events – Save the email in the previous user field

Hello useful people on the Internet,

I have a standard form in one of my plugins to allow users to submit events. On this form, I would like to include a mandatory email field for their email address enabled by PayPal. Then this email will be saved in a user field already created with the field ID: dbem_paypal_account. As a person with virtually no coding know-how, I have a lot of trouble making sure that it works with plug-in support, even though it's hard to believe that this Is such a difficult task.

I am able to edit this template and the functions.php of my child theme and I understood (I think) how to validate this email field, otherwise an error will appear. All I need is that this email is saved in the back-end field that the user can not access.

I've got vomit code, which I will include, but it's not pretty, so I suggest avoiding it completely. It's been a few weeks since we're going around in circles, so any help is welcome. Thank you!

function em_event_form_custom2 () {
<input type = "email" id = "dbem_em_paypal_account" name = "dbem_em_paypal_account" /> <! -->
dbem_em_paypal_account, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'], dbem_em_paypal_account); } if (isset ($ _REQUEST['event_rsvp'] )) { if (! isset ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) || $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] == 0) { $ EM_Event-> add_error (sprintf (__ ("Please accept conditions && conditions.", & Nbsp; Events-manager & # 39;))); $ result2 = false; } } return $ result2; } add_filter (& # 39; em_event_save & # 39 ;, custom_event_save & # 39 ;, 1,2); function custom_event_save ($ result, $ EM_Event) { // assuming that the currently logged in user submits an event if (! empty ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) && is_user_logged_in ()) { $ current_user = wp_get_current_user (); // get the details of the logged in user update_user_meta ($ current_user-> ID, & dbem_em_paypal_account & # 39 ;, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) } return $ result; }

Note: Ignore the typo with the id field in the code (dbem_em _…). I have already corrected it.

check by = email find the URL

verify by = email = Log in to your email account and try to find a link from the same webpage domain.

we should be able to provide "find the URL" "find the link" and they should have priority over the default search in the email

email – Why am I getting spam after setting up postfix to redirect incoming mail to another user based on the recipient's address?

Up to here my contained mainly two lines:

local_recipient_maps =
luser_relay =

These settings are responsible for delivering all emails sent to any address in my domain, such as to my real account It worked and I only received emails from websites on which I signed up with any of my unlimited aliases.

I realized that I did not want to receive all these emails, so I had the idea of ​​deleting e-mails sent to a particular alias instead of blocking a particular sender. In this way, I can protect myself from any future junk mail and make this nickname disabled.

To bring this idea to life, I removed the two previous lines of and added the following:

virtual_alias_maps = pcre: / etc / postfix / virtual_alias

the virtual_alias the file has the following content:


This configuration redirects all emails sent to addresses other than and at the specified actual address

It works, e-mails sent to the listed addresses are not delivered to my inbox. The problem is that now I have started receiving hundreds of spam emails, none of which I received before.

Here is an example of such a spam message:

From Wed 29 May 01:23:10 2019
Way back:
Delivered to:
Content type: text / plain; charset = "iso-8859-1"
Content-Description: Body of the message
Subject: // my IP address here
From: "Agent MacLeod"
Date: Tuesday 28 May 2019 16h23h10 -0700
X-UID: 1194
Content length: 3686
Status: RO

The question is: Why did I start receiving hundreds of spam emails after making the changes described above? How is it possible that now messages with X-Original-To header different from @ are delivered to my domain?

For now, I've brought back the previous configuration and I'm not receiving spam anymore. Clearly, this is not an acceptable solution.

With two-factor authentication, is an e-mail address or backup phone a good option for recovery?

Having several recovery options is very important. If you have lost passwords for an online service such as Roboform (Password Manager), all your data has disappeared. It will never be recovered.

To answer your question, the backup email is sort of appreciated in your main email. If hackers can discover it, hack both, you will totally lose access. Backup codes are something you can store somewhere without relying on backup emails.

The only problem you may experience with 2FA is when you go abroad and that roaming is disabled or can not be acquired.

How to extract text from an email link from a Google sheet link?

Can you extract the text from the copy email address from a hyperlink? See example example of google sheets

sms – Is it possible to intercept messages from e-mail addresses or expired phone numbers? If yes, how

The SMTP protocol has always supported servers temporarily down. The nominal use case is that a message is sent by an email user agent (usually a mail reader like Thunderbird) to its nearest mail transfer agent (sendmail, postfix). , exim, etc.), which is declared as the SMTP server.

Then, the MTA attempts to deliver the message to a recipient. sender it lacks connectivity (common to the corporate network) or an SMTP server that states that it can process the recipient's e-mail address. One or more relay can be involved in the chain.

And each MTA agent in the chain is normally able to queue the message for a variable length of time (usually between a few hours and a few days) until its next hop is respected.

The only problem is that there is no tool to find out where a mail can be queued up. The only way I know is to contact the administrator of the first SMTP host and ask him if the mail is still in his queue or has been delivered and where, and repeat the chain up to that you find the mail or that you can not get an answer. admins.

In short, if you know the senders, the only reliable way to ask them to send the mail to a different address. If you do not do it and the email provider can not get it back in a short time, I can not imagine any solution.

debian – Do I still need a PTR record when sending via an SMTP relay such as Simple Email Service?

I currently have the problem that I have a very good server at home, but I am connected to a normal default ISP, so there is no way to set a ptr for my sometimes changing IP address.

Now I wanted to install a mail server and I did it on a vps, but the problem is that the vps is not so beefy and I do not want to spend as much for this small amount of storage while I have a beast at home with lots of storage for my mails

Do I still need the PTR registration even if the mail comes from another SMTP relay? Or is there another solution that would allow me to welcome home?

I'm currently using mailcow

Has anybody used email checkers?

How many of you have used email checkers? like Antideo and what are your comments?


smtp – Apache James Sending an email but not receiving

So, James is operational and I can send emails via telnet and everything seems to work but I never get anything. I am not sure where to go from here.

I'm installing James in OpenPaas

# telnet localhost 25
To try :: 1 ...
Connected to localhost.
The escape character is & ^;

& # 39 ;.
220 awesome SMTP server from JAMES Linagora
250 Hello [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1])
250 2.1.0 Shipper  D & # 39; agreement
550 5.7.1 Requested action not taken: relays refused
RCPT TO: ticardosaracino
5.51 Syntax Error in Parameters or Arguments
250 2.1.5 Recipient  D & # 39; agreement
354 Ok Send data ending with .
subject: test


250 2.6.0 Received message
to leave
221 2.0.0 service closing transmission channel
Connection closed by foreign host.

All I want to do is just send an email