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VPS # 1

CPU: 1 Core
Drive: 35 GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows 10 – Bluetooth is enabled, but I do not have a Bluetooth device

First of all, I must say that it is more of a nuisance / bug than something that is broken or that does not work.

In my action center, the Bluetooth square is blue (on), which means Not connected.

However, here is the problem: my PC does not have Bluetooth capability. This is not a laptop, the motherboard does not have this function and no connected device has bluetooth.

I've been watching online and most suggestions revolve around you disable bluetooth (What I can not do because there is no on / off switch in the settings) or remove the Bluetooth device from the device manager (which I also can not do because there is no did not) disable it there (which I can not do because there is only my network card there)

Any advice greatly appreciated

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How do I resolve this sympto?
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8 – Text compression enabled

We would like to enable text compression for our view. We tried to look, but did not find any contrib module contributing to it. We already use advagg to compress JS / CSS files. This does not compress text.

How can I enable text compression on the D8 site?

We use Apache and Varnish.

ios – How can I take a screenshot on an iPhone when guided access is enabled?

I'm trying to take a screenshot of a problem that occurs with guided access on my iPhone. Is it possible?

I was unlucky with the usual method of simultaneously pressing Home and Power buttons. This limitation exists even before I touch the Start button in Guided Access. The simple fact of being in the initial screen prevents the screen capture function from working.

I tried to find an answer to this question via a standard web search, but I did not find anything.

Note: I'm using a beta version of iOS 13, but I guess the same problem exists under iOS 12 and earlier versions.

Why Apple Watch 4 has not enabled the ECG function for countries other than the United States?

The ECG function requires the approval of competent regulators in the region, which takes time.

In the United States, Apple has worked for several years with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to receive De Novo's classification for ECG application and irregular heartbeat notification, thus making the features available over-the-counter. The ECG application and the irregular pace notification are now CE marked and allowed in the European Economic Area.


Functionality is available outside the United States, namely …

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom United States and Virgin American Islands

wi fi – the wifi will only work if north vpn is enabled

So I installed nordVPN on my galaxy a SM-T580 and I left it active for about 10 hours. When I turned it off and I was trying to use the wifi normally, nothing would work. The wifi showed that it was on and connected, but it did not allow me to use a network requiring direct access. I then proceeded to uninstall north and canceled my subscription without result. I looked for some troubleshooting options and I tried everything but nothing worked. The last thing I tried was a factory reset of the device that still did not do anything. In addition, I tried to connect it to several networks and it still did not work. Please help.

installation – Installed Composer modules are not available (non-functional) although they are enabled

I can not display the features of the most popular base modules installed via composer or any other method (1) drush indicates to use dialer 2) when manually moving the uncompressed module into the module folder).

In other words, the module is activated but there is almost no sign of it (see below). The cache is emptied almost every time.

The whole installation of Drupal and the basic theme of Boostrap3 have been set up with the composer and it works very well. In the composer.json all the basic modules are there.

For some reason, the problem concerns the modules and not the themes.

Another thing is a message that appears right after the activation of the module:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

After updating with F5, it appears that a module has been activated.
In addition, after activating a module, I receive the message that all previous modules have been installed. This does not seem logical because the message should only concern the last installed module.
For example, after activating the & # 39; book & # 39; module, the following items appear:

 12 modules have been enabled: Book, Layout Discovery, Admin Toolbar, Chaos Tools, Entity Mask, Display Suite, Environment indicator, Environment indicator UI, Module filter, Pathauto, Token, Webform.

Does this make me think that a configuration may not be permanently registered?

Here is what is happening based on a few basic modules that should be familiar to everyone:

admin_toolbar – nothing happens. From the You Tube tutorials, the new admin toolbar must be enabled.

path_auto – (module for automatic creation of pleasant URLs) after checking the tutorials on the location of the module, there is no trace of it. When creating content, there is no way to automate the URL.

addtoany – (module providing icons on social media) – New menu (! success) in Configuration-> WebServices-> AddtoAny, but after configuring the module, it does not save the parameter. There is no option to add icons to content elsewhere.

module_filter – (module for filtering installed modules) – there is no filter in the Extend-> Modules section.

multi factor – 2FA should be enabled on service accounts?

See the title. I am currently participating in a security audit and am wondering if 2FA should be enabled not only on human login accounts, but also on service accounts (non-human accounts)? If so, how is this normally handled? Someone still has to be on the other end to confirm the 2FA no? And would it act mainly once at the time of installation or would they need to periodically reconfirm the 2FA application?

Vs calendar already analyzed enabled

I have activated the program even though, although already analyzed, I work in SER.