Server dedicated to Android emulators

I'm looking for a dedi server capable of running Android emulators. I'm probably going to run nox with 10 instances of it.

It doesn't have to ru … | Read the rest of

IT architecture – is it possible to run multiple Turing Machine emulators using a single processor core?

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applications – Mirror actions on hundreds of Android emulators

I have several hundreds of Android emulations. I want an application that will allow me to reflect the actions I'm doing on one device, on all other devices. This means that if I click on an icon located on x, y of the screen of my main device, I want the same action to occur on all my emulations. I've reviewed several Android mirroring software, but none have met the requirements I've had. For example, most mirroring tools like APowerMirror of Vysor require either that the emulations be on the same wifi connection (which does not work for emulators), or that USB debugging is enabled for physically connected devices. (do not work for emulators either). ). In addition, most software does not support the number of devices I want to emulate.

I hoped that someone knew of a mirroring application not having the above constraints. I must think that there is a solution to this problem but I am stuck.

For reference, I use bluestacks as an emulator for all Android instances.

Current PC Emulators – Android Passionate Stack Exchange

I have a problem with a PC emulator on my tablet. I've tried both Limbo and Bochs. When trying to run Limbo, I get the following message:

Unfortunately, Limbo x86 PC Emulator has stopped

Trying to run Bochs has no results – it just does not start. In both cases, applications appear as black static windows when switching between applications that are running (ALT+shift).

My specs:
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F (4core 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM)
Android v.4.4.2

The same problems occur while running emulators on my Samsung A7 (2017), Android 8.0.0.