how to change the region message at checkout Please enter a 2-character value for the region

I have located so many files with this message, however, when it is modified, it does not update itself on the front-end (checkout). Region-updater.js
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Schengen visa approved by the French Embassy, ​​verbally asking not to enter Norway

enter the description of the image hereOne of my friends, "Yy", applied for a business visa to enter Norway. They were rejected. They appealed to the Norwegian Embassy to apply for a tourist visa to visit a family. The call takes 3 weeks, which is past the date of their trip. Yy therefore changed their plans a bit and decided to go to France and Norway and applied for a Schengen visa at the French Embassy because they had 3 days of processing time. Yy has obtained a Schengen visa from the French Embassy. In addition, they also received a phone call from a "French officer" asking them to promise them over the phone not to travel to Norway. Yy was surprised by this sudden question but said okay. Yy is confused about the fact that there is no place on the visa mentioned about this restriction (that they can not enter Norway). Yy even called the Norwegian embassy, ​​who told them on the phone that they could go to Norway, but they did not give it in writing. Yy has not yet received an answer on his appeal to the Norwegian Embassy.

The question is:
Can Yy travel to Norway via France to meet family? Yy plans to spend a few days in France, meet family members in Norway, return to France and return home.

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gpu – MacBook Pro 2011: unable to enter the terminal via the recovery mode

I have a 2011 MacBook Pro with the well known failure of the AMD GPU. So I know how to disable the AMD graphics processor and enable the Intel graphics processor on the motherboard. This must be done via the command line in Terminal, for which you must start the recovery mode and access OSX Utilities, then start Terminal.

Unfortunately, booting into recovery mode ends before I start using OSX Utilities. The screen turns gray then closes the system or the reboot begins.

The MacBook is currently installed with High Sierra.

What can I do best?

collision detection – How to make sure that the character does not enter the platform during a side collision with the platform?

From the beginning, I sincerely apologize.

I had trouble detecting the collision of my character with the detected enemy in two ways:

  • side by side
  • when he jumps in the head of the enemy.

I imagine that it is fundamental, so I thought that this question would not only arise on the site, but also in countless other places.

I've been researching this site and found related things, but not exactly what I'd like:

Obtaining the correct 2D platformer entity collision response (side by side + jump / landing on the head)

Management of the exact collisions on the character controller and / or other objects in the unit? (eg ball in the head, chest, leg, etc.)

But because of this video I got it:

The excuses are that I participate in a gambling jam, and as I am nervous and stressed to deliver my game on time, I am unable to do any additional research and appeal to the use of this site.

The game I'm doing is the platform, but instead of moving the character, it's the platform that moves.

Stage event (obj_Plataform):

if skips == false {
if! place_meeting (x, y + 1, obj_Player) {
vspeed = -5;
vspeed = 0;
if contJump <20 {
contJump + = 1;
jump = false;
contJump = 0;

It's a code that makes the platform go up when it's not in touch with the player.

And there is a condition for the jump of the platform (it falls and the jump the variable becomes true, and after the counter has reached a certain value, the jump the variable becomes false).

My problem is that the character can not enter the platform by hitting on the side (the character is the white cube):

enter the description of the image here

I thought about using lieu_mise relative to the x axis, but the entire platform is only an object (error) because I do not know if it would be possible to move several tens of slabs at the same time in the correct way.


enter the description of the image here

I've also tried something related to a collision between the people involved, including using the character's x, but nothing worked.

I thought it was a condition to prevent the platform from walking to the left as it collided with the character.

Keyboard event (left arrow):

x- = 10;

Above the current code, move the platform to the left.

Amazon Web Services – Removing and then reinstalling Anaconda on an AWS Ubuntu Deep Learning EC2 instance and unable to enter in-depth learning environments

I just set up an Ubuntu Deep Learning AMI EC2 instance. I am a beginner on AWS / Packet Processing.

My goal is to use the instance to run a Python deep learning script. This script uses a variety of packages.

When installing some of these packages with conda, an error has occurred indicating inconsistencies in the environment for more than 100 packages. After several attempts to solve this problem, I thought that removing Anaconda and reinstalling it could do the trick. After that, I realized that I had perhaps further spoiled my instance. I can no longer use the predefined deep learning environments for which the AMI has been configured because they have been accessed using conda commands, which seems to have been removed (IMO).

I've tried repeating the commands, but I get an error stating that these environments no longer exist. A tutorial using these commands is mentioned here:

active source tensorflow_p36

I was expecting the above to enter the tensorflow_p36 environment. A sin:

(tensorflow_p36) ubuntu @ ip-172-31-45-96: ~ / scripts

However, this gives an error message:

impossible to find the environment: tensorflow_p36

I realize that the uninstallation of conda was a major rookie error that seems to have totally disabled my instance. If anyone has any ideas to get it back, it would be very appreciated!

thank you so much

vue.js – How to enter your username and password to access an API with viewJs and axios?

I receive an error: The query failed with the 401 status code when I try to connect to api with view and axios, I am completely new to API consumption, if it is a Django Rest, what is the correct syntax to enter the user name and the password with axios, maybe this trexo

auth: {
username: "tests123",
password: & # 39; 123 & # 39;

the axes

Customs and Immigration – What questions should I be able to answer when I want to enter the United States for the 4th time?

On my third visit to the United States in June, I went on a second visit and the immigration officer asked a lot of questions. In fact, the first trip took place last January for just one week, the second trip in March lasted two weeks and my third and last trip took place in June for 13 days. Same point of entry, Las Vegas. I am worried because I will come back for thanskgiving and I forgot the answers I gave him. I've said nonsense things like I want to blog, but I have not started them yet and asked for deeper absurd things and he was typing on the computer while I was asking him. Do you think that after 5 months, when I come back to the United States, especially to Las Vegas, will the agent ask me about the answers last time?

How to exit the screen saver with the Enter key

I have to leave the screen saver by clicking with the mouse or trackpad and sliding it up to access the login screen. How can I exit the screen saver by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard? (I had used to do it that way.) I use 19.04.