I want to know if my friend from Egypt is allowed to visit the UK. He has a visa for Germany because he has been working there for 9 years

It is possible, although he needs a separate visa for the UK than the Schengen visa. This is a well known problem for many non-Europeans in the UK / I or continental Europe that they can not easily go to each other.

Since he's working in Germany, can prove that he's settled there, etc … he should not have any problems getting the visa. But he still has to go through the application process, which can be annoying.

Do we need a Turkish visa for a 2 hour stopover, from the UK to Istanbul then to Egypt?

Due to the collapse of Thomas Cook, we now have to travel to the UK via EasyJet to Istanbul, where we have a 2 hour stopover and then join Turkish Airlines to Egypt, our destination. Do we need a transit visa for this?

Do Kenyan citizens need a transit visa for Egypt?

I am a Kenyan citizen who travels from Italy to Kenya via Egypt. Do I need a transit visa for Egypt? I will not leave the airport.

Suspicious contact with Egypt? | Talk Web Hosting


I own a small business where we create websites and web accommodations. I come from Argentina (South America), where we speak Spanish and today I received a strange e-mail from Egypt (as e-mail and also in the contact form page)


I have some questions. Where are you based and have you been in business for a long time?

Does your web hosting include the following features:

support for Linux and Windows operating systems, SSL certificates, PHP support, phpMyAdmin tool, MySQL databases, Microsoft SQL databases, remote MySQL connections, SSH access, Cron tasks, automatic installer of software (what is it?), website builder, website backups, cPanel, custom control panel, CDN storage and SSD?

What is your guarantee of network availability?

Do you also offer free domains, free trials, video tutorials, and Teamviewer support?

Is your support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

What are your payment options and what is your refund policy?

How many data centers do you have and where are they located?

Best regards,
Ahmed Bahgat

I am sure it is spam or scam.

What do you think?

thank you,

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Can I work from Egypt as a call center with a thin client?

If I do a double vpn 2 hide my position. Use a thin client with an external wifi adapter and the skyroam access point will work. I hear where I go, I will have good bandwidth. Please, help me want to 2 keep my job. I am a married American, 2 Egyptian and 2 Egyptian several times. I just want to keep my job.

An adsl router with bandwidth control in Egypt?

I am looking for an ADSL router with a bandwidth control function in Egypt. I want to monitor the bandwidth for long periods of time not momentarily. I have been looking for dd-wrt adsl routers in Egypt and have not found anything. Can someone help? Thank you.

Mohamed Salah is the African football player of the Confederation 2018

The second year in a row, he won the award. Egypt striker Salah, 26, defeated Liverpool teammate Sadio Mane

Senegal and Arsenal and Gabon, striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang under the title. avant-garde sports

He received the award at a ceremony in Senegal on Tuesday. Houston Dash and South African striker Thembi

Kgatlana was named player of the year. "I've been dreaming of winning this award since I was a kid and now I

have done it twice in a row, "Salah said. Salah was elected African Footballer of the Year by the BBC for the second time in December. Caf announced Tuesday that Egypt would host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

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Is there a campsite in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt?

I have my own tent. Is there a campsite (or hotel) where I can camp? I am looking for a campsite within a radius of 10 km from the city center.

I need recommendations for cloud resources in a data center closer to Egypt

If you take a closer look at the biggest local providers, Telecom Egypt and Etisalat, you will find that they both chose Interxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2) as their first international POP, which is not surprisingly considering given that 2/3 underwater cables go directly from Egypt to Marseille.

That said, France is the way to go if you want the most stable and reliable hosting site for customers in Egypt.