I cannot dismantle / mnt. here i run commands like above but when i enter unmount / mnt it says the device is busy

[! [so here, I run the commands as above, but when I enter unmount / mnt, it indicates that the device is busy. help me]] []] []

nonce – Can a minor simply enter a block full of valid predetermined transactions in the blockchain and be rewarded?

This will not work, because the content of a block includes the hash of the previous block, which means that a valid block can only be extracted when the previous block is known.

Dummy transactions would not give a reward to the minor, since the transaction costs simply go from the minor's left pocket to the minor's right pocket. The miner will only win the newly minted coins, which he would have collected anyway. In fact, the minor loses opportunity cost, as he could have collected fees on other transactions instead.

usa – Foreign passport renewal, can I enter the United States with a visa and a canceled passport?

We are New Zealand citizens, live in Mexico and travel regularly to the United States. We have SENTRI and B1 / B2 visitor visas for the United States.

Some of our passports expire later this year, and the New Zealand Passport Office has indicated that when we apply for a renewal, it will effectively cancel our existing passports from that date.

With a current Visa and SENTRI, could we still enter the United States with the canceled passport while we await the arrival of new ones? Our mailing address is in the United States, which makes it a little difficult to receive passports.

I know the United States allows Mexican citizens with expired passports to enter with a valid visa, but I'm not sure if this applies to citizens of other countries. I have contacted CBP directly, but I hope someone here will have experience or knowledge about it to provide an answer.

forms – Enter two of the four interdependent values

Allow locking only one at a time

Basically make them radio buttons. It seems that the three variables (climb, course, slope / angle) are one of the three things for the user:

  • I know this value
  • I'm trying to find out this value
  • I experiment with this value

If two of them are the first, allow the user to insert them directly (only have four numeric entry controls) and trigger the calculation of the third when two have been determined. It only becomes difficult if they then want to experiment by changing one of the values. To solve this problem, I suggest that the program automatically considers the first set of variables as "locked" and shows the user in the GUI with an icon / button. If the user wants to lock a different value, they can simply click on a different lock icon, and the previous one will be unlocked.

Alternatively, the program could respond to the setting of the locked variable by unlocking it and making the variable most recently defined by user the locked variable.

Ideally, you could have a visual / manual representation with the locked value locked there too, so if Run is locked, manual settings are limited to vertical settings, if ascend is locked, the settings are locked horizontally and if Grade / Angle is locked, manual adjustment is locked on this plane. You will probably need to allow the user to adjust the scale for cases where the gradient is particularly large or small as well.


dnd 5e – What is the optimal way to enter and exit the healing spirit to maximize healing?

the healing spirit spell states:

You invoke a spirit of nature to appease the wounded. The intangible spirit appears in a space which is a 5 foot cube that you can see within range. The mind resembles a transparent beast or fairy (your choice).

Until the end of the spell, whenever you or a creature you can see movements in the space of the mind for the first time during a round or when it begins its turn there, you can cause the spirit to restore 1d6 points of life to this creature (no action required). The spirit cannot heal constructions or the living dead.

As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the mind up to 30 feet in a space you can see.

I wonder what is the best way to maneuver in and out of the spell for maximum healing. Note that the following questions already exist:

Once established, there are some facts about how this type of spell works:

  1. Spell creature does not heal it
  2. Moving the spell over a creature with your bonus action does not heal it
  3. You don't need to end your turn healing spirit the space, you only have to move around.

For the purposes of this question, I am not interested in the class features that modify healing such as the Discipline of Life Cleric Life Features and the Supreme Healing Features or the Sorcerer's Gift of Life. Eldritch invocation of the eternal. I'm only interested in how to maneuver in and out of space as efficiently as possible.

Another way to think about this is: What is the maximum number of times a creature can be healed by this spell per turn?

Rules / Constraints:

  1. From the "Move other creatures" section:

    You can move around the space of a non-hostile creature. (…) Remember that the space of another creature is difficult terrain for you.

    Whether a creature is a friend or an enemy, you cannot voluntarily end your movement in its space.

  2. It is a group of four, and they have no mounts available unless they summon them.

  3. You "only enter the space of the mind" when you use your own movement to enter that space; be grabbed and dragged into space, thrown into it by a wave of thunder, and being transported on a mount does not count.

gui design – How should I allow a user to enter a number where all the numbers are not valid?

I have an application where users have to configure certain machine parameters. One of these parameters is an integer percentage value, from 1 to 100. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, we are not able to support all values ​​from 1 to 100, so the range of options actually has all kinds of strange "holes", so it looks a bit more like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, *, 6, *, 8, *, 12, *, 16, 17, 18

The holes are not evenly spaced, so we cannot reduce the input by giving users only the 1-50 options, or telling them to put only even numbers, or something smart like that.

Our current method is to use normal number entry and simply highlight the invalid numbers. This allows a user to easily see that their selection is incorrect, but it is difficult to see (a) Why this is wrong, and (b) what a correct number might look like.

This brings me to my question: which input element is best suited to help a user choose a valid number in a situation where all the numbers are not valid (but a finite number of numbers are valid)?

So far we have thought of:

  • A conventional drop-down list
    • There are still ~ 50 numbers to choose from, that's a lot of drop-down list options. It is also a little strange to use a drop-down list for a number.
  • A datepicker component
    • The user can enter their number (with validation) or select a valid number from a list of numbers displayed in a popup window under the entry.
    • It would end up looking essentially like a grid of numbers – is it too much like a date picker?
  • Steppers
    • ~ 50 numbers is probably too numerous to be chosen easily with steppers, But once a number has been set, most of the adjustments are likely to be slightly up and down.

javascript – Enter email data into a spreadsheet

Well, I open this topic because my question is very specific:

I receive an e-mail daily containing a table similar to this:

Index table

And I would like to enter this data in a spreadsheet, but in specific cells, using Shell or JavaScript, which are the languages ​​I know the most.

So, to recap:

  • I have one email which contains a table.
  • According to the name in index2, insert the index number 3 which refers to it in an Excel table, in a specific cell.

Thank you!

Excel – how to enter several records according to different dates indicated on a form

I create a table with the following columns
enter description of image here

and this is the form that is created

enter description of image here

So when placing the date field, it takes the same value, since the origin is the same, how can I enter different dates and based on these dates, the project records with this version and the article indicated by the number of dates indicated and their respective amounts

Enter the Amazon viewing area

Hi all,

I worked as an e-commerce manager mainly focused on Amazon, and I plan to start a consultancy business to help SMEs to get started and grow on Amazon. My priority is to offer turnkey mandates so as not to devalue my skills and my time by taking the à la carte route

I would appreciate your comments on the following questions:

1- What are the types of common mandates in terms of remuneration, i.e.% of sales,% of profits, fixed fees, etc.?
2- What are the current rates [approximate figure] for the types of mandates above?
3- What are the potential revenue streams and cost structure, especially when they go beyond the scope of a one-man show?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.


network – nmap – how can i enter a target in nmap from a file with the network mask attached?

need help from anyone with nmap experience. I have a C program which obtains the IP and the network mask of the router and places it in a text file in the format & # 39; ;. When I issue the nmap scan command with the target text file, I get the error "cannot separate network mask from target expression".

It should work … issuing the nmap command with the specified ip / mask rather than reading from the file obviously works. Issuing a different nmap command when reading from a file with only the IP address also works. It is only when / 24 is at the end of the address that the error occurs.

Is this due to a fundamental flaw in the nmap file reader or is there a way around this?

I issue commands with the popen function in C btw.

Cheers, Shiv