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Crypto Engine is a company registered in the UK, our main activity is the Forex & Crypto Exchange, coins trading and the Crypto mining industry, our team is already working on trading since 2017, our engineers and experts will design Accurate trading plans to meet the profit requirements of clients every day. Crypto Engine will also invest in a variety of ICO projects to maximize profits, and your profits will be diversified and stable at Crypto Engine.I am the director of Crypto Engine, my name is Mike Jonathan, we have been preparing for a year, and our engineers, sales experts, customer service are ready to deal with all kinds of customer problems.

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Investment plans:

Amount invested:
– $ 10 minimum
– $ 30,000 maximum

Accepted payment:
– Perfect money
– Pay
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Referral committee: 5%

Program features:
– GC HYIP script
– SSL certified by COMODO RSA
– Secure DDOS protection hosting
– Instant withdrawal

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google kubernetes engine – GKE Ingress high latency with SSL certificate

I provisioned a GKE cluster and successfully deployed my web services. I also deployed the entry with the enforced SSL certificate to expose the web services. After that, I ran time curl and discovered that the latency of invoking web service by entry (HTTPS) is significantly higher than HTTP, which is 10 times higher.

  • http – 10-20ms
  • https – 120-200ms

Is this something we were waiting for? because it costs too much for us to simply enforce SSL termination.

Here is the deployment yaml for entry and services.


piVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: my-service-ingress 
  annotations: my-service-ingress /
  - secretName: my-service-ssl
  - host:
      - backend:
          serviceName: my-service
          servicePort: 80


apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: my-service 
    app: my-service
  type: NodePort
    app: my-service
  - port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 80

google application engine – Development paradigm for GAE microservices

We are building microservices which we will probably deploy using GAE and I am relatively new to GAE. I have done a lot of other developments in my day, but this paradigm is a little different. I wonder if anyone can provide advice on the most common methodology for developing services deployed using GAE. Specifically, do developers tend to do their coding locally, test the functionality, and then deploy to GAE to test everything, or do they, do they make a small change to their code, and do they really push it to GAE to test it? It seems like we build the basic functionality of the service first locally, then once it works, pass it and send it to GAE to make sure it works as it looks like it would be more difficult to debug when running on GAE. I'm just wondering what typical model developers follow when creating services to deploy on GAE.

Compute engine instance that takes 60 seconds to process a request but times out before responding

I have a compute engine VM instance with a Docker image. It has a server which performs expensive calculations which take around 2 minutes for each request.

The server responds perfectly to small requests. For older children, he answers as follows:

Connection Timed Out

 Connection Timed Out

The server in my Docker container does not return this. I know that the compute engine intervenes in one way or another and responds instead.

Looking at the stackdriver logs, I see that my server receives the request and processes it, but before it is finished, I get the above response instead.

How can I prevent the compute engine from interfering with my server logic? Or at least, how can I increase the expiration time?

Reflections on the reliability of Google Cloud App Engine

I have developed an application that will require a cron task every minute.
We manage our cron tasks with Spring start-up planning. However, I am a little worried about the following question:

Part of our product is very reliable on the mentioned task, which means that if it fails even for 1 minute, it will have a big impact on our processes and our customers. The question is: is Google Cloud App Engine reliable enough to support these processes so that our product is not affected easily, and if Google Cloud App Engine fails, what options do we have to handle this kind of situation where we need an app that cannot fail, not even a single minute?

Thank you.

virtual reality – What is the best game engine for android xr

What is the best game engine to program an xr game with Android. I have already used unit and an unreal motor, but I wonder if there is something better because I don't care about a learning curve. nose server.

linux – Google Compute Engine: /syslinux/vmlinuz.A has an invalid signature

Since last week, my Google Compute Engine instances have not started because of this error.

[0m[37m[40m[0m[30m[40m[2J[01;01H[0m[37m[40m  Booting `verified image A'

error: /syslinux/vmlinuz.A has invalid signature.

Press any key to continue...

  Failed to boot both default and fallback entries.

Google Cloud Console showing the output of serial port 1 of the failed virtual machine

Does anyone know the cause of this failure?

api – How to restrict external access to Google App Engine and allow only Apigee Edge?

I'm fairly new to GCP and Apigee. I currently have a Node.js app on App Engine which has a single simple GET endpoint.

For my use case, I want users to access the endpoint via an Apigee Edge proxy and make the App Engine endpoint inaccessible to anyone.

I read that one-way or two-way SSL might be the solution, but I'm relatively new to it and wondering if you could provide me with instructions. Thank you so much! 😃

How to use Google CSE as an engine?

How to use Google CSE as an engine?
Thank you

I am not specific what the issue is. Can you give a specific example?