Using Excel VBA to retrieve and update Google spreadsheet

Guys need help associating a Google spreadsheet with Excel.
Basically, I want to get a Google shared spreadsheet in Excel using VBA, then update the document and save again in the Google spreadsheet using Excel VBA alone.
How can I do this. Can you provide a sample?

I really appreciate your help. I have tried the .NET code in the API sample code but I am not going anywhere. It does not work with VS2008. even if i make it work, i don't know how it fits into VBA. I use VBA a lot but I'm still a …

Using Excel VBA to retrieve and update Google spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel – How to make a value field display the last value in a PivotTable

I have a table like this:

enter description of image here

And I would like a PivotTable like this:

enter description of image here

Except that instead of displaying the sum of the amount groups by region in the value field, I want to display the last value based on the date. For example, it will display 300 for Central, 1200 for East, etc.

I am looking at the summary options of the value field, but it seems that such an operation is not available.

Crud operation on Excel file present in the SharePoint document library in sharepoint

Is there a way to retrieve the Excel file from the SharePoint document library and update the data to the respective cell in the Excel file and download the updated Excel file in SharePoint 2013 using JSOM or Rest api.

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Preservation of information entered by the user in a table from Power Pivot

Is there a way to keep the information entered by the user in a table from PowerPivot?

I have a read-only query pulling a large dataset and populating a Power Pivot table.

The table is imported into a spreadsheet using Data-> Existing Connections-> Table. I would like to be able to add a "Comments" column which would be updated manually by different users. I would like to keep this column when the query is refreshed – with comments not moving randomly from their records if the table is sorted, filtered, etc. before updating (each record has its unique identifier).

How can this be done?

Microsoft Excel – How to generate a table where an output occurs x times

Basically, I'm trying to recreate code names in Excel and the last thing I miss is to create a name "map", which looks like this. Basically, this is a table where 9/8 spots are blue, 8/9 spots are red, one is black and the rest is white. I don't know how to do this, can you help me?

Thank you!

How to automate PDF creation in Excel

I have been asked to create a bunch of PDFs at work using various Excel spreadsheets – basically, that means manually filtering the source spreadsheet until I have the information i want, then paste it into another pre-existing workbook formatted in PDF format. I then save said spreadsheet in pdf format. I have to do this multiple times using several different spreadsheets, so as you can imagine, it takes a while.

I'm pretty confident that there will be a way to automate it, or at least make it much faster, but I'm just not sure how best to do it. Could this be a case of using built-in formulas or should VBA enter it? I know minimal python, but it could also be an option if it's the best way (might even give me a little project to work on!). I use Excel 365

worksheet function – Excel – Select range based on cell

I want to select a range of lines, which I have done manually so far. However, as the data increases, I have tried to select the row based on the relative spreadsheet, but I don't know how. Here is an example.

Purchased apples spreadsheet

Buyer | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 
John  | 3     | 1     | 1        
Adam  | 2     | 3     | 3                
Anna  | 1     | 3     | 2             

Price Spreadsheet

Item  | Price
Apple | 10

Now I have to build a third sheet containing the monetary totals, so I have something like this:


Buyer | Credit | Debit | Total
John  | Formula|Formula| Formula
Anna  | Formula|Formula| Formula
Adam  | Formula|Formula| Formula

So the manual method would be to copy the formulas and manually replace the ranges for each user, so that they all match the other tables. What I would like to do is select the rows where the first cell in the row has the same value as the Totals. In other words:

  1. Search A: A
  2. Find John in Purchased apples spreadsheet
  3. Found John at rank 7
  4. Select the range 7: 7.

Is it possible to do it?

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How to generate a python executable that reads from an excel with cx_freeze or another tool?

I made a small python program that generates a form to be filled out by a user by console, the questions and answers that appear on the screen are in an excel file.
How can I generate a py and excel executable so that someone does not have to install python on their computer?

I tried to create the .exe with cx_freeze but by generating the .exe and clicking on it, the console closes. The code I used was this to generate the executable build:

from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable
    setup( name = "ventana",
    version = "0.1" ,
    description = "ventana" ,
    executables = (Executable("")) , )

Should I add something else to this code?

I don't necessarily need to use cx_freeze, if someone knows how to generate the executable in another way and could explain it to me, that’s is also welcome.
Thanks in advance.

database – automate document upload, switch from Word to Excel or similar

People, I hope you understand that this is a special situation. This is a question that doesn't follow the rules, but right now the world is a mess and I really need someone to be able to help me. Fill me with negatives if you want, but don't close the question.

I work at the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires and we handle any complaints regarding COVID-19 by hand. The problem is that this virus is growing exponentially, which is why our work is also growing, and we are behind with the statistics, partly because of this, the known number on cases is less than this that it really is. Without further ado, I will show you what I have:

We received a .doc file (ask in the chat before asking the question here, and they asked me for the version of Word. In fact, we are working with different versions, I have the latest version at home because I'm a student and MS always gives it and updates it), but at work I have 2010, I think the version can be indifferent since I want to work with text, I could even copy it and take it in a notepad for example)

This .doc file contains about 100 texts which have more or less this form

Illicit Investigation – Illicit Point (COVID-19 Coronavirus) – Senior Female
03/19 – PU.81027 – Student 07:06hs – CP Campana; 05: 00hs. he
received a call to XXXX (Dda. XXXX 1000), realizing that his neighbor
XXX, eve of return Brasil, not respecting
isolation protocol. Staff continued to provide
corresponding telephone numbers for these cases, informing
Personal health.

Each of these texts must be transmitted to a table in a database, which includes about 20 fields. I would at least be able to get the 3 data that I put in bold, which is, the urgent part number, which is always after PU., the hour, which is always the one after the word alta, and in case there is a country or continent name, extract it (only the first appearance, as it could mean that the person came from Brazil and was previously in Germany)

If you don't know how to do it but you know the tools that can do it, it would also be of great help

The point is, we run them by hand, and this virus grows by leaps and bounds with it, and we can't load it.

The idea is that each new text (could be identified by the appearance of the string PU.) create a new row (it can be in an Excel or Access table, whatever) and put these 3 fields.

I hope you understand an exceptional question at an exceptional time. Be careful, don't leave your homes. This is not a joke.