Microsoft.Sharepoint (2019) Event Update Code Calander throws a COM exception stating that the message "can not complete this action. Please try again"

The internal update method in Microsoft.SharePoint returns the above error when adding / updating events in the calendar list in SharePoint Server 19.
The same code works in the case of SharePoint 13, 16. Events are also added / updated successfully using SharePoint ClientContext.

Please help.

pressure on the event type from a socket connection in python

First of all, I am totally new in programming. my last programming experience was at school with turbo pascal, 15 years ago 🙂
I've up until now searched for my code on the internet and got some ideas from a similar javascript code.

I want to press a key if a specific event type comes from a socket connection. the code to connect to the server is already working, but I can not filter the types coming from the socket.

that's my code for the connection:

# Imports #
import socketio

# Vars #
sio = socketio.Client ()

# Your API Socket token from streamlabs / settings / api-settings #
token = & # 39;

# Link #
sio.connect (& # 39; https: // token = & # 39; + token)

# Code #
@ sio.on ("connect")
def on_connect ():
print ("Connected to Streamlabs, Waiting for Events")

@ sio.on ("event")
def on_message (data):
print ((data))

@ sio.on ("disconnect")
def on_disconnect ():
print ("Offline .....")

now, if I simulate a tracking event on the server, I get this output:

"Type:" follow, "message: [{'name': 'KayPure', 'isTest': True, '_id': 
'31a0f9db75b6f815c0e25cc6f14d015a'}], & # 39; for & # 39 ;: twitch_account & # 39 ;, & # 39; event_id & # 39 ;:
& # 39; evt_db9fc4f099a6bd83aa9779d43fccf4a9 & # 39;}

or a subscription event:

{Type: "subscription", "message": [{'name': 'KayPure', 'isTest': True, 
'months': 1, 'message': 'This is a test', 'emotes': None, 'sub_plan': 
'1000', '_id': '725cb1e1cbdbb31d4122ccf266d4a7bf'}], & # 39; for & # 39 ;:
& # 39; twitch_account & # 39 ;, & # 39; event_id & # 39;; evt_6ad1f8d2f38e5410eaaed3cbf40843b5 & # 39;}

I want to output only the type and name of events. I do not need the rest of the information about the event. so, i want to simulate for example the pressing of the "a" key on follow, the pressing of the "b" key on the subscription.

The background is as follows: pressing a key triggers a scene in a Lightning software. this software runs on the same machine as the script, but it's not in the foreground. That's another question. how to press a key in a specific window, in the background or minimized.

I have a javascript similar to this one and it already works. but the software must be in the foreground. Since I wanted to code more in python in the future, I would love it to work in python.

ideas? I've tried a lot to produce only the type of event, but I do not know where to put the code.

greetings from Germany


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forms – Best user experience when asked to enter the frequency of a recurring event

So I'm working on a form and one of the entries has turned out to be somewhat problematic during user testing:

We wish to record the frequency of a periodic event (the frequency with which a report must be submitted). In our database, we will record a numerical value describing the number of times per year.

This can be both over and under once a year. Therefore, the value we want to save is "0.25" every four years, and "4" four times a year.

In a previous form, we asked the user to calculate the number himself, which turned out to be difficult for users to use.

We tested a solution with two input fields, one for the frequency and the other for the number of years: X times per Y years (where X and Y are the input fields.) In a test user to 4 users, we only had one solve this problem relatively smoothly and 2 did not solve it at all when we asked them to enter "once every two years".

Samle form entry when the entry is once every two years

Do you have any suggestions for the user to enter the requested data?

thank you,

Is there a way to communicate between two components that are not parents and children without using the event sender in angualr?

In angular mode, we can communicate between two parent and child components using @input and @output, but is there a way to communicate between two components that are not parent and child without using the emitter event?

Differences between the definitions of the event



clickTest () function
alert ("click");

2. (which I see being more used)

$ ("# testid"). click (function () {
alert ("click");


$ (document) .ready (function () {
$ (document) .on ("click", "# testid", function () {
alert ("click");

  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of each of them?
  • I wonder if there are more means of definition than these?

probability – Assume that $ A $ and $ B $ are independent events. For a $ C $ event such as $ P (C)> $ 0, prove that $ A $ event donated $ C $

assume $ A $ and $ B $ are independent events. For an event $ C $ such as $ P (C)> $ 0 , prove that the event of $ A $ given $ C $ is independent of the event of $ B $ given $ C $

We have A and B are independent so $ P (AB) = P (A) cdot P (B) $

We must show that $ P ((A mid C) cap (B mid C)) = P (A mid C) cdot P (B mid C) $

My procedure was like that
$$ P ((A mid C) cap (B mid C)) = P ((A mid C) mid (B mid C)) cdot P (B mid C) $$
$$ = frac {P (AB mid C)} {P (B mid C)} $$

I played until I got this
$$ frac {P (AC)} {P (C)} cdot frac {P (B mid AC)} {P (B mid C)} $$
Now the first part gives us $ P (A mid C) $ . I could not get from the second part the missing part that is $ P (B mid C) $.

Is my procedure correct? If so, how can I find the second part?

calendar – Extract the event / meeting / date from a web page (as does iMail for mails)

do you know how iMail identifies and allows you to extract dates and places to create an event in iCal?
Is the same thing possible for web pages? Maybe there is a service mapping to do? Of course, ask as much as possible for integrated solutions.

Thank you.

How to see the event logs of google play services?

I have problems with the battery discharge of Google Play Services.

Is it possible to see an event log of some sort?
I want to see what's going on with Google Play services to try to diagnose what's going on.

I have adb available.

architecture – Single micro-service for scheduling event and hour notifications

We must send users emails and SMS that will be triggered by an event such as a change of value in the database or the insertion of a line into the database. Sometimes its time trigger, such as sending emails to the user's date of birth and so on. Sometimes 2 days after a specific activity of the user on the application.

These event-based triggers consist of multiple tables and databases belonging to multiple applications. We want to create a single service to handle the above situation for all applications.

How can we design such a solution to work as a microservice that will send these notifications?