macos – Disable Escape Key in Safari to Exit Full Screen Mode

I'm using Safari in full screen mode on OS X Mavericks all the time. I also use the escape key in web pages quite frequently for various things (it depends on the web page).

One of the unfortunate side effects of these two facts is that I will sometimes disable the full screen mode inadvertently by pressing the escape key on a page that does not catch the escape key.

Is there a way to disable the "Escape off fullscreen mode" behavior in Safari?

google sheets – Escape a simple quote in the contents of a cell in a query

I have a Google spreadsheet with two tabs – one containing regular expressions and values:

Regex leaf

And the other containing phrases that corresponds to regex in the first tab, and a QUESTION Formula that selects the correct value in the regex column for each corresponding sentence:

= QUERY (regex! A: B, "SELECT B WHERE lower (& # 39;" & A1 & "39;) CONTAINS A LIMIT 1")

Data with failed query

For example, Winter in California and Summer in California the two correspond to each other.California.& # 39 ;, and paired with the Sunny sentence.

The problem is that if the corresponding cell contains a single quote, it interrupts the analysis of the query.

For independent reasons, I can not add columns to the table – it is downloaded as CSV by an external service and its format can not be changed.

  • REGEXREPLACE between && that replaces the single quotation mark with an empty string
  • Review the manual
  • Using CONTAINS, who suffer from the same problem of rating

How can I escape single quotes in cell content in the concat operator (&), in a query?

5th dnd – Can you escape from Web or Moonbeam using a prepared move?

Web is a simpler case; as you have shown, it says (it is me who underlines):

"Every creature who start his turn in the paintings or who enters them in turn must make a saving throw of dexterity … "
Quote from

And if you have already done the Ready action to move on your previous turn (with a trigger that occurs), you will be able to move away from the canvases before your turn occurs and you will not make the roll. backup.

Moon Beam is a bit more complicated because it has the following wording (it's me who points out):

"When a creature enter the area of ​​the spell for the first time a lap or start his turn there, he is engulfed by ghostly flames that hurt him very much, and he has to make a saving throw of the Constitution … "
Quote from:

This raises the question of whether or not the creature has entered the area of ​​the spell. Fortunately, this was developed as follows in the Sage Advice Compendium (mine in parentheses):

Our design intent for such spells (including Moobeam) is: a creature enters the area of ​​effect when the creature passes through it. Creating the effect area on the creature or moving it on the creature does not count. If the creature is still in the zone at the beginning of its turn, it is subject to the effect of the zone.
Quote from page 16 of

Thus, the creation of the moon Beam The area of ​​effect does not trigger a save and the creature does not have to create one at launch.

There is the question of when exactly a creature is "passed" into an effect zone. But for me this requires to really go in, actually entering an area of ​​effect. Thus, using a move prepared to move from the inside of the effect area to the outside will not trigger any backup because you have not succeeded. in the area, you simply moved through he.

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dnd 5th – Can the Freedom of Movement spell allow a character to escape a Forcecage spell?

Freedom of movement does not give a creature carte blanche to move wherever it wants (for example, through walls), it simply prevents some specific effects (in addition to allowing grappling escape and non-magic constraints at a cost of 5 feet of movement):

  • additional travel costs on difficult terrain
  • reduced speed caused by magic spells or effects
  • paralyzed state caused by magic spells or effects
  • the restricted condition caused by magic spells or effects
  • Penalties of movement or attack due to being under water

A Forcing do not reduce the speed of the creatures it contains, and the creatures it contains are neither paralyzed nor immobilized. Essentially, it's simply a collection of six walls of force that are arranged in such a way that they are really bothersome for those in a 10 or 20 foot cube.

apache 2.4 – Escape to a point in a RewriteRule

I'm trying to do a simple redirect using .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^ assets / pdf / simple  .pdf? $ / New / filelist / [R=301,NC,L]

But the redirection does not work.
I have the impression that the point on which I mislead could be a problem.
Does anyone have an idea of ​​what I am doing wrong?

5th dnd – Escape from the house of death through a trapdoor through the inner wall and the main door?

I will participate very soon in the adventure of Death House and I ask myself the following question – because I have players who tend to eliminate all the little loopholes – if, once they have refused to sacrifice and have to escape, there would be an easy escape route from the hatch open in the basement, then cross the wall near the exit then exit through the main door?

As written, once you enter the house, all the doors will become fakes and all the windows will become bricks and the inner walls will become brittle and turn into swarms of rats. But nothing is written on the front door and if the wall next to it is considered an outside wall.

In some notes, I read that the only valid issue would be the balcony. Is this really true? I mean, of course, it would be up to me to decide and perhaps most likely it would be too easy to make a short cut to the first floor, but I think it could still be discussed and I want to make sure I do not forget anything.

magento2 – Escape from the initial percentage on the product search criteria API

I perform the following query to search for products by SKU using the Magento 2 API:

curl -X GET "http: // localhost / rest / V1 / products? searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][field]= sku & searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][value]=% 24-MB01% & search criteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][conditionType]= like "

Summary: search for products with sku containing the string "24-MB01"

Excluding the auth and content parameters, the problem is that the value % 24-MB01% is misinterpreted as -MB01% by the API as you can see:

"total_count": 0,
"Search Criteria" : {
"Filter_groups": [
            "filters" : [
                  "condition_type" : "like",
                  "value" : "$-MB01%",
                  "field" : "sku"
"articles": []

How can I escape?