keyboard shortcuts – Windows 10 – Can’t enable snap windows feature, and one option is missing

I have windows 10 and at some point win key + left arrow/right arrow stopped working for me.
Another related issue I’m having is that when I try to move a non-maximized window it gets maximized.

From what I understand this is all related to the “Snap windows” feature in the Multitasking tab as explained here.

The problem I have is that I can’t seem to be able to enable this feature.
I can toggle the on/off button, but when I exit the settings or go to another tab and then to the multitasking tab again, I see the toggle has been automatically disabled.
Also, I do not seem to have the “Arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides or corners of the screen” option.

enter image description here

I have made sure there are no windows updates available.
I also tried restarting the computer.

What is the cause of these problems and how can I fix it?

Confusing Cisco enable password format


Totally confused by this Cisco password format:

enable password level 15 encrypted 382fda4a4a26e6637edac0eb8b8ba4581087d32d

Overall string is 40 bytes long:

$ echo -n 382fda4a4a26e6637edac0eb8b8ba4581087d32d | wc -c

Example of configs with these hashes can be see e.g. here.
No special characters except for (a-z0-9). It does not fall under any of Type X Cisco password taxonomy (Types 0,4,5,7,8,9). Hashcat does not include any available cracking mode for it.

What kind of woodo is that? Is is secure? Should I be worried that original password string may be recovered.

How to enable bash completion on Google Compute Engine?

The compute instances I’m running is a Debian Buster. Normally there’s exists a /etc/bash_completion file. However for GCE, it’s missing. There’s even a section they’ve added in the default ~/.bashrc to refer to the bash completion files which none of them exists.

if ! shopt -oq posix; then
  if [ -f /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ]; then
    . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion
  elif [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then
    . /etc/bash_completion

windows 10 – How to enable iGPU for dual monitor use?

So, I have an AMD RX 570 GPU with only one output (DVI). It was originally made for mining so that would answer why it only has 1 output. My CPU has an integrated GPU so I wanted to use that for dual monitor, however the PC just doesn’t detect the iGPU. I checked in BIOS to see if there’s any option regarding the iGPU, but I couldn’t find anything.

How can I enable the iGPU?

samsung – How to enable clipboard in Galaxy A30s?

When going through the options available on my keyboard, found a section which references “Clipboard”.

enter image description here

I assume that’s not active based on the opacity it has.

Having the opportunity to use that anytime I wanted would be much better than the Clipboard sometimes available when long pressing in the browser as it’d show up all the time I wanted and everywhere I wanted. How can I enable it?

How can i enable usb debbuging on target phone using meterpreter shell [closed]

I have access to android shell. I tried many method but not able to do so.

How to enable popup with system information in arco linux with fish?

I want to enable the popup with system informations when I open the terminal with fish shell in arco linux, but I don know how.

Image of system configurations in arco linux with fish shell:


unity – A Native Collection has not been disposed, resulting in a memory leak. Enable Full StackTraces to get more details

A Native Collection has not been disposed, resulting in a memory leak. Enable Full StackTraces to get more details.

In working on saving to file the NativeArrays used to fetch BlendShapeCoefficients in ARFoundation, I encountered the error above.

How does one enable the type of full stack trace this error requires to decipher where things went wrong?

  • I tried the full stack checkboxes on the bottom of Player Settings, but it still does not reveal further details.
  • I have tried to .Dispose() both upon beginning a new recording and on saving. Calling .Dispose led to another error InvalidOperationException: The NativeArray has been deallocated, it is not allowed to access it
  • I also tried using brackets (DeallocateOnJobCompletion) above the NativeArray variable declarations (still occurs)

How to enable the laptop function F1-F12 keys by default instead of assigned multimedia "hotkey" option

How do you make the F1F12 keys default to the F1F12 key as opposed to the "hotkey" function that is assigned to it.
An industry-specific software that I use daily utilized the F1F12 keys in almost every function, and I can’t seriously have to keep hitting Fn+F5 every time.

Can we enable tls 1.0 on MSSQL Server 2019 on database level? if yes then how?

i am running sql server 2019 on Linux box and trying to connect using a Windows server 2016 client, how can we enable TLS 1.0 for SQL Server 2019 on the Database/instance level.