What does epsilon mean in english?

What does this mean in English?
What does epsilon mean specifically?


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automata – How to describe the language of an automaton in plain English?

How do I describe the following automaton in plain english?

The only thing that I can think about when explaining in plain english would be the states, alphabet, start, accepting state, but I think there is more to when explaining about an automata. How do I answer that?

The states are as follows: Q = {q1, q2, q3, q4} 
The alphabet is as follows: Σ = {0,1} 
The start state is q1
The accepting state is q4

enter image description here

cloud – Why does a VXLAN offer greater VM mobility and availability in plain English!

I came across this statement

Since VXLAN is a logical L2 layer network running on top of a
physical L3 layer network inside the data center, the latter is
independent of the former. In other words, no device of the physical
network has its configuration dependent on the configuration of any
part of the virtual network. This provides the freedom to locate the
computing and/or storage nodes belonging to a particular client in any
physical segment of the data center network. In turn, this helps to
locate those computing/storage resources based on performance and
load balancing considerations. This results in greater VM mobility
and availability

ISC2 Official CCSP Student Version p 480

As you can see, how does working at Layer 3 – which I assume is IP tunnelling contribute to this flexibility??

Google Search is showing my website in Japanese instead of English

When my site is searched for in Google, it shows the website in Japanese (see the second link in the screenshot below), however the entire website is in English.

Does anyone know why this might be?

enter image description here

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8 – How to change node translations upon changing of the English version of the node?

There is a problem. There is a multilingual node type with many translations? English is the default language.

And one needs to change the content of a field on some (not all) non-English translations upon changing this field on the English translation of the node.
I’m trying to do it using the hook_node_update hook (a variant of the hook_entity_update hook).

function my_module_node_update(NodeInterface $node) {
  if ($node->bundle() != 'my_bundle' || $node->language()->getId() != 'en') {

  $langcodes = ...

  foreach ($langcodes as $langcode) {
    $translation = $node->getTranslation($langcode);
    $translation->set('my_field', $my_value);

It has worked successfully, but after updating all the translations the translation with “x-default” language is also executing. And this translation doesn’t have the $node->original property. As I understood, this property has been unset before on saving translations.

Unfortunately, other hooks, executing after this one, can require this property in their code.

As a result, they get NULL instead and causes an error.

In general, I can store and reassign this property forcibly, but it can be called “shamanism”.

Could you clarify for me, whether I can update node translations in the hook_node_update? Or how can I do it to avoid the error?

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ajax – WordPress JSON return unknown characters fo non English characters

for a project i create an endpoint something like wp-json/HSE/v1/reports which return json file
everything is okey , also Engligh words , but for non English words i have real problem that its bring back something like u0645u0627u0647u0627u0646 u0633u06ccu0631u062cu0627u0646
its confusing me at all .

i also check the wp-json/wp/v2/posts and watch the same problem .English words are fine but non English words are not readable .

what should i do to fix this ?
anyone can help me please ?