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pets – Take the ESA on a day trip to Hawaii

Okay, so I have a small budget for mini-holidays this year. Arrival at Honolulu HNL around 7 am the first day. Back around 23 hours the second day. About 40 hours in Hawaii.

I fly around the world with my ESA – a well-crafted 20 lb. corgi mix. We live in California

I am confused with the process of Hawaii so that a dog gets there. There seems to be a 5-day quarantine process? My dog ​​is up to date with every move. Is there a quarantine minimum whatever it is?

My dog ​​has not been left alone in a cage since we rescued her around the age of 7 weeks – she is now almost 2 years old. I do not want to submit to quarantine. Plus, I will not be there more than one day, so the 5 day process would not work.

Is there no way to bring a dog to Hawaii during a day trip?