Why did Trump allow the captured Islamic State fighters to escape detention after Turkey attacked the Kurds?

🥴 There is a dxckface after more money and business. Do not worry about the war on terror.

The protection of Saudi Arabia is the origin of our oil. Hence the reason he ranks on the Saudi side rather than the Kurds

That would make Trump sound like a hero, right? 🤔

If only he did not accidentally make our allies, our enemies … and our enemies, our allies.


Yes baby. This is a traitor, produced by the right wing. Anyone Is someone surprised?

dnd 5th – Can we escape a trick of Misty Step?

No they can not.

Misty Step says:

you teleport up to a distance of 10 meters to a visible unoccupied space.

Although this says nothing about clothing and equipment, this is generally assumed, as it makes sense (who would use this spell otherwise?).

So, at least any object on you at the time of casting should not be left, which would include a net.

Assuming you apply SageAdvice responses, you could use Misty Step from bonded bonds on a surface, but a net is not, so he should always teleport with you.

json – Javascript escape characters

I have the following attribute of an element with a JSON value:


I need to escape your quotes in order to print the article inside of a document.write(' '); without errors

I did it this way, but it generates an error in the conso:

document.write(' data-responsive-json-new="'{"font-size":"desktop:60px;","line-height":""}'" ');

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What are the best escape rooms in London?

Hey there, I'm preparing a weekend for my boyfriend and have heard that the vanishing rooms can be quite exciting No suggestions?

5th dnd – Are there ways to increase your reach when you help someone to escape a net?

The description of the Net says:

A creature can use its action to test DC 10 Force, freeing itself or releasing another creature. in his reach on a success.

All the ways I've found to increase your range only increase it for the attacks you're doing: weapons at hand, monster attacks, long-limbed Bugbear members, maneuver to hit the battle of the fighter, and fangs of the Four Elements Monk Fire Serpent.
Is there a way to increase your reach when you are helping someone to get out of a net?

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5th dnd – What checking would my PC do to escape if it was seized by an imitator?

Mimicry is the grappling hook because it's the one that automatically grabs your character. You are the one who is attacked; According to the quote of your question, you can choose to try to escape either with a control of force (athletics), or a control of dexterity (acrobatics).

Your confusion may be caused by the fact that mimicry (like some monsters) has a static DC for the trait that allows it to automatically catch a creature that touches it, instead of following the catch rules used by the player characters. This is explained in the box "Rules of the grapple for monsters" of the Manuel Monster (p.11, it's me who points out):

Many monsters have special attacks that allow them to quickly catch their prey. When a monster strikes with such an attack, it is not necessary to do an additional check of the abilities to determine if the grapple succeedsunless the attack says the opposite.

A creature dealing with the monster can use its action to try to escape. To do this, he must pass a force check (athletics) or dexterity (acrobatics) against the center of escape of the statistics block of the monster. If no escaped DC is given, suppose the DC is 10 + Force modifier (athletic) of the monster.

Once the mimic captures you automatically when you touch it, you can escape using your action to launch a force control (athletics) or a dexterity control (acrobatics) – your choice. If you get a total of 13 or more on the roll, you escape the grapple; otherwise, you are still struggling.

Advanced Custom Fields – The ACF plug-in explains how to properly escape $ _GET variables before forwarding them in a query

I found this code in the Advanced Custom Fields documentation and everything works. What worries me, is a comment in the original message saying that the code was open to SQL injection because it does not correctly escape $ _GET variables before to transfer them in a query. I was wondering how to do this effectively so that the code continues to run but remains safe or if another method is recommended.
I've tried using $ wpdb but it broke the function.


I do not know the subject well, so any explanation on how to secure it would be very useful. The original code is below:

 function my_pre_get_posts( $query ) {

    // bail early if is in admin
    if( is_admin() ) return;

    // bail early if not main query
    // - allows custom code / plugins to continue working
    if( !$query->is_main_query() ) return;

    // get meta query
    $meta_query = $query->get('meta_query');

    // loop over filters
    foreach( $GLOBALS('my_query_filters') as $key => $name ) {

        // continue if not found in url
        if( empty($_GET( $name )) ) {



        // get the value for this filter
        // eg: http://www.website.com/events?city=melbourne,sydney

        $value = explode(',', $_GET( $name ));

        $meta_query = ();
        // append meta query
        $meta_query() = array(
            'key'       => $name,
            'value'     => $value,
            'compare'   => 'IN',


    // update meta query
    $query->set('meta_query', $meta_query);

spells – Can we shake off the form to escape Hold Hold?

Wild Shape is not going to help

That's because this ability does not change your type. It works like another form and alternative form states.

The creature retains the type and subtype of its original form.

For other abilities, ask your DM

There is one thing called constant targeting. It is unclear whether D & D 3.5 uses it or not. In other words, it is not clear if the effects check if the target is valid … at each turn? Every action? They clearly check when they are applied, but after that, it can be played back and forth.

As a note, I can say that I would allow someone using Still Silent Polymorph to escape Hold Person via this contact. But it's just me.