shows this information:

id: moderation_state
table: node_field_revision
field: moderation_state
relationship: none
group_type: group
operator: in
group: 1
exposed: 1
entity_type: node
plugin_id: moderation_state_filter

I also can not add fields related to state of moderation to sight, such as "moderation state". Fields do not appear in the "Add Fields" dialog box.

I have no problem configuring the moderation of the content on a version Drupal 8.7.8 vanilla that fails on this existing site (same version).

I've already tried going back to the site and reinstalling the workflows and content_moderation in different ways, with drush and manually. I have uninstalled all custom modules and patches and reinstalled content_moderation.

Are there modules (except Workbench) or parameters known to cause problems with content moderation?

Any ideas on what might be causing the problem or where to start looking?

Thank you very much!

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Can I edit editorial photos?

Is it permissible to edit images marked as editorial on stock photography sites? The main content of the photo is a building and I just want to remove the annoying elements such as drainage wells and garbage cans, which somehow ruin this image.

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