ms office – Can I filter multiple columns at the same time in Excel?

I could not find a good answer for Google, so here it is:

I have a lot of data on which I want to filter two columns: location and evaluation. I've worked how to do one at a time (just the usual filtering function), but I want to filter these two elements at the same time? So, I only have people from location X and Y-rating – is it possible?

Thank you!


Microsoft Excel – if the formula does not work as expected

whole formula that does not work properly:
= IF (VLOOKUP (K28, AD: AF, 3, FALSE) = "offset", "offset", IF (L28 = "", VLOOKUP (N28, AM: AN, 2, FALSE), VLOOKUP (L28, AJ: AN, 5, FALSE)))

This part of the formula works by itself and returns what I need:
= IF (L28 = "", VLOOKUP (N28, AM: AN, 2, FALSE), VLOOKUP (L28, AJ: AN, 5, FALSE))

However, when combined with the rest of the formula, this part of it does not work:

All other parts of the formula work well.
Enjoy the help in advance.

Can not find an installable ISAM error when importing Excel using Visual Studio 2019

I've recently started using VS 2019 with the 16 / Office 365 tools. I'm trying to download data from an excel sheet into my application with the help of scripting. C # selenium automation.
I found the error "Can not find the ISAM installation program". I've tried to register msexcl40.dll to Regsvr32.exe. But nothing seems to work. I also have the AccessDatabaseEngine for 32-bit as recommended. This is the same problem with VS 2015 as well.

Please help to solve this problem.

Thank you very much in advance!

python 3.x – How to export a nested dictionary containing multiple values ​​in Excel

I have created a nested dictionary with multiple values ​​as a list for the subdictionary. In short, it looks like this:

    {'Parameter 1': ['Value 1', 'Value 2', 'Value 3'], 
     'Parameter 2': ['Value 11', 'Value 22', 'Value 33'], 
     'Parameter 3': ['Num1', 'Num2', 'Num3']},
    {'Parameter 1': ['Data 1', 'Data 2', 'Data 3'], 
     'Parameter 2': ['Data 11', 'Data 22', 'Data 33'], 
     'Parameter 3': ['Numb1', 'Numb2', 'Numb3'],
     'Parameter 4': ['Numb11', 'Numb22', 'Numb33']}

I need to export it to the excel sheet. What I want to get:

            |               1             |             2            |    
Parameter 1 | Value 1 | Value 2 | Value 3 | Data 1 | Data 2 | Data 3 |
Parameter 2 | Value 11| Value 22| Value 33| Data 1 | Data 2 | Data 3 |
Parameter 3 |   Num1  |   Num2  |   Num3  | Numb1  | Numb2  | Numb3  |
Parameter 4 |         |         |         | Numb11 | Numb22 | Numb33 | 

But when I use the to_excel method, I get the following:

            |               1                    |             2                     |    
Parameter 1 |['Value 1', 'Value 2', 'Value 3']   |  ['Data 1', 'Data 2', 'Data 3']   |
Parameter 2 |['Value 11', 'Value 22', 'Value 33']| ['Data 11', 'Data 22', 'Data 33'] |
Parameter 3 |       ['Num1', 'Num2', 'Num3']     |     ['Numb1', 'Numb2', 'Numb3']   |
Parameter 4 |                                    |    ['Numb11', 'Numb22', 'Numb33'] | 

Which is pretty obvious. You do not have to export such a dictionary in .csv format, because the columns of the line with parameter 4 will be shifted to the left. So I'm trying to either have the values ​​fill the cells separately, or split text into columns in case there are multiple columns in the sheet. Should I rearrange the source dictionary in some way?

I also imagine that it is not possible in my case to fill in the "missing" lines of the dictionary because the keys are updated with each new subdictionary.

c # – Does not my application generate an Excel with EPPLUS?

Hello I would like to know why my application does not generate Excel, thank you in advance for your help

My controller receives a list of data from the ajax command, that is, the number of records in my table that is in the view. The problem is that I debug and if it brings me data in the folder. board and follow all the steps but Excel does not generate me and does not throw any error.

