bitcoind – How to get the entry address and the amount of wine using bitcoin core rpc

I'm trying to find the details of each transaction using Bitcoin Core RPC. First of all, I use bitcoin-cli getblock to get the blocking data, then I use bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction to get the details of the transaction.

For example:

    bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc" true "00000000000000000024fb37364cbf81fd49cc2d51c09c75c35433c3


"in_active_chain": true,
"txid": "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc",
"hash": "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc",
"version 2,
"size": 339,
"vsize": 339,
"weight": 1356,
"locktime": 499989,
"wine": [
      "txid": "0d6cbc21a1b1a3e5df1eae4fc37aa849174b6b727e53f9f505a605f066b7f000",
      "vout": 0,
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "304402203f198d9695a293c41d2124e790d473e68f4b35a09ece5517c7adfffc797f91760220304feb1cc2829d3c937665bcb4b7f9735acbcac50e9169bc53c9e689ce20b3bc[ALL] 025743bce4e775bb754e784dd2cfdc8dabc2023154eee539bb155612101a583e7e ",
"Hex": "47304402203f198d9695a293c41d2124e790d473e68f4b35a09ece5517c7adfffc797f91760220304feb1cc2829d3c937665bcb4b7f9735acbcac50e9169bc53c9e689ce20b3bc0121025743bce4e775bb754e784dd2cfdc8dabc2023154eee539bb155612101a583e7e"
"sequence": 4294967294
"txid": "aac498279d50ee81237d704cb495b243b50def5ecdcb36d9d78f596f73b1d3e9"
"vout": 1,
"scriptSig": {
"Asm": "3045022100b763b986b17beddac1ac96c3656fa7af188a28cfacfc87390e1e796b7fdbc0d102201e76f77db6093306028e681e2fe6354ae12649afb5c27c549243b67d505a1bb6[ALL] 0349ebb9d180938ab3a571d8c2e9771fb4fecb9f4484c337bb35d8fd8b48283ca9 ",
"Hex": "483045022100b763b986b17beddac1ac96c3656fa7af188a28cfacfc87390e1e796b7fdbc0d102201e76f77db6093306028e681e2fe6354ae12649afb5c27c549243b67d505a1bb601210349ebb9d180938ab3a571d8c2e9771fb4fecb9f4484c337bb35d8fd8b48283ca9"
"sequence": 4294967294
"Vout": [
      "value": 0.17450000,
      "n": 0,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 d63cc1e3b6009e31d03bd5f8046cbe0f7e37e8c0 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
        "hex": "76a914d63cc1e3b6009e31d03bd5f8046cbe0f7e37e8c088ac",
        "reqSigs": 1,
        "type": "pubkeyhash",
        "addresses": [
"Hex": "020000000200f0b766f005a605f5f9537e726b4b1749a87ac34fae1edfe5a3b1a121bc6c0d000000006a47304402203f198d9695a293c41d2124e790d473e68f4b35a09ece5517c7adfffc797f91760220304feb1cc2829d3c937665bcb4b7f9735acbcac50e9169bc53c9e689ce20b3bc0121025743bce4e775bb754e784dd2cfdc8dabc2023154eee539bb155612101a583e7efeffffffe9d3b1736f598fd7d936cbcd5eef0db543b295b44c707d2381ee509d2798c4aa010000006b483045022100b763b986b17beddac1ac96c3656fa7af188a28cfacfc87390e1e796b7fdbc0d102201e76f77db6093306028e681e2fe6354ae12649afb5c27c549243b67d505a1bb601210349ebb9d180938ab3a571d8c2e9771fb4fecb9f4484c337bb35d8fd8b48283ca9feffffff0110440a01000000001976a914d63cc1e3b6009e31d03bd5f8046cbe0f7e37e8c088ac15a10700"
"blockhash": "00000000000000000024fb37364cbf81fd49cc2d51c09c75c35433c3a1945d04",
"confirmations": 85927,
"hour": 1513622125,
"blocktime": 1513622125

I know that some web APIs, such as, provide this information for each transaction. How can I get the address and corresponding amount of wine using another bitcoin rpc kernel?

Thank you.

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How to serialize form data with a file entry in magento2 kockout?

I want to add a file entry to an html file and use the seralize form. I want to submit this data, but I do not receive file download data as serialization.




