htaccess – How to change where the abuse email’s get sent?

I have a domain called which is registered with namecheap. is hosted on a VPS with the hosting company XYZ (make up company) with WHM and cPanel

Nameservers are being dealt on Cloudflare which is linked to my XYZ to protect my VPS’s IP.

My email’s (eg. are hosted on a different company called Tmail (make up company).

How can I forward all the abuse emails received directly to me and not to XYZ? I cannot host the website myself as I do not want to buy a server.

viral marketing – Best approach to send 0.5 million emails with lowest cost

It’s very hard, by design, to properly deliver 500k emails from a cold start without landing in spam.

For that volume of emails, you will need a dedicated IP address that’s been “warmed up”, see this SendGrid FAQ.

I recommend working alongside whichever company gave you this list. If they are legit, they will already have a warm account/IP that will be able to send this volume of emails to that user list without raising alarms. Then it’s a matter of spinning up your own account gradually.

500k is many, many more magnitudes of emails than Gmail will allow you to send in one day (Gmail has a hard limit of 500/day, plus I’m pretty sure that marketing mailing lists are against their TOS).

Comparing services is off-topic here, but in the long run it’s probably going to be the cheapest for you to pick a marketing email service, like SendGrid, Amazon SES, etc., rather than try to host your own email sending server.

Why does gmail fail to apply the filters for imported emails?

I forward my emails from
(1) IEEE using an alias (
(2) AOL as imported via POP (

I use the filters to label incoming email.

I noticed that the filters I set up in gmail only work with the emails that were addressed as Cases (1) and (2) above do not activate the labeling filters as they arrive.

I tried modifying the filters to include the to: field for cases (1) and (2), but they also did not work.

Is there a way to make filters work with cases (1) and (2) above? Thanks in advance.

magento2.3 – How can you send all emails using only default language, even if customer is using another store view?

I’m looking for a way to send email notification without translation, so I have default language is set to English, and I would like all emails sent by magento2 to use only English. How can I achieve this ?

I’m having two store views one is English and the other is Arabic RTL at the moment.

Tried to look for a solution for couple of days couldn’t find any thing.

Only some emails on Mac Mail appeared on my cellphone’s mail client

An email had apparently not been sent to me because I didn’t see it on my cellphone. Checking on my MacBook Pro’s Mail, I saw it had been sent. Comparing the two, I realised that only those in my Inbox on Mail were appearing also on the cellphone.

Why? I’d created Mailboxes (folders) in my Mac Mail, such as Accountant, or Robot Stuff. For each I’d done
Mailbox –> New Mailbox –> and then when it sought Location, I’d defaulted to On My Mac, not exploring the drop-down options.
I’d then created rules to place emails as they arrive into appropriate mailboxes.
Had I instead chosen my domain for each of those new mailboxes, each would be reproduced on my cellphone.

I corrected it by dragging and dropping each mailbox from On My Mac to the domain shown at the bottom of the left sidebar. That copies the mailbox and any sub-mailboxes within it and the email-messages within. It shows under Copying Messages, at the bottom left of the window, a running count as the email-messages are copied.
Once the copy of a mailbox was complete, I deleted the original from On my Mac. The cellphone showed each such mailbox and its contents too.

The Rules though, still pointed to the old and now deleted mailboxes. Each had to be edited to point to the new mailbox on the domain.

Now emails received and seen on Mac Mail appear in the same way on the cellphone.


You want to target the Facebook page of the User ID of other companies to show my ads. Is this a good practice for ABM markup? Or we should target emails

How the user ID of the Facebook page works if I want to target it to a personalized audience. Does it target all of the people who interacted with the page? Or our ads will only appear on the page (fb userid) that I have targeted.

Gmail deleting emails and then logging in again, the mail is still there

This has happened to me several times now: I connect, I delete new emails, I disconnect and when I reconnect, the emails are still there.

postfix – OS X Server 10.8 Sending emails

I am running an OS X Server 10.8.5 box, with the messaging running. I am using one of my local email accounts to send emails to a hosted address that I have. This is where it gets tricky.

The web is hosted internally. Mail is hosted externally for this target domain. MX records are correctly defined.

  • test from a gmail account arrives at the intended target
  • test from internal email appears as sent in the smtp log, but it does not appear in the webmail account on the host

The log entry on my mail server indicates that the is , orig_to =, relay = pigeon house, delay = 0.08, delays = 0.03 / 0.01 / 0 / 0.04, dsn = 2.0.0, status = sent (delivered via the pigeon house service)

The smtp server therefore thinks that the two domains are on themselves, which they are not. Web DNS and Mail DNS are different, and it does not verify the correct DNS for that LAN, which is outside the LAN. I don't run DNS because of this kind of confusion, and I want to minimize my internal network configuration.

Yes, a little confusing, even for the server.

And those test emails are lost. There is no queue, so they are somewhere inside the server. I do not know Postfix orders.

Any advice on how I can clarify this? I don't mind the terminal, so all the commands and information really appreciated how I can fix this.


Difficult problem with emails I send to recipient spam after switching domains + hosting

I have had a problem with the emails that I send for work (all to external domains) being completely blocked or sent to spam, for many different recipients in various companies, since I & # 39; I changed domain and hosting. I send 5 to 50 emails a day.

I previously had a domain name "" with BlueHost. I switched to NameCheap 3 months ago and changed my domain name to "" at the same time (".com" has been taken.)

I have sent emails to the same people as before, with similar messages.

Ever since I switched, I have always had problems with blocking the emails I send (they don't even appear in spam) or to spam recipients. I have never had these problems before. They started immediately when I changed.

I have verified the sending IP address and it is not on any blacklist.

I asked recipients to whitelist my email address, with mixed results. One company has indicated that it has been whitelisted, and my emails to any email address for that company simply never show up. Another company was added to the whitelist, and it worked for them.

I also changed my email client in case it helps and it makes no difference. I used MailSpring on IMAP, now I use Postbox on IMAP. My sent emails appear in the sent hosting folder. I have always sent HTML and I very often have online images and attachments of all kinds.

I received a message from Microsoft stating that I was on an Outlook 365 block list, so that is a clue. I filled out their form to request the removal of this block, I don't know if this was the case but the recipient put my list on the whitelist and we were able to communicate now for a week.

I am physically located outside of the United States, and almost all of my recipients are in the U.S., so I thought this could be a problem, but when I tracked the IP address on an email that i sent it, it just led to the Namecheap servers and there was no indication that i could see anywhere from my physical location.

I don't know what to do other than change my accommodation away from Namecheap, back to BlueHost; or could the problem still be that my domain is too new or that it is an .io domain? Any suggestion?

Sorry for the lack of specific details, some of the technical stuff is a little on my head, but I'm happy to provide details if you know what to ask.