book recommendation – Examination of graph and geometry by László Lovász

I read a theory of graphs, and in particular the book Graph and Geometry by László Lovász and I wonder if I should study the introductory book of Diestel or Douglas West. Could anyone suggest to me if Graph and Geometry is a pretty good book if I only have knowledge from the point of view of the Olympiad?

Here is a link to the book:

Sales force Examination of the visual force of construction applications DEV-401…cations-visual-force-exam/?couponCode=DEV-401

Take part in this review of the visual forces of the DEV-401 sales force for construction applications and gets a good score of 80% on the main examination
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Posted on 11/2019

Examination of limestone networks | Talk Web Hosting

My small gaming community has been renting two gaming servers (plus a web server a few months ago) to Limestone Networks since July 24, 2012. These guys have been great from the customer service point of view. We also have a different host, but an unanswered support ticket for 13 days puts things in perspective. The limestone usually comes back within 10 to 30 minutes.

There have been a few times when we could not find the money for that month and they let us slide down until my co-owner, our players or my pay day. They will probably not like me to say that here if they read this, but for me it is loyalty.

Two months ago on our server hosting the old game of C & C Renegade; I asked them to test hard drives because one of the file copy problems (the old game writes a lot), they changed them quite quickly. They wanted to test the other two and changed them just in case. The poor technician was running for me when I messed up and did not save some things that I should have … twice.

So thanks Limestone for ~ 7 years of good service.

No, I am not paid to write this or affiliate. I would have liked to be unemployed since the beginning of February.

-Joel Watters

CertsMarket Best Online Source for Certification in 2019 – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How to prepare for certification exams? Certsmarket: an ultimate source for your success.

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How to be certified professional in a week?

It does not matter if you are deeply prepared and have practical training or if you are a new participant, the training is not big enough to pass the solo test. You can escape reading, so to make your job easier, at Certsmarket we provide you with the best possible help.

At Certsmarket, we know and understand that getting ready for accreditation testing is never overly simple! Whether you're planning on taking tests on a schedule, then getting familiar with the working papers, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration to ensure exam success. This is the reason why we are confident in the reorganization of the entire procedure for our clients. We offer test equipment in two simple configurations, so that all the data they get from the PDF record can be tested without extra effort in our training test. Whatever it is, we guarantee your achievement 100% in your confirmation test with our survey material within seven days.

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node.js – Examination of Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files for a basic nodejs mysql project

I am new to docker and after a lot of research and research I have created an application example and would like to see it again in case I miss a corner or redundant information that could be simplified.


From node

RUN npm install

CMD ["npm", "start"]


MySQL is initializing via schema.sql

version: & # 39; 3 & # 39;

image: "mysql: 5.7"
container_name: "mysql"
- "6603: 3306"
- ./schema.sql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/init.sql

a service:
to build: .
image: "knot"
container_name: "nodejs"
- "8080: 8080"
depend on:
- database
- database
restart: in case of failure


It has a certain delay, which basically expects the mysql to become fully alive.

setTimeout (function () {
var mysql = require (& # 39; mysql & # 39;);

var con = mysql.createConnection ({
host: process.env.DATABASE_HOST,
user: process.env.MYSQL_USER,
password: process.env.MYSQL_PASSWORD,
database: process.env.MYSQL_DATABASE

con.connect (function (err) {
if (err), throw err;
console.log ("Connected database!");

var http = require (& # 39; http & # 39;);

// create a server object:
http.createServer (function (req, res) {
res.write (& # 39; Hello World! & # 39;); // write an answer to the customer
res.end (); // finish the answer
}). listen (8080); // The server object listens on port 8080

console.log ("Listen at 8080");
}, 10 * 1000);

I had a file in docker-compose.yml that I deleted assuming it was not necessary.

# volumes:
# - .: / src

Can I drive in Europe after passing the provisional license examination?

