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Get rid of "a" / new line at the end of the entry

I'm trying to run a BufferOverFlow with gdb / gdb-peda on an old ELF CTF x64.
My payload is created with pyth0n as below

python -c "print 'A' * 40 + 'x46x11x40'"

& # 39; x46 x11 x40 & # 39; in the address of the subroutine I want to run

But when I check TEAR it is set to 0x000000000a401146
There is an "a". As I understand it, this is a newline character. But I don't know how to get rid of it. Can someone tell me what's missing here?
I also tried without python. However, I see this extra "a" at the end.

vue.js – Remove the border of the entry and change the color of the placeholder in buefy

I want to remove the borders because I want to leave only the bottom. And the others help me change the color of the placeholder.

With the CSS that I applied, the edge of the entry looks strange.

enter description of image here


           color: #dce3ff;
           background-color: #394573;
           border-bottom:2px solid #eee;

Question about mouse entry in 2D unit

I am learning a unit course and when we started to learn to grab the mouse, the following code is used.

Vector3 pos = Input.mousePosition;
pos.z = -Camera.main.transform.position.z;
pos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(pos);
gameObject.transform.position = pos;

My problem is in the second line. Shouldn't our Z be 0 instead of minus where our camera is? Because the plane where we design our game is at z = 0, right?

Please go slowly on me, I'm still new to the unit. Thank you!

Air travel – Entry into Germany with COVID-19 border regulations

So my question is this: is the credit card considered a "long-term resident"?

A person holding a credit card is not a "long-term resident [] under the Long-term Residence Directive". However, such a person East a "person [] who has [a] the right to reside in … national law". Therefore, the holder of a valid German blue card should be allowed to return to a domicile in Germany.

The expression "long-term resident" designates a beneficiary of Directive 2003/109 / EC of 25 November 2003 concerning the status of third-country nationals who are long-term residents, referred to in the cited text as "long-term residence ". Directive. "To benefit from this directive, you must have resided in Germany for at least five years.

However, the text you received from the consulate appears to be a judicial or other decision that places limits on the "temporary travel restriction", not a description of the actual terms of the restriction itself. Without more context in the message you received, it is impossible to say what the terms of the restriction are.

Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 4 things travelers to Germany should know, who has five days at the time of this writing, the German Foreign Ministry said it would allow foreigners holding all residence permit for another EU country to transit through Germany in order to return to the country of residence, but they do not explicitly cover non-Germans residing in Germany:

EU citizens and citizens of Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and their family members will be allowed to transit through Germany to reach their country original. It will be the same for foreigners holding a residence permit in one of these countries.

However, any residence permit is probably included in a "national long-term visa", even if it is not strictly speaking a visa. Your credit card is a residence permit, so you can probably go home.

separate witness – Failed to sign the Segwit transaction entry in bitcoinj

I want to spend from a segwit address and it has a P2WPH script, I created this transaction just like creating a normal P2PKH transaction, but I just changed the Input address to segwit address, I don't know if it's correct, and signing this transaction in the following method, but it says that the script has NOT been verified with success …

Transaction signedtx = signInput(rawtx.getHashAsString(),privkey,rawtx);

    public static Transaction signInput(String hash, String prvKey,Transaction spendTx) {
        ECKey ecKey = ECKey.fromPrivate(Utils.HEX.decode(prvKey));
        ECKey.ECDSASignature signature = ecKey.sign(Sha256Hash.wrap(hash));
        TransactionSignature transactionSignature = new TransactionSignature(signature,Transaction.SigHash.ALL,true);
        TransactionWitness witness = TransactionWitness.redeemP2WPKH(transactionSignature,ecKey);
        TransactionInput input = spendTx.getInput(0);
        return spendTx;

I don't know bitcoinj very well, and currently there is very little technical advice related to segwit, I hope someone can help me!

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php – Execute a script on a remote server when there is a new entry in MySQL

For security reasons, I have 2 servers. In one, the website with all the user interface and the MySQL database is hosted, and in another, the application that will execute the script from the request of the application ; user is hosted. I need that, when the user makes a request via the website, this request is sent to the database on server 1 and sends the information to server 2 which will execute a script to the user inside the application with the information sent by the server 1. Here, I designed the structure to improve understanding: The structure

Is there a way to do it? Each new MySQL entry on server 1, server 2 runs a script?

procedural programming – What's wrong with While? Is it possible to use double While in a single code entry?

I want to get the second root that meets the criteria I defined n ^ 2 + n – 6 == 0

In this case, you could do

ClearAll[t, n];
n = -10;
While[True, If[n^2 + n - 6 == 0, Break[]]; n++];
t = n + 1;
While[True, If[t^2 + t - 6 == 0, Break[]]; t++];

Which gives 2.

Or you can also do

Solve[n^2 + n - 6 == 0, n]

But I'm sure you knew Solve order and was trying to do it in another way.

Where can we find frequently updated details on travel / entry restrictions due to Coronavirus (nCoV-19)?

Due to the epidemic of nCoV-19 (new coronavirus), many countries have imposed several entry restrictions. But this is quite confusing for many people. Some countries allow transit through certain parts of China (like Shanghai) but some restrict transit even through Hong Kong / Macao. The Philippines has also limited passengers from Taiwan, but I think that was changed later.

Where can you find a list of these restrictions for all countries, ideally a source that is updated frequently