reference request – English translation of von Neumann’s Algebra der Funktionaloperationen (1930)

Does anyone know if there exists an English translation of von Neumann’s early work in operator theory, in particular the paper Zur Algebra der Funktionaloperationen und Theorie der normalen Operatoren?

The full citation is Mathematische Annalen volume 102, pages 370–427(1930).

If not, are there any expository works in English from around that time period covering von Neumann’s work, maybe say pre-1950?

entropy – English reference of an article

I wonder if anyone has a copy of the famous article “Entropie geometrique des feuilletages” in English. I unfortunately don’t understand French very well, and I would like to know if there is an English version of it.

The article can be found at this link, from the Ghys personal page.

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8 – New language defined and set to default, original language on config translation still remains English

I have installed languages and set one of them as default, but still numerous things, for example Translations for User account menu block (admin/structure/block/manage/bartik_account_menu/translate) has English as original language. What can cause this?

This is an outdated version 8.9.11 which I’m not using in production, but I’m desperately trying to understand why this is happening on this installation, unlike on others where “original language” nicely becomes whatever has been set as the default language, as this is ruining my clever plans on exporting and importing some configs.

internationalisation – Focus group for international non-native English speakers

I’m planning and moderating a series of remote focus groups with people around the world whose native language is not English. Their English speaking abilities will vary. I’m looking for advice regarding planning and hosting a focus group like this, including information about:

  • incentives (how much, what method, which currency)
  • most effective form of communication (oral or written–should I speak or type my questions? Should it be open to oral feedback or written only, similar to webinars?)
  • other considerations I’m not aware of and haven’t thought about?

The focus groups will be grouped by region.

Hoping someone can offer some guidance.

Looking for fixing English Grammar and rewrite, Fix Passive


I am looking for fixing English Grammar and rewrite some sentences/lines of my article.

I use the passive voice in excess so need to fix it.

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reference request – English translation of Schwartz’s papers on vector-valued distributions

I am interested in systematically studying the theory of vector-valued distributions. The original two papers due to Laurent Schwartz entitled Théorie des distributions à valeurs vectorielles. I & II (1957-58) are written in French. Occasionally I have read mathematics papers in French when needed, with the help of Google Translate. But these papers are to the tune of 350-odd pages making it infeasible for such an undertaking.

  1. Is there an English translation of these seminal papers by Schwartz?

The closest I have seen to a systematic exposition of vector-valued distributions is the book Vector-valued distributions and Fourier multipliers ( by Herbert Amann. But here some results are presented without proof and the reader is referred to Schwartz’s papers. This brings me to my next question.

  1. Is there a standard textbook (in English) which gives a self-contained account of the theory of vector-valued distributions?

What I am looking for is something like a vector-valued version of the series of books on Generalized Functions by Gelfand and Shilov (which had been promptly translated from Russian to English).

Thank you.

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