What e-shop in Europe is nice for buying quadrocopeters?

Hey guys,
would like to make a notion of the market in Europe for buying professional quadrocopters.
What should I consider before final order?
found rckane.cz and their pricing for different models look quite good.
What are your views? Any feedbacks please?


Best E-shop For Professional Bikers?

Any best e-shop for professional bikers??

Are they the best for professional bikers? I mean Five-Ten store.

How to approach the SEO for E-shop?

Hello, I will try to stay brief and go straight to the point

What would you do if you started a new e-shop under a new domain and want to start doing SEO?

I receive ideas like Killer product descriptions, Killer category text, kw searches, and backlinks.

But I wonder how you approach it ..

– Do you want to start doing backlinks on the category pages for the juice to be paid as well as on the products?
– Is it safe to start creating links from the first day?
– Ideas what would you do?
– What would benefit me the most? Spy on competitors and copy their portfolio of links?

If you can share knowledge on this thread, it would be great!

In addition, if you can recommend me high quality white hat services, it would be amazing.
Thank you!

tls – How to decide if an eshop is secure or compromised

So I have this problem where I want to buy a specific wacom product, but their online store eu-store.wacom.com and us-store.wacom.com, although accessible through https, does not convince my firefox of security.

Firefox reporting that the connection is not secure

The current homepage of Wacom www.wacom.com appears with a proper green lock and is verified by GoDaddy. Their eshop is under the same wacom.com domain but the verification of GoDaddy is missing.

My questions are: why does this inconsistency occur? How can I check that the store page is Wacom's? In the end, is it safe for me to buy products with my card?

web application – Exploit the SQL injection vulnerability in Oxid eShop CE 6.0.2 with SQLMAP

I've installed Oxid eShop CE 6.0.2 on my local web server to analyze the latest SQL injection vulnerability of this web application.
I've discovered that it is possible to inject SQL code via the sort parameter (GET). So with the following url, I can perform SQL code (as you can see):

  • localhost / oxid / test / source / en / Wakeboarding / Wakeboards / Wakeboard-SHANE.html? sorting = out_name | ASC, (SELECT% 20sleep (20))

How can I exploit this vulnerability with SQLMAP?

usability – What is the best way to present eshop products in a blog post?

I can not place several eshop products in an image in a blog post. These products are related to the content of the image (eg a kitchen image containing various kitchen products). I need to place 1 to 4 or 5 products and I wish the content stays mobile because more than 80% of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

several products

That's what I have up to here. I wonder if there is a better way? On a smaller resolution, it needs to be further reduced so that only one product is visible.

In addition, I can not place this content on the left or right of the photo because there is another content (desktop resolution).

Another option would be to use "pins" placed in the photo itself, but to display its details in a pop-up window, it would take additional action on the part of the user. It might be difficult to display it with a lower resolution.

Thank you for each idea.