Excel – Change the source of the chart data according to the text in the cell

I have an Excel file in which I have multiple sheets with financial statements of different companies (called Databas.xlsx). The structures of these sheets are identical. Then I want to use another Excel file to analyze these financial statements with the help of graphics. So I have to integrate the data from the different sheets into my analysis file. Performing this operation from a sheet is no problem because I can simply create a chart and mark the data I need in this sheet, so that the chart's data range looks like close to this:

=[Databas.xlsx]Kopparbergs! $ 3 C: $ 3 K

where "Kopparbergs" is the name of the sheet in Databas.xlsx. The problem I am facing is that I want to be able to change the name of the sheet that is inserted in this formula by writing the name in a cell (because that would allow me to change several charts at once). So just to clarify, in the formula written above, I want to be able to change the word "Kopparbergs" by writing text in a cell. If this is not possible, how could I accomplish that? How to create a chart that can change content based on the text of a cell that corresponds to a sheet?

Excel search number in a range

I have a table in Excel with a range of numbers, and next to that I've written a group number that I want for that range.

I have the number 61 that I want to get his group number, which is 3.

What is the formula I need to use?

here is everything:

my excel sheet

Data validation dropdown list problem in Microsoft Excel

In my Excel sheet, I have two columns. In the 2nd column, the values ​​of the 1st column (with duplicates) are displayed as a drop-down list with the help of data validation.
On the first column, the values ​​are "A", "A", "B", "C", "A", "A", "D". Please check the attached screen shot.

enter the description of the image here

The problem is:
On the drop-down menu, if I select a duplicate letter "A" except the first one, it only takes the first letter "A", which is displayed on the first column of the first row.
I wanted to select the particular duplicate "A" on 4 duplicate

Please suggest me the solution.

Thank you

excel – Change the color of the arrow according to its label or value

How to change the color of an arrow according to its label (converted to an integer); tell if the value of the arrow is <50; then change the color of the arrow to green?

I have encountered runtime error 438: the object does not support this property or this method (line 3).

Thank you!

Under color arrow ()
Dimension As Integer
nsize = CInt (ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range (Array ("Left Arrow 1")). Value)
With ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range (Array ("Left arrow 1")). fill
If nsize <50 then
.ForeColor.RGB = RGB (0, 176, 80)
.ForeColor.RGB = RGB (255, 0, 0)
End if
Finish by
End Sub

excel – open a macro workbook with vba

How to open a macro workbook with VBA?

When you manually open the macro workbook, it only opens in VBA without displaying a real workbook, but when I try to do it with VBA, a physical workbook opens.

& # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;
Dim MyFolder As String
MyFolder = "file: /// \ FPSFILES1  ReviewPricing  Macro Data  RP Macro Wrkbk.xlsb"
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink MyFolder

How to make the workbook open in VBA only so that users do not see a physical book that they can close (which also closes in VBA).

Microsoft Excel – Try Sorting a Datasheet – We have two columns from two different sources. We have to align the corresponding values.

The goal is to align the values ​​in column 1 with column 2 and add additional rows in which a value is present only in one column and not in the other. However, after trying code on the Internet:

Dim LC as long
Dim Col As Long
Dim LR as long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

& # 39; Spot last column of data
LC = Cells (1, Columns.count) .End (xlToLeft) .Column

Add a new key column to collect unique values
Cells (1, LC + 1) = "key"
For Col = 1 to LC
Range (Cells (2, Col), Cells (Rows.count, Col)). SpecialCells (xlConstants) .Copy _
Cells (Rows.count, LC + 1) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1)
Next pass

Columns (LC + 1). Advanced filter action: = xlFilterCopy, CopyToRange: = Cells (1, LC + 2), Unique: = True
Columns (LC + 2) .Sort Key1: = Cells (2, LC + 2), Order1: = xlAscending, Header: = xlYes

Fill in new table headers with formatting
Range ("A1", Cells (1, LC)). Copy cells (1, LC + 3)

& # 39; Fill in the new values ​​in the table
LR = Cells (Rows.count, LC + 2) .End (xlUp) .Row
With range (cells (2, LC + 3), cells (LR, LC + 2 + LC))
.FormulaR1C1 = "= IF (ISNUMBER (MATCH) (RC" & LC + 2 & ", C[-” & LC + 2 _
& “], 0)), RC "& LC + 2 &", "" "") "
.Value = .Value
Finish by

We encounter the following problem: The code removes duplicates and can only preserve one value. We need each value (all references are different), regardless of duplicates. Please send help

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matrix – How to import part of an Excel file?

I'm trying to import some of an excel, column 20 and the line between 6 and 59 in this column.
I have tried:

tab = Import[
time = tab[[20, 6 ;; 59]]


time = Import[
  "D:UsersmartineDesktopdataKPResults largest GFP area 
mean.xlsx", {"Data", 1, {6;; 59}, {20}}]
time = Import[
  "D:UsersmartineDesktopdataKPResults largest GFP area 
mean.xlsx", {"Data", 1, {6:59}, {20}}]

But it does not work, so apparently I did not write it correctly.

Thanks in advance

Why you need Excel for copywriting

Have you ever thought about how Excel could help you increase and refine your copywriting skills? Well, there are tutorials that can guide you. Check out these Excel tutorials on xlsoffice.com

excel – Extracting data from very large csv files

I have a 40 GB csv file with over 60 million rows for data analysis. Each line has a unique identifier (some numbers). For example, the unique identifier of the first line will repeat approximately 150,000 lines later.

I would like to have a method to browse the whole file, extract the lines with the same identifier and write them in new csv files. Is there a good automated way to do it? Please note that the file is very large and that Excel has problems opening it.