dnd 3.5e – How many epic spell seeds can you know?

It does not count as a spell

Seeds are used only during the development part of creating an epic spell and have no effect on how many epic spells you may prepare or cast, though they are fundamental part of creating an epic spell or spells.

As far as I can tell (checking here and more specifically here) there’s no actual ‘seeds known’; seeds are not learned, simply used. With that in mind there may be a contradicting source from outside of the SRD, and certain epic prestige classes interact with specific seeds (for example, the Netherese Arcanist from the Player’s Guide to Faerun)

mining pools – TT-Miner 5.0.3 Win, 5.0.2 Linux KAWPOW, ProgPoW, MTP, EAGLESONG, EPIC, ETHASH

TT-Miner version 5.0.3 for Windows, 5.0.1 for Linux available
Please note that the Linux version of TT-Miner requires Ubuntu 16.04 or later!

To get independent information about the performance of a miner, you should always compare hash rates @ pool, shares @ pool, or just the profit made.

(( Link to Malware ))

Supported algorithms:

  • PROGPOW (Zano, Sero & EPIC)
  • ETHASH (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc.)
  • MTP (Zcoin, Tecra)
  • LYRA2REV3 (Vertcoin)
  • EAGLESONG (CKB-Nerves)

TT-Miner supports Ethash mining on Nicehash.

In the current version, the miner supports cuda 9.2, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 11.0.

If you want to make sure TT-Miner is using a specific version of cuda, add one of these values, if you don’t add any of them, the miner will always use the algorithm for the latest version of cuda:

-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for where 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)
-110 for cuda 11.00 (ETHASH-110, MTP-110)

Please note the following requirements for different Cuda Toolkit releases:

Cuda-Toolkit for Linux Windows

CUDA 11.0.189 RC> = 450.36.06> = 451.22
CUDA 10.2.89> = 440.33> = 441.22
CUDA 10.1.105> = 418.39> = 418.96
CUDA 10.0.130> = 410.48> = 411.31
CUDA 9.2.148> = 396.37> = 398.26

If you are looking for possible command line options, please start the miner with the -h or –help option: TT-Miner.exe -h

TT-Miner is NOT bug free, so if you find anything please help make TT-Miner better and let me know so I can fix it.

Happy mining!

dnd 3.5e – Is the Wield Oversized Weapon epic feat as bad as it looks?

Just about every option in the game for wielding a larger weapon is awful. A size category adds, on average, +1 damage, which is nothing, and certainly isn’t worth a feat. Damage does grow super-linearly with size, which means each size increase is worth more the more you have, but you can’t get bigger than Colossal so you can’t even really go “all in” on the idea and push the value far enough that it’d be “good.”

Monkey Grip and Wield Oversize Weapon both fall in this category and are entirely typical—i.e. bad—though as you note, Wield Oversize Weapon is particularly egregious when you consider what other epic characters might be doing. Then again, this situation maybe doesn’t look so awful when you consider other mundane epic feats—Epic Weapon Focus gives the same +2 to hit, but only for a specific weapon, and that’s all it does.

In short, Wield Oversize Weapon is awful, and honestly comparing it against Monkey Grip, or other mundane epic feats, is probably being generous. Realistically, since it’s an epic feat, its competition is instead Epic Spellcasting—and anything that isn’t Epic Spellcasting falls far, far short. Epic spellcasters are literally playing an entirely different game from those who are not.

Which is to say, the epic rules aren’t balanced. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone—D&D 3.5e doesn’t even make it to 20th in the first place. A lot of players feel it doesn’t even handle 7th acceptably, and it’s really genuinely difficult to maintain a cohesive game in the face of the absurd power of 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-level spells, even when everyone is trying hard to play nice. Once you move past that, there’s almost no hope, and I cannot more strongly recommend against trying to use the epic rules for any purpose.

Anyway, if you really want to wield a larger weapon, get a pair of strongarm bracers. They’re still not very good—increasing weapon size just doesn’t accomplish very much—but they’re reasonably cheap by mid levels, and they’re about as good as Monkey Grip and Wield Oversize Weapon combined. Or just become larger yourself—stuff like expansion and righteous might are legitimately quite strong, and being a goliath and grabbing mountain rage isn’t bad either. But that’s because being larger is ever so much better than simply having a bigger weapon—primarily because you get the reach.

where to buy AMD epic servers

I"m looking for 12 AMD epic 7402P with 256GB-512GB of ram and an NVME for boot.

I’m currently looking at thinkmate but wanted to make su… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1822010&goto=newpost

Age of Strategy is Epic ^.^

Easily one of the best games I’ve played. I have a tendency to play for 3 to 4 hours at a time, using a good bit of brainpower. It exercises the mind and has sooooo much to do. Even if you beat the storyline, you can even more fun creating your own maps! The staff also takes into consideration troop ideas and thoughts, as well as making sure there is always something to do. To top it all off, its free! I fully say that a 10/10 is outta the question. A 20/10 is more accurate!

Prey 2006 EPIC Boss Battle 4K Windows 10

Classic shooter Prey from 2006 running at 3840×2160 on a Windows 10 machine. Prey was a game changing FPS that used portals and variable gravity to create unique action sequences.

Top Offer – Epic Personals Ppt – Exclusive

Offer Name: Best Offer – Epic Personals PPT – Exclusive – Weekly Payment
Network name: Mindtech Affiliates
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Integrated Opera and Epic VPN browsers

Opera browser has built-in VPN

The epic browser has a built-in VPN where you can select IP addresses from 10 countries

Travelers $ TRV Tags Epic 2013 Support + 50% withdrawal

The actions of The Travelers Companies Inc (TRV) today reached major technical support at $ 80.00. This is a total drop of 50% from its recent historic record of nearly $ 160 and a major technical level in 2013. Quality stocks that may see minimal difficulties from The coronvirus epidemic should be accumulated at these levels, especially if you have a 1+ yearly horizon for the waiting time.

I anticipate a rebound to $ 110.00 in the coming month for short term swing traders. This technical level is the dream level for traders because total panic hit the market.

See the table here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/travelers-trv-tags-epic-2013-support-50-pullback/

Gareth Soloway
Chief Market Strategist

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unreal 4 – Why doesn't Epic publish a precompiled binary tarball for Linux?

Under linux, the "recommended" way to install ue4 on linux is to build the engine from the github source. It is very time to consume. For each new version, I need several hours to rebuild it. Why don't they just publish a precompiled tar archive so that we can use it properly?