public ActionResult ExportarExcel(List array)

            var listado = array;

            var ruta =  new FileInfo("D:\archivo_excel\reporte_horas.xlsx");
            ExcelPackage pkg = new ExcelPackage(ruta);
            //ExcelWorksheet ws = pkg.Workbook.Worksheets.Add("Reportes");
            ExcelWorksheet ws = pkg.Workbook.Worksheets("Gestion_horas");

            ws.Cells("A1").Value = "Comunicación";
            ws.Cells("B1").Value = "Com1";

            ws.Cells("A2").Value = "Reporte";
            ws.Cells("B2").Value = "Seguimiento de Horas";

            ws.Cells("A3").Value = "Fecha";
            ws.Cells("B3").Value = string.Format("{0:dd MMMM yyyy} at {0:H:  mm tt}", DateTimeOffset.Now);

            ws.Cells("A6").Value = "PROYECTO";
            ws.Cells("B6").Value = "DESCRIPCION";
            ws.Cells("C6").Value = "HORAS";
            ws.Cells("D6").Value = "T. COBRADO";
            ws.Cells("E6").Value = "COSTO BIENES";
            ws.Cells("F6").Value = "MANO OBRA";
            ws.Cells("G6").Value = "GASTOS GENERALES";
            ws.Cells("H6").Value = "DEPRECIACION";

            int rowstart = 7;

            foreach (Sigeri obj in listado)
                ws.Cells(string.Format("A{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.Proyecto.IdProyecto; //obj.Proyecto.IdProyecto; //obj.Proyecto.IdProyecto;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("B{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.Proyecto.Descripcion;//obj.Proyecto.Descripcion;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("C{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.Horas;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("D{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.TotalCobrado;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("E{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.CostoBienes;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("F{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.ManoObra;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("G{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.GatosGenerales;
                ws.Cells(string.Format("H{0}", rowstart)).Value = obj.Depreciacion;


             var myChart = ws.Drawings.AddChart("chart", eChartType.Line);

             //Define las series para el cuadro
             var series = myChart.Series.Add("C7: E7", "C6: E6");
             myChart.Border.Fill.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Green;
             myChart.Title.Text = "My Chart";
             myChart.SetSize(500, 400);

             //Agregar a la 6ta fila y a la 6ta columna
             myChart.SetPosition(6, 0, 10, 0);

             var myChart2 = myChart.PlotArea.ChartTypes.Add(eChartType.ColumnClustered);
             //Define las series para el cuadro
             var series2 = myChart2.Series.Add("C7: E7", "C6: E6");

             //Agregar a la 6ta fila y a la 6ta columna
             //myChart2.SetPosition(6, 0, 10, 0);


            MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
            memoryStream.Position = 0;

            return new FileStreamResult(memoryStream, "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet") { FileDownloadName = "Gestion_horas.xlsx" };


Excel export button

Jquery code that counts the number of records in the table and gets its data from each of the rows and saves them in a table which then passes it as a parameter to the ajax to send to the controller as a list and stores it in a variable called list.

$("#btnExportar").click(function () {
        var array = ();
        var filas = $("#contenido").find("tr");
        for (let i = 0; i < filas.length; i++) {
            var celdas = $(filas(i)).find("td");
            var obj = {
                Proyecto: {
                    IdProyecto: $(celdas(0)).text(),
                    Descripcion: $(celdas(1)).text()
                Horas: $(celdas(2)).text(),
                TotalCobrado: $(celdas(3)).text(),
                CostoBienes: $(celdas(4)).text(),
                ManoObra: $(celdas(5)).text(),
                GatosGenerales: $(celdas(6)).text(),
                Depreciacion: $(celdas(7)).text()

            url: root + '/Sigeri/ExportarExcel',
            type: 'POST',
            contentType: 'application/json',
            data: JSON.stringify(array),
            success: function (data) {

In conclusion, I want Excel to generate, because my debuggeo arrives at the end but does not generate it and I do not detect why.

Microsoft Excel – Hide rows based on multiple cells

My database becomes massive and I try to make things a little easier to manage. What I am essentially trying to do is:

If cell E: E = "Complete", hide the corresponding line
Else If cell F: F = "Complete" mask this same / corresponding line

This will continue for the 52 weeks of the year, plus an infinite number of lines depending on the data

I have tried a simple code:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(check)

    If Range("E:Z") = Complete Then
        Rows("3:7000").EntireRow.Hidden = True
        Rows("3:7000").EntireRow.Hidden = False
    End If

It compiles but not much else happens.

Any help is welcome.

object-oriented – VBA Excel event-driven programming debugging

I do things based on events in Excel, but that does not allow me to interpret the code by analyzing each line, one by one. Could some help? I am incredibly ignorant, there is a simple way to achieve what I want or, otherwise, tips to analyze my code. Thank you

export – NVivo-exports a matrix to excel

After creating a matrix encoding query with observations at the bottom of the rows and coding categories in the columns, NVivo allows you to filter the matrix by row or column values, which is very useful. However, this does not allow you to save these filtered results with your query, or export them to Excel, as far as I know. Is it possible to export the matrix to Excel with filtering columns / lines preserved? Thank you!

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How to find two cell column values ​​in another Excel file and how many times it has been found

I have an excel where I want to look up as a 43675 cell and another 2010 cell value.
The two values ​​above must appear in the same row and how many times it has been found in another Excel.
Can any one help me with this vba's