❕NEWS – Elon Musk loses his position as the richest man | NewProxyLists

Elon Musk recently claimed the position of being the world richest man. However the correction factor that we saw and bitcoin yesterday or resulted in a major decline in the price of Bitcoin and as a result of this drop in Bitcoin price the company stock for Tesla also dropped by around 21%. This has resulted in Elon Musk actually losing his position as the richest man. Do you feel that this is a position that he can reclaim if the market adjusts and the price rises once again?

❕NEWS – Elon Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin and his supercomputer | NewProxyLists

One of the announcements that was made in 2019 was for a supercomputer that is at tesla, which became known as DOJO. In his recent tweet it seems that Elon Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin and has mentioned DOJO in the same tweet, which has once again caused the price of Dogecoin to rise again. In fact, it seems that Dogecoin does not look to be slowing down and that it may be a good idea to get invested with Dogecoin as soon as possible.

What do you think the tweet by Elon Musk means? Do you think that he is considering using the super computer as a means to mine Dogecoin? Or do you think he is offering up the supercomputer in exchange for Dogecoin? Either way, his interest in Dogecoin is clearly here to stay.

❕NEWS – Elon Musk prefers holding Bitcoin to Cash | NewProxyLists

This makes sense, however the concern that I have is that there is much volatility in the crypto market and even Bitcoin, so when you store value in there you have to have a lot of patience to see a profit if the price drops. Therefore, for immediate storage and use I think it highly advised against.

Elon Musk Continues to Admire Dogecoin.

Making important and positive statements about Bitcoin (BTC) in her latest Clubhouse broadcast, Musk shared a Dogecoin message on Twitter today. Musk wrote Dogecoin as a flood under the image where he shared a rocket going to the moon. Musk then shared a scene from the Lion King animation.
What do you think Elon is trying to do?

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❕NEWS – Peter Schiff blamed Elon Musk | NewProxyLists

The situation of the person who criticizes Bitcoin is different. The criticism here is about the occasional Tweets by Elon that affect the price movements of the token she mentions. I agree with these criticisms because the effects of the statements made by Elon on prices are obvious.
If this were the stock exchange on which a company is traded, it would officially be called manipulation.

❓ASK – Jeff Bezoz is just $3 billion ahead of Elon Musk. | NewProxyLists

And as you may have now heard, guys, Elon Musk has now been declared the richest man on earth – ahead of Jeff Bezos. I’m happy for him, especially with being from right next door to my country LOL He did ask for suggestions on how he can spend his money. Elon, if you’re listening, I’d very happily take it off your hands and show you exactly how to use it 😂😂

Dogecoin's Price Rise AGAIN After Elon Musk Tweet!

Dogecoin’s price went up after Elon Musk posted a tweet saying that Dogecoin is his favorite crypto. Prices went up to $0.0037 which is an almost 8% increase, but it’s still worthless! Musk had previously posted tweets saying that Dogecoin is the king of all crypto, but I don’t know why he has such high hopes for Dogecoin. What do you think about this?

❕NEWS – Elon Musk needs $20 billion to be ahead of Bezoz. | NewProxyLists

The CEO of Tesla electric motor founded in 2003, Elon Musk recently gained $8.95 billion in value as stock holding of his electric car company.

He is currently value at $167 billion behind the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos with net of $187 billion dollars.
Elon Musk company made about $140 billion profit amidst the pandemic.

His company is expected to be added to S&P 500 index this Monday.

Elon Musk admitted that Tesla is way too late to implement 2fa for its app

As per Techcrunch, Elon Musk admits that Tesla’s mobile app is "embarrassingly late" when it comes to adding an additional security layer in the form of two-factor authentication. At first a Twitter user named Cybergrade asked Elon on Twitter regarding the feature. Elon replied that the feature is currently in its final validation phase. It’s important for Tesla to implement this security measure since through their mobile apps a person can control many functionalities of some of Tesla…

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❕NEWS – Elon Musk says that AI will beat human’s intelligence | NewProxyLists

well yes, i agree with you, nothing is impossible, but we have to use some logic here, no matter how good you are in codding, you can’t implement the common sense that human has in a machine, machines are always limited to what’s inside them and can’t get out of that field