international travel – hasty passport – is my reason eligible?

Assuming you are a Canadian citizen, enjoy an emergency, urgent, emergency passport service on weekends and holidays in Canada:

We offer urgent and express passport services in certain locations in Canada. To find out if you can use these services, you must apply in person.

You must provide proof of travel for an urgent service. You may also need to provide it for express service.

The proof of travel can be:

• a plane, bus or train ticket

• a written declaration, if you are traveling by car

• a travel itinerary with proof of payment of the trip

• proof of illness or death in the family requiring immediate travel

Depending on the reason for your trip, you may need to provide additional proof of the urgency of your situation.

We will not be liable for losses if we can not issue the passport in time for a trip to you or your child. We recommend that you do not finalize your travel plans until you have obtained your passport.

If you are traveling by car, it seems that they will accept a statement stating your intention to do so. They do not really care about why you want to travel, but simply evidence that your trip is imminent. But proof is strictly required only for an urgent service (1-2 business days) and may not be for express service (2-9 business days).

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Am I eligible for the Eurail Youth pass? I am 27.5 years old

Eligibility ages are calculated in whole years, so you will still be 27 years old in June. Travelers who have reached the age of 12 and have not reached the age of 28 on the first day of their trip are eligible for the Eurail Youth pass. Even though they are 28 years old on a trip, the pass remains valid.

Traveling with a
Youth Pass at a reduced price, you must be 12 years old up to and including 27
start date of the Eurail Pass.

Conditions of this Eurail pass

you are eligible to use if you are so

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18 hours stopover at Abu Dhabi airport but not eligible for transit visa

Traveling for New Delhi to Frankfurt via Abu Dhabi via Eithad, I have 18 hours. stopover at Abu Dhabi airport. As I am not eligible for transit visa, what are the options for me at Abu Dhabi Airport?

After a US B2 visa refusal, am I eligible for the ESTA / VWP program under my new British nationality?

I had applied for an American B2 visitor visa in 2014, but I was refused. At that time, I applied with my Filipino passport.

Now I am a British citizen and have a British passport. Am I qualified for the ESTA / VWP program or do I need to apply for a B1 visitor visa again?

I'm traveling in April but I really do not know what to do. I'm afraid I can not qualify for the ESTA.

[ Politics ] Open question: How are people eligible for Obamacare-sponsored health insurance supposed to afford the $ 6,000 deductible?

Yes, a premium of $ 80 a month is pretty good, but how do you get your hands on the $ 6,000 needed before you can use this insurance?

It's $ 6,000 a year …

visas – How would the customs procedures be different for a UK tourist not eligible for VWP entering the United States by land from Canada or by air from the UK?

I am a British citizen and I have just discovered that my great-grandmother is very sick at the hospital. She is an American citizen and has spent most of her life there. I also have extended family members in the United States. My mother and my grandmother will be taking an ESTA flight to the United States from the UK over the next week to visit my great-grandmother.

I also want to see her, but I have some relatively recent criminal convictions (about two or three years ago). Previously, I had never had a criminal record, and I am in my thirties. Without going into details and at the risk of giving the impression of claiming that I acted wrongly, all these convictions (approximately 8) were pronounced within two months because of my personal situation at the time. The offenses include simple assault and a few cases of driving under the influence of drugs.

I have long fulfilled all the conditions of my probation order and I believe that the convictions are now classified as "spent" in the UK; However, I understand that it does not affect the United States.

I am a qualified professional, I have my own home and I have been working full time for a year in a senior executive position. My behavior no longer resembles what he was at the time of these offenses.

After reading some pages of the ESTA website, the CBP website and some .gov links, they recommend not attempting to travel under a visa exemption program via ESTA if you have already arrested, cautioned or sentenced; and instead apply for a visa.

My question is, if I were to enter the United States by car from Canada, would that alleviate some of the usual background checks, et cetera? I would receive an I-94W form. I have read topics on this site and heard rumors coming from people claiming that the customs procedure is much more flexible when entering the United States by road. even to say that a quick passport check was all that was asked of them at the entrance. Is this true? If so, how?

In what other ways would entry by land be different from air entry?

If that is true, are there any boundaries that are particularly lax to this kind of thing? And all those that are strict?