Cv.complexes Variables – An entire function whose all front orbits are delimited

What's an example of an entire function $ f: mathbb {C} to mathbb {C} $ who satisfy the following ?:

For each $ z in mathbb {C} $, the sequence $ z, f (z), f ^ 2 (z), ldots, f ^ n (z), ldots $ is a delimited sequence but $ f $ is not in the form $ f (z) = lambda z, ; | lambda | $ 1.

php – How to make Iframe redirect the parent or entire web page?

I am working on a web page in which I have integrated an external form page with Iframe. I've detected that the external form page is set to be redirected to leave a more detailed message in the iframed external form page, but the functionality I need is that I want the parent or the entire page is redirected to a targeted page by clicking submit from the external iframed. form page.

I've tried some solutions but do not work, so I guess I need to download my code with I attached below.

The parent page contains an Iframed external page:

External Iframed page:


Submit the button code: