outlook – Date Format changed, but only in e-mail

I have built a flow which collects data from a Form to Excel file, saves the each new form record as a new row in the file in SharePoint and summarizes the form data into an e-mail.

The form collects the dates from the form in MM/dd/yyyy format, and it populates the records into Excel in that format. However, when I use the date fields to populate the e-mail, the e-mails send in yyyy/MM/dd format. How can I get the e-mails into the format I want?

I can’t figure out why the Form, and the Excel file are correct, but “Office 365 Outlook” seems to change the date format?

is it possible to pin email from specific sender to be pin on top in gmail?

I get technology newsletter in my office mailbox in outlook that I have pinned so every new email from same sender stays on top, I want to know if similaryly of there exist any feature that can pin the email from specific sender ontop ?

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions

The above error message comes up when I try to log into a website called nail the mix. It only does it when I try to go to the site and log in. Also worth noting, I do not have WordPress nor have I ever heard of it until this error, and I can assure you it is something I already hate from the depths of my soul. How do I fix this?

woocommerce – Formatting product prices in email orders

I’m trying to format prices in case of Indian Rupees. Below is my code and it works in case of email order on hold but how to make it work in case of order-complete?

   //Indian Currency Formatter
add_filter( 'formatted_woocommerce_price','ind_currency_formatter', 100, 1 );

    function ind_currency_formatter($price){
        global $user_currency;
            $price = preg_replace("/(d+?)(?=(dd)+(d)(?!d))(.d+)?/i", "$1,", str_replace( ',', '', $price ));
            return $price;
            return $price;

I will provide 10 000 Verified active email lists for $70

I will provide 10 000 Verified active email lists

My email list is verified and active, i have gathered these from my website which is an affiliate marketing site..most of them have been engaging to my business offers and are likely to buy to marketing and business services and softwares


How much Email Deliverability is fair to expect with Shared Web Hosting?

I am a newbie here. Thanks to everybody for all the tremendously helpful information. It is sad that there is almost nowhere else to find honest information about choosing and working with a web hosting provider.

I am testing a couple web hosting providers I found on this website.

I would like to be able to use my web hosting provider for email, but I want to minimize the risk of my emails going to spam.

My question is how much email deliverability is it fair to expect from a shared web hosting plan? A couple places have issues with validation of the server through rDNS and smtp banners. One doesn’t even support DKIM, which seems essential in this day and age. A couple places use mailchannels, which seems to help, but, contrary to what I was told by their support, is not a complete replacement for DKIM.

I get issues with email going to spam folders on my Gmail, Yahoo, and Zoho accounts. I get complaints about server configuration and validation from test websites, such as mail-tester.com (which was recommended to me by one of my email providers, protonmail.com), analyze.email, mxtoolbox.com (recommended by one web hosting company), and isnotspam.com.

It isn’t really an email thing, but mxtoolbox.com pointed out that it wasn’t great to have both one’s name servers in the same subnet (or whatever they called it.)

It adds expense to use zoho.com or protonmail.com for email, but perhaps it is unavoidable? Perhaps, I am asking too much of the web hosting providers?

I have not named the web hosting providers, because I am not looking to disparage them at all, if this is a PEBKAC error on my part. (If anybody from one of the web hosting companies reads this, please be assured I am trying a couple, so I might not be talking about your services in particular.)

Just to explain my background: I was in IT a couple decades ago, but Internet and web hosting were not something I ever focused on. I did database management and later database architecture and development. Right now, I am pursuing this stuff as sort of a hobby. I happen to like puns and wordplay, though, so I have bought way too many domain names, leaving me with the desire to put simple websites on and set up email for most of them. I won’t be generating much traffic and I won’t be sending more than a few personal emails.

send email in specific time in sharepoint

I have workflows to send email to the task manager if assigned person delayed to complete task the workflow work fine but I want to send the email at 7:30 AM currently it’s send at 12:00
enter image description here

Any help!!