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Elite Video Player – WordPress plugin – Elite Video Player – WordPress plugin

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  • the most advanced video player
  • packed with options
  • pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pop-up advertising that works with youtube videos/playlists/user channels…

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water damage – Huawei Y6 Elite – Wet, Can Charge But Not Booting

(If this is the wrong place to ask this question please tell me.)

I am in a bit of pickle right now.

It was quite rainy where I live, so when I took my phone (Huawei Y6 Elite Android 5.1) outside it fell in some water. It worked initially – I dried it and all.

Then, at the end of the day I powered it off.

I was trying to watch some YouTube, but then I couldn’t power it on. I am 15 years old, and my dad gave me the phone (which used to be his) so I just said I’m going to charge it to him so he wouldn’t be suspicious.

OK, so GOOD NEWS incoming.

Whenever I charge it, it shows up with the ‘charging’ screen.

I tried charging it for 1 hour and it wouldn’t boot although it would show the charging screen.

Tried to put it in a bowl of rice for 1.6 days – took it out and still nothing.

I’m panicking right now as my dad would absolutely kill me if he finds out what I did to my phone, I need help ASAP.

Some of my ideas is to try to charge it for some more time and pray to G-d that it boots.

Another idea would be to tinker inside the components and dry them.

I need other ideas immediately. I am quite worried.

Thank you StackExchange – you have helped me with many issues at StackOverflow and I’m sure you can help a good friend out with this too.

laptop – Elite book 840 G2

Please help me. I noticed that my laptop was on a spilled water on the table over night. I dismantled it and cleaned it up, dried it as much as I could from a warm temperature viz rays on the sun for a day. Now it can only power and make a noise with the fan then goes off… don’t know what to do from here. Also when plugged in for a charge it doesn’t show light of power.

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windows 10 – How to run Elite Dangerous on MacBook Air M1

My problem:
My high school requires me to have an apple computer, so my parents are going to get me a MacBook Air M1 and I was wondering if and how I can play Elite Dangerous on that computer.

I know there is no mac version for Elite Dangerous so I will need to install Windows 10 (does anyone know how to do that? I heard something about Bootcamp) and I believe the M1 is an ARM processor so I wonder if Elite Dangerous and Windows 10 can run on ARM.

NOTE: I DO NOT want a Windows emulator I also want to use other windows features like coding C++, C# and not just run Elite Dangerous.
Other note, i’m a kid, so please make it easy to understand and follow through

My goal of this post: To run Elite Dangerous on Windows 10 on a MacBook Air M1