How to filter if there is an email and a phone number in a php string

I have the following chain:

$var = "teste de Email, fone: 99 99999-9999";

I need to check if there is an email or phone number in the chain. In case it is necessary to issue an alert indicating that it exists.

It would be a chain validation, and there can be no email or phone number anywhere in the chain.

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[GET] LetsExtract Email Studio CRACKED NEW * | NewProxyLists

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Can not find where you edit the order block when confirming by email

I am looking to modify "Shipping and Handling" on order confirmations by e-mail. I looked in the items.phtml and he does not mention the shipping at all.

Do not you know where Magento pulls this?

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dns – Can I receive e-mails for multiple domains with the help of a single e-mail server?

I have several domains in the form of,,, etc … My main mail server is configured to so all my emails are in the form of

Now, I would like to know if I can receive emails from on my domain with the correct configuration of MX records on the DNS server.

Is it possible, or does each domain need its own mail server?

Email marketing campaign

Congratulations! So you started your business and you are now considering finding your first contact lists in the UK. You have heard that the money is in the recap and that you are currently planning to summarize future customers for future promotion purposes. Or, on the other hand, you may not have made your first contact, but you plan to start a survey.

The idea sounds energizing and daring until you find that you can lose those well deserved and regrettable contacts, you could be criminally accused of spamming or sending spontaneous messages on the web. Most of us are unaware that there are laws that restrict organizations from sending spontaneous messages on the web and we find ourselves clearly submissive when we do the wrong thing.

In this article, I will show you the appropriate methodologies for conducting a battle by email without putting you or your company at risk. You will create what is called a "whitelist", which involves an overview of approved contacts while increasing your supply potential across the lead era. You will also realize what is e-mail advertising, how to assemble your initially approved e-mail list, how to create autoresponders and how to use e-mail presentation as the main tool for success in your business. And if we started by sending a reasonable message …

Sending loud and clear

Give us a chance to declare that you have never sent e-mail and that you plan to familiarize your articles and administrations with potential buyers. The early introduction is surely the best inside foot of any business entry. You must therefore guarantee that an initial letter is ready. This should be brief and highlight the components and benefits of your business for the prospect.

Once your letter has been prepared, make sure that it is legitimately edited before sending it to your contacts. Depending on how your business evolves, you should target people who may be interested in your offer. Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of deciding, you can take a look at the index of companies in your neighborhood or group,

After distinguishing your market, you are currently ready to establish your first match with them. This correspondence is evoked as an e-mail presenting efforts, but to begin, we must seek the permission of these contacts. Many would ask the question: "what is e-mail advertising"? We will now take a look at how an email marketing campaign helps in this correspondence …

Email marketing campaign

This type of correspondence is one of the most ideal approaches to successfully discuss with your contacts. It is an organized and composed method for sending messages, newsletters, updates or promoting data to your customers and prospects in a conducive manner.

Time messages are usually robotic and delicate. Sending an e-mail at the wrong time could hurt the coveted reaction. Again, sending messages in a consistent and auspicious way could increase the likelihood of future business between rallies.

All things considered, there are 4 imperative things to look for in a compelling e-mail promotion effort.

Who sends e-mail – It is legally ordered that contact data be added to your crusade e-mails. This adds credibility to your message and trusts your business.

Content – This type of correspondence is unique compared to conventional messages because it is unique to your business. Whether you're sending out a flyer or advising your contacts on an offer or promotion, this should be clear in your mail.

Activity Your e-mail must have an activity towards the end so that it is viable. These activities are usually linked to a commercial page, an offer or a gift. In the case where we send a brochure, it must be extremely useful and engaging. It should highlight group events, opportunities, or take note of them.

Pick In Features-Unfortunately, there could be a period when your contact would no longer be inspired by your offers or your business. He or she should have an alternative to quit your program. It is lawful to have your hold withdrawn towards the end of your email promotion efforts.

Approved recipients

Since you have determined who to send these messages to, you are ready to send them. Your recap should have contacts with people who have consented to receiving your first messages. Once the customer agrees, you must create an email format that demonstrates that you have recently obtained consent to send messages. Once the intended customer has obtained and pressed the login "subscribe" in the email, they are naturally added to your preview.

You can create different records in your advertising account by e-mail. This allows you to send offers and relevant data to each summary, for example, "telecommute list" "summary used" "list of duplicates" "list of customers" "summary of prospects" et cetera.

In case you have not obtained authorization, initially you should not send advertising effort by e-mail before having in any case first spoken to your next contact.

The motivation behind this preparatory exercise is to decrease the likelihood of removing contacts on your summary. Despite the fact that you can not control when someone chooses to opt out of your program, there is a recognized proportion that will not send any warning to your e-mail submitting providers.

In case there is an excessive number of withdrawals and spam reports, your file may be closed or BLOCKED. Thus, it is repeated and appropriate that you obtain your consent before sending your first e-mail presenting efforts.

When you have fulfilled the above conditions and are ready to send your messages, the supplier will ask you some questions. This is an extra effort to inform you about the laws of email promotion and to further ensure that the approaches are related to a strategy that you used in the course of collecting emails. your first contact list. Plus, it's the opportunity to welcome you to the email advertising program.

Since you have met the above criteria, you are ready to send your first e-mail presenting the efforts. Whatever the case may be, after sending your first battle, there is no compelling reason to physically time and finish. The establishment of an e-mail advertising effort allows you to set the time and recurrence of trigger messages. These trigger starts are called autoresponders.

Automatic answering machines

Automatic answering machines are time sensitive messages that are naturally transmitted to your contact list. The reason for this clever method for transport is to keep your preview refreshed and new. It also gives life to your business as it triggers another time that someone receives, opens or reads your messages. You can simply change the way you want your autoresponders to be sent.

Your e-mail arrangement should allow you to create information exchange frameworks that could be inserted on your site. The clever approach to creating contacts is to attach your e-mail presenting the join to your own e-mail. If you do not mind, remember that it MUST have a choice to allow the supporter to enter or leave your program at any time. THIS IS MANDATORY.

The path to an effective crusade by e-mail is to keep your messages extraordinary, short and extremely informative. Never forget to discuss your goals with a connection to request additional activities. When you set a period for sending e-mail, you will have the ability to get information. We need to use a comparable activity to check all the motivation behind the promotion of e-mails.

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magento 1 – Add a transactional email template programmatically

I am looking to add an e-mail template to make it available in the list of transactional email templates back-office.

I am a beginner on magento 2 and a huge beginner on magento 1. My project is under V1.14.1.0

In fact, I already did this task for a magento 2 project when I started learning technology. But I do not know the structure M1 good enough to make a project magento 1.

So here I am looking for help because I do not really find documentation (at least not that I can understand correctly).

So, here are my questions

1 – Where is the location of custom / new mail templates in magento 1? Magento 2 is in MODULE/view/frontend/email/my_mail_template.html

2 – Is the syntax of the model the same?

Here is what my e-mail template file looks like in Magento 2.

{{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}

{{trans "Name: %name" name=$name}}

{{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}}

3 – Where should I install the configuration to let magento 1 see that there is a new model? Magento 2 was in MODULE/etc/email_templates.xml

And the content looked like this