Rabbitmq MQTT event log generation

Are there any configurations for the rabbitMQ – MQTT configuration that log an activity to connect to and log off from the RMQ server. I use the MQTT paho client to access the rabbitMQ – MQTT server configuration.

  • I activate and install the plugins: rabbitmq_event_exchange, rabbitmq_management, rabbitmq_mqtt, rabbitmq_tracing, rabbitmq_web_mqtt
  • Trace logs can be generated, but connected and disconnected clients are not visible.


EC261 Compensation in the event of unwarranted boarding refusal – does the handling agent or the airline pay?

The EC261 compensation is always processed and paid for by the airline, including when it is due to an unwarranted boarding refusal.

However, will the airline pay out of pocket or the handling agent whose staff has denied boarding (if it does not belong to the airline) will- does he have to pay the airline?

Facebook / Analytics Event Manager

In Events Manager, I can go to "Purchase Event" – "view details" and under the chart that slips, I can see a chart with just a few lines full details of the purchase event including the date and the value.

In Facebook Analytics, I can access Activity – Events and see a chart of the number of purchase events, but no details of each event. I can also access event debugging and change "all events" into "purchases", which shows me the level of detail I want to see, but only for the last 2 days.

How can I see a list of all purchases (and other types of events), including date and value, for a selected date range?

c # – In Unity, how to make sure that a button calls everything that is subscribed to the "onEndEdit" event of an InputField?

How to create a method (which will be called whenever a button is pressed) to call whatever is subscribed to the "onEndEdit" event of an InputField?

I was expecting something like this:

public class DoneButtonInputField : MonoBehaviour
    (SerializeField) private InputField inputField;

    public void ClickDoneButton()

But that does not work and I do not know how to look for the answer (probably for lack of vocabulary).

Creating a new event in Google Calendar from a table on another website

So let's say I have a schedule in a table (HTML table) on another website. Is there a tool that can extract content from this table (date, time, title of the event), and then use this information to create a new event in my Google Calendar?

How in Google Calendar event to save email guests


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Event Forwarding Broken – The Wecutil.exe Command Remains Stuck

I write software that relies heavily on the transmission of events. It uses a subscription initiated by the collector. Once the subscription is created, it works normally. Some time later, it may be a week or a month, the subscription will fail. Events will no longer be transmitted. When I run the command "wecutil gr", it remains blocked. If I try to display the subscription via the event viewer, it will freeze and I will have to kill the event observer task for to close it. Once I arrive at this point, the event replay will no longer work. The only way to resolve this problem is to reinstall the Windows Management Framework. I started to observe this problem about 3 years ago under Windows 7 Professional.

Below the configuration:



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How to create an event observer that only calls when events are sent by a REST API?

I just want to call the event viewer when this event is sent via the REST API, for example, if the order is placed from a mobile application, only the order is saved after the event. call Observe.
How to write code for even in events.xml? or we have to write somewhere else?

SQL Server Event Log Summary

I want to generate a daily summary of SQL Server event logs, which will be emailed.

client object template – Navigate to the list of root sites from the subsite using Remote Event Receiver in SharePoint Online

I try to access the root site list with the help of the subsite client context. But when I try to run the clientcontext this gives an access error denied.

I tried to create new ones clientcontext by passing the accessToken as well but not successful. (Referred: this)

Below the code:

string siteUrl = clientContext.Site.Url;
Uri webUri = new Uri(siteUrl);
string realm = TokenHelper.GetRealmFromTargetUrl(webUri);
string accessToken = TokenHelper.GetAppOnlyAccessToken(TokenHelper.SharePointPrincipal, webUri.Authority, realm).AccessToken;
using (var cc = TokenHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken(siteUrl, accessToken))

Right here, clientContext is the context of Sub-Site and cc is the context of the root site.

How can I access cc using clientContext?