database – Optimize the web dashboard with editable elements to improve performance by introducing ElasticSearch

To improve performance, we optimize our complex tabular web dashboard that loads many data (multiple columns and rows). Many cells in the table are editable so that data can be modified. Our main data store is MySQL and we also replicate the data in ElasticSearch. Optimization involves retrieving ElasticSearch data instead of MySQL when loading the page (but continues writing data on both MySQL and ElasticSearch).

This is a critical race situation in which a cell is updated (both in MySQL and ElasticSearch) and the page is quickly reloaded after the cell is updated. We would like to ensure data consistency so that ElasticSearch does not load old data in case the page reloading occurs before ElasticSearch is updated by the front-end server (React / Redux).

Common architectural models / services to solve this problem? Most dashboards, I see that the data extracted from ElasticSearch are read-only dashboards, hence the problem.

set theory – Partition of n elements in k subsets

Given a set of n identical elements. Find the number of possible ways to form k subassemblies
Let's say that A = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0} and k = 3 like {{0,0}, {0,0,0}, {0,0}}
The answer given is 36, but I am unable to understand the math behind that. Can someone explain it?

python – How to generate my list of datetime elements without placing parentheses around each element?

I've created an empty list and added datetime elements to it with the help of a loop. When I check the list, each item is surrounded by additional parentheses.

Here is my code:

dates = ()
day_count = 70
start_date =, 6, 1)

for single_date in (start_date + dt.timedelta(n) for n in range(day_count)):
    datetime = single_date
    for i in range(4):


What returns:

((, 6, 1),),
(, 6, 2),),
(, 6, 3),),


(, 6, 1),, 6, 2),, 6, 3),

I assume the solution will be fairly simple, but if it does not, I'll be happy to explain how to remove these extra parentheses. Thank you in advance for your help!

macos – How to divide a list of long elements into several lines of code (Applescript)

In AppleScript, how can I make it a multiline / easy-to-read property list?

set props to {target:"Safari", slideNo:2, propsUrl:"", rewardsUrl:"", coords:{posX:937, posY:497, sizeX:149, sizeY:262}}

something (reasonably) pythonic like …

set props to (
    coords:{posX:937, posY:497, sizeX:149, sizeY:262}

Is it possible? Use & # 39; ¬ & # 39; at the end of each line seemed to screw up the formatting.
Thanks in advance 🙂

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twitter bootstrap – 4 bucket elements do not respond

enter the description of the image hereI have 4 bucket elements coded with bootstrap and a php loop in wordpress. I want the 4 bucket elements to appear in a row for the desktop and be reduced to columns on mobile. This is the only way for me to make them appear in a row on the desk. However, I can not reduce them using multimedia queries, such as flex-direction: column.


'posts_per_page' => '4',


$blogposts = new WP_Query($args);