I have passed my driving test in the UK and I have been driving for about 6 months, but I have been too lazy to get my full license (you have 2 years to do it). Can I drive in Europe without actually having a full license?


New investment launched

Running Days 00 days

investment plans .. 10% per day forever .. 700% after 30 days etc

payment method … Bitcoin, perfect money, payeer, dogecoin, etherum, etc.

Remove .. instantly remove

NIFT (UG) and its preparation in two weeks

What is NIFT?

Budding fashion designers want to enter the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technologies). There are 16 NIFTs in India. These institutes offer 4-year B.Des programs and 2-year M.Des programs in various specializations, including fashion design and fashion technology.

There are two stages to the examination:

Step 1 – NIFT Written Test (GAT + CAT)

Step 2 – NIFT Situation Test

What happens in the NIFT Written Test?

The GAT (General Ability Test) has a defined program including quantitative ability, communication skills, English, analytical skills, general knowledge and current affairs. The GAT tests candidates for their logical, analytical, awareness and communication skills. It is after the GAT that the CAT takes place.

Sections Number of questions

English understanding 25
Quantitative capacity 20
Communication capacity 25
Ability to analyze 15
General Knowledge and News 15

The Creative Capacity Test (CAT) varies each year. It's unconventional and puts the candidate's artistic and creative abilities to the test. Aspirants must demonstrate a good understanding of colors, their creativity and their ability to communicate through drawings.

This is only after the candidate has passed the written test, is he allowed to pass the situation test. As a general rule, for each available seat, 5 candidates will be called for the situation test.

What happens in the NIFT situation test?

During the situation test, the candidate will receive materials and topics. They have to use the material to find something that suits the subject.

The purpose of the situation test is to see how the candidate can think autonomously and make optimal use of the media provided. After that, the candidate must also provide a presentation explaining his project, which must be written in English.

How to prepare for NIFT (written test) in 2 weeks

With the main objective that you would have given to your board exams, you may not have had the time to prepare for the entries.

Now that you're focusing on NIFT, you need to make sure you cover all aspects of CAT & GAT. You have to do a lot in 2 weeks, so every day counts.



Concentrate less on mathematics and English because you will be aware of the fundamentals you have addressed in the lower classes
Spend time thinking, solving puzzles and common business
Try as many simulations as possible


Make sure you understand your drawing techniques – drawing / painting / doodling
Get professional feedback on your drawings – this will help you get more perspective on your work.

Two weeks from the end, DQ Edge will be a good option because it has an intuitive interface that will tell you the areas in which to study.

The following tips help you solve NIFT in 2 weeks:

1) Refer to the DQ Edge – Plus study material for just two weeks, use the NIFT study material available on DQ Edge, start with a fictional test. Once you're done, the platform will tell you what to study next. Just follow this and you will find that your scores will improve by 45%. Dq Edge would have helped you to focus on relevant topics.

2) Attend marathon classes online – You do not have the luxury of spending time and it is best not to waste your time traveling. Take marathon lessons at home. Online webinars are organized by DQ Labs for those who need to know everything at the 11th hour.

3) Accurate timing – The time constraint is unimaginable, resulting in a lot of pressure. The only way to remedy this situation is to plan a strict schedule and respect it. There are students working 12 hours a day. Assign hours of the day to different topics and parts that will appear on the exam. Make a point to browse all that you have studied for the day, revision is essential.

4) Read the news – News is as important as static gk. Browse all the events of the past year. Meetings, sports, awards, nominations, bureau chiefs and obituaries. You will find that the success of the competition, the Manorama directory, the website Leadthecompetition provide reliable information because they have credible sources. Travel them again and again as it is about theoretical knowledge that you are supposed to keep.

5) Follow fashion – Learn more about the industry by keeping up to date with new designers and their creations. this applies to Bollywood and Hollywood. You will find that renowned fashion bloggers / stylists are the backbone of the industry. Follow them to follow the trends.

