plugins – (WP/Elementor/WPForms) how to fill form fields in an elementor popup when it opens via a button

I have created a popup with a WPforms-contact-form in it. Now i want, when the popup opens, that attributes of the button link prefill the form. I know it is possible to send link attributes on page load to a form – but it doesnt work on the popup. I need somekind of ID-data to be send to the form – so i am able to identify the specific button which was pressed (like some product-id). I already tried some jquery scripts but none of it is working and i dont know if this is the right/only way to fill a popup form with predefinded data.

I really hope i dont have to build for every link a specific popup :/

I hope you guys can understand my problem … i am no native english speaker.

Thanks a lot in advance

plugins – How to create a custom client portal wordpress, elementor?

I tried this using many plugins. I need to create a client portal which let my clients to see their order status and other progress. We don’t sell them online just need to let my customers to see updates in their dashboard and let them to download their invoices and other stuff. I need to add orders and order updates by my staff. so I can’t use woocommerce. Please help tell me how to do this.

users can login to my web site on their dashboard it shows their orders. my staff can login and add or update orders for any customer.

database – Where does elementor stores the data from the content that is created from the frontend view?

I am trying to change a value/text in an inner section created by elementor page builder plugin that exists on around 400 pages. I have edited the database (wp_posts) with the right values but it’s not changed on the front end. The values are still the old values on the pages. It almost seems like something is being cached somewhere, but I do not have any caching currently enabled.

If I completely disable elementor and elementor pro. The correct values are shown. If I re-enable elementor the old incorrect values are shown again.

Does anyone know where does elementor stores the data from the content that is created from the frontend view? In the database (where?) in files? (where?) Thanks so much!!

plugins – Get WordPress post content which build with elementor page builder

I built a page with Elementor. Suppose page ID is 99. Now i want to fetch this page content in my theme footer.

This is the way i found how to get default post content by post ID:

$my_postid = 99; // This is page id or post id
$content_post = get_post($my_postid);
$content = $content_post->post_content;
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $content);
echo $content;

But if i use Elementor to built my page or post, previews method not working. Page or post content not showing with this method.

So my question is, How to get post content by post ID which built with Elementor.

wordpress – Elementor Pró + Storefront – Edição de tela de shop não funciona!

Estou começando um site de e-commerce com o wordpress. Tenho instalado nele:

  • Tema Storefront. Versão 2.5.8
  • Elementor. Versão 2.9.14
  • Elementor Pró. Versão 2.10.3
  • Woocommerce. Versão 4.3.3

Acessando o site, as páginas de home, sobre, contato podem ser editadas normalmente pelo elementor. Ao acessar a tela de shop ele me retorna a mensagem “A pré-visualização não pode ser carregada. Lamentamos, mas algo deu errado. Clique em Saiba mais e siga cada uma das etapas para resolver rapidamente.” Já fiz todas as etapas, nada resolveu. Habilitei em elementor >> tools a barra de depuração. Com essa barra eu consegui o seguinte retorno: “Template File: No Templates for condition > woocommerce/templates/archive-product.php”

Inicialmente achei que fosse algo relacionado ao outro tema e/ou os outros plugins que eu tinha instalado, mas agora com esse tema padrão e com os plugins desativados, me parece algo do elementor…

Alguém já passou por isso? Como resolver?

php – Ajax handling in Elementor widget

How to get an ajax request in the context of a class that extends from ElementorWidget_Base. The problem is that the widget is registered later on the "elementor/widgets/widgets_registered" hook, later on the hook responsible for registering ajax requests in wordpress.

Obviously, I can create a file in my plugin to connect it and process ajax requests in it, but I would like to implement this task within the widget class, how can I do this? I suspect there is a hook for this in the elementor, but I can’t find it :]

plugins – divi vs elementor

I’m actually using a Jimdo webpage but I feel I have to advance my webdesign. Therefore, I looked for some other possibilites and ended up with a decision between Divi and Elementor.
I also read up about them and several comparison reviews but, finally, I cannot value them. So my question is:

Which is better?
Better in terms of, which offers more functionality and which offers better functionalities/specifications?

Usability isn’t the most important aspect but, for sure, I don’t want to mess around with any detail all the time. It’s ok when I have to adjust things to build up a better page which will last for some years.
But I don’t wanna’ struggle with any change and being worried about working on certain smart phones or so.

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plugins – WordPress + Elementor

Good day I created a custom theme and everything works fine. I installed a WP plugin called ‘Elementor but when I try to edit my home page using Elementor I get an error. I took a screen shot please see.. enter image description here

When I click, click here for preview debug blank, plain white page is shown…Please see the screen shot.enter image description here

Here is the code I have inside my front-page.php.

I also inserted a screen shot please see. enter image description here

<?php if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post();?>

    <?php the_content();?>

<?php endwhile; else: endif;?>

When I visit my site…It displays normally no problem at all…enter image description here

PLEASE HELP Thank you.

posts – How can I update a page created with Elementor by updating the database?

I have a WordPress page created with Elementor plugin.

This page contains a section with a paragraph like this:


I want to update the content of this page from the database.

This is what I tried:

I searched in the wp_posts table all rows where post_content contains <p>AAAAA</p> and updated this value with this value:


I used phpMyAdmin to do that.

However, if I force refresh the browser where I see this WordPress page, I still see AAAAA instead of BBBBB.

Only if I manually edit the page content with Elementor I can see the changes (and also the Db is updated).

How can I update the Elementor page by updating the database?