                                                            saveNewPrescription: function () {
var prescriptionForm = $ ("# co-prescription form");
prescriptionForm.validation ();
if (prescriptionForm.validation (& # 39; isValid & # 39;))
jQuery.ajax ({
showLoader: true,
url: (& # 39; prescription / index / save & # 39;),
data: prescriptionForm.serialize (),
type: "POST",
dataType: & quot; json & # 39;
enctype: & # 39; multipart / form-data & # 39;
}). done (function (data) {
if (data.error) {
messageContainer.addErrorMessage (data);
if (data.success == true)
window.location.href = window.checkoutConfig.checkoutUrl;

returns false;


java – How to remove symbols from a CPF file in an entry?

I create a site that asks for the person's name and CPF. The CPF must be in the format. And when you press the button, it saves the person (the data is only displayed on the screen). But I decided to create a script that automatically completes the CPF symbols when the user starts typing who is the . and the -. But the script works, it automatically completes the symbols, but when you try to delete it, do not clear the code. It is a prototype of the project script that I create.




Note that when you type the CPF file, I can not erase the symbols because I use the event entry no Entrance. So every time I change the data in the Entrance the event entry will be called and will drop there pass and will execute the case 11:, because the box.value.length it will be equal to 11. So, every time you try to delete, it does not work because it will always fall case 11:So that's my problem, I can not erase the symbols. How can I delete it? event entry because I need it event in the script to be able to automatically update the symbols live for the user, so that it does not take the work of digitalos and further improves its experience with my site.

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SQL server – 3 main suppliers without duplicate entry

Here are my tables

enter the description of the image here

I want to select the top 3 providers with the lowest rates without duplicate entry. The expected output will be V1, V4, V3 without using the While Loop. Is it possible?

Details of the table

CREATE TABLE #Header (id identity int, HNo varchar (10), provider varchar (50))
insert in #Header values ​​('H1', 'V1')
insert in #Header values ​​('H2', 'V2')
insert in values ​​#Header ('H3', 'V3')
insert into #Header values ​​('H4', 'V4')
insert in values ​​#Header ('H5', 'V1')
insert in values ​​#Header ('H6', 'V6')
insert in values ​​#Header ('H7', 'V4')

CREATE TABLE #Detail (id identity int, DNo varchar (10), RATE MONEY)
insert in the values ​​#Detail (# H1 # 10)
insert in #Detail values ​​(H2 # 40)
insert in the values ​​#Detail (# H3 #, 30)
insert in #Detail values ​​('H4', 20)
insert in #Detail values ​​('H5', 20)
insert in the values ​​#Detail (# H6,, 60)
insert in the values ​​#Detail (# H7 #, 70)


I have the result as below but the providers are duplicated, I can use using the while loop and check whether the seller exists or not. is it another way?

SELECT top 3 RATE, provider DE # Header, # Detail
where DNo = HNo
order by RATES

enter the description of the image here


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bitcoind – can TREZOR sign a transaction with an entry address greater than the time interval?

Suppose that I use TREZOR with Electrum or Bitcoin Core HWI and that I significantly change the interval limit to, say, 100,000 addresses. I then receive the BTC at my address 999 999 and I want to send them elsewhere. Will I be able to sign such a transaction in TREZOR?

The question that arises is whether the change of limit of spacing in Electrum or the passing of addresses in Bitcoin Core HWI "getkeypool" generates additional private keys on TREZOR itself. And is such behavior the same for all hardware portfolios?

javascript – Node.js / SyntaxError: unexpected end of the JSON entry

I have thought about this problem and I can not find any solution. I've also been watched in various forums and nothing. I accept all kinds of help and thanks in advance. Attachment Code:

var express = require (& # 39;);
var router = express.Router ();
var bodyParser = require (& # 39; body parser & quot;);
var fs = require (& # 39; fs & # 39;);

var urlencodedParser = bodyParser.urlencoded ({extended: false});
var file = fs.readFileSync (& # 39; ./ database.json & # 39;)
var db = JSON.parse (file);

router.get (& # 39 ;, function (req, res, next) {
res.render (& # 39; index & # 39;)
}); (& # 39; / #,; urlencodedParser, function (req, res) {
let reqBody = req.body;
db[] = reqBody;
var data = JSON.stringify (db);
fs.writeFile ("./ database.json", data, function (err) {
console.log (& # 39; file written successfully. ... & # 39;)
res.render (& # 39; index & # 39;)

module.exports = router;

The compiler poses a problem specifically on line 8 (var db = JSON.parse (file);).

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