6) For drawing – The creative aptitude test examines your creativity, get a perspective on many drawings. Understand the concepts of art, and do not take this part lightly, it accounts for 50% of the exam. When you stop to study, take the time to draw and work with the colors, ask experts to review it and tell you how to improve if possible. Graduates of prestigious institutes such as IIT, NIFT and NID, DQ Lab mentors will have constructive criticism to offer.

6) Practicing false papers – False papers are very important. Once the student has found all the affordable subjects, he must try to try them. False papers help the student to mentally prepare for the exam, they also help him cope with time constraints. Coaching centers, such as DQ Labs, collect information on previous articles and structure similar articles that students can use. DQ Edge is an online platform where they provide forged papers as well as questions relating to previous years. The test platform analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the user by proposing problems that you can work on.

7) Pay attention to details – It is important to have an eye for the details in the exams. In order for your work to stand out among the tens of thousands, you need to take the time to include creative details in your project. Examiners assign marks accordingly. Work on your shading and drawing skills, explore what makes you feel uncomfortable or in which you are not good at improving it.

8) Be versatile – The courses offered by colleges have many practical projects. They test your handling skills to see if you can think independently. To be versatile, you have to work with different materials like paper, clay and origami. DQ labs takes classes in materials handling by offering students to work with and encourage different materials and tools. Mentors ensure that this session remains interactive and productive, allowing students to think independently and effectively produce the desired results. the situation test.

9) SWOT – This is a highly recommended study method. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. With a short time, you need to quickly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. This is where DQ Edge is handy, the online test platform quickly analyzes your strength and weakness, and tells you which portions you can work on, giving you a good head start.

10) Do not worry – make sure to stay calm. Being stressed unnecessarily can waste time. So, always work smart and do not be stressed. Follow a strict schedule and take small breaks to keep your knowledge. The exam is easy to crack if you are prepared and mind directed, talk to people who have broken the exam during your free time, make sure you get their opinion.

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LEGIT – Cash Math Examination: Scam or Legitimacy | NewProxyLists

So, hello guys! I came across this app called Math Cash on Playstore. I do not know if it is available worldwide, but you can search for it.

What is it?
It is an application in which you can earn points by playing simple mathematical equations (not including algebra or advanced mathematics) and can be converted into money.

How to win?
There are many different platforms where you can win. There are daily challenges: addition, subtraction, combination, division and multiplication where you have to answer a simple mathematical question for 10 seconds and the prize money is equal to twice the total number of players in each match. For example, there are 7 people who have joined the Addition challenge, the winner will get 14 points. You must enter the games using "regular tickets" that you can easily acquire on the application. It also has the Duel Match platform where you can face someone for 4 points. It also has an interesting "guess and win" in which you will guess a number between 0 and 999999 and you can earn 5000 points instantly. You have 10 trials each session.

Another way to win is the supply walls. He has adscend media, kiwi wall, wannads, etc.

Rewards / payments?
They only have Paypal to redeem the rewards. You must accumulate 5000 points for $ 5. 10000 points for $ 10 and so on.

You can accumulate 10 tickets without direct reference. You can also get a 10% commission for every 50 points accumulated by your first level referral and 5% from the second level. You can use my referral code if you want M8HJF3.

I have not yet received any payment from them, I am still trying it. If any of you have ever tried this app and have already paid, you can answer below.

Address for the administrative examination of the PBS student visa tier 4

I had applied for a Level 4 general student visa in January 2019. In case of refusal, the agent has charged DECEPTION, which is false. The ukvi contacted the head office bank and got a negative answer to my letter of loan that I submitted in my application to claim 10 points. So I went to the director of the bank who sent me the same letter. To prove that this letter is authentic, he sent me an e-mail about his authenticity (which is positive because he himself sanctioned my charge). I now wish to send my administrative request for reconsideration of the decision of DECEPTION. I could not find the address where to send these documents. I printed the email I received from the bank manager to be able to reach him and send him to the administrative examination.

Please, help me find the mailing address so I can send physical copies.