sharepoint online – Inserting data into Excel from PowerApps

I have a PowerApps app that is fronting a SharePoint data source. My customer has an Excel spreadsheet they use for reporting purposes and would like to be able to export data from the PowerApps interface into their Excel spreadsheet stored on OneDrive. I don’t want to push the data to a .CSV file – they already have a formatted Excel workbook with tables, formulas, etc. so I don’t want to create extra work for them. Has anyone done this and do you have any examples/videos/etc. on how to do this?

How can I export chart from excel into Latex with high quality(Overleaf)?

Title says it all, we have data in Excel and we have found Kutools to create pdf files from tables , but it is not working for charts. We have tried export graphs into png, pdf and it has low quality after uploading into overleaf. Do you have any tool or tip which can help me ?


How to create a search page that searches in a custom csv or excel file and shows Exists/Doesn’t Exist result?

My website is on a shared host and cannot use tika because Java is not executable. So the search file attachment module does not work properly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

microsoft excel – How can I delete a column in sheet 2 based on sheet 1 condition?

In sheet1, I have different data number in column 1. Each data has different parameter values.

I want to delete the whole column in sheet 2 corresponding to upper and lower value of sheet 1.

The upper data in Sheet 1 is d20. I want to delete corresponding whole column of d20 from sheet2. Similarly, The lower data in Sheet 1 is d2. I want to delete corresponding whole column of d2 from sheet2.

These d20 or d2 are not fixed. Sometimes d3, d4 etc value may appear instead of d20 due to sorting. I am not fixed to data, I am fixed to position. Whatever data comes to this position, I will have to delete corresponding value.

How can I do this?

enter image description here

excel – Como Criar uma conexao VBA com Oracle 11

Estou tentando conectar VBA ao Oracle, porem os metodos que localizei nos foruns nao funcionaram.
A ideia é criar uma conexao, e nessa conexao realizar uma consulta com um parametro baseado em um dado da celula do excel.

fitting – Finding the best fit: Mathematica vs. Excel

My data is:

data = {{0, 0.05}, {40, 0.079}, {80, 0.113}, {120, 0.18}, {160, 0.31}, {200, 0.5}, {240, 0.71}, {280,0.86}, {320, 1.02}};

With Excel we can fit the data with $0.0548996* e^{0.0099675 x}$ which is more or less good: (blue curve is the fit)

enter image description here

Now, if we try with Mathematica:

FindFit(data, a*E^(b x), {a, b}, x)

it returns: Working precision MachinePrecision is insufficient to achieve the
requested accuracy or precision; ${a -> 2.76357*10^{-76}, b -> 1.}$, which is obviously wrong.

How can one find the best fit with Mathematica for this data?

How do you create a table in Excel with a combination of external data and Excel formulas?

I have a query in Excel that pulls about five columns of data and thousands of rows from an Oracle database. I want to add additional columns to the right of this data, in the same table, that have various formulas to process the columns from the database. But this results in two things:

  1. Table refreshes from the database take several minutes instead of seconds.
  2. The additional columns get full of #REF errors.

I think what’s happening with #2 is that the refresh is deleting the cells with data and then creating new cells with the refreshed data. I seem to recall an option somewhere in Excel of what to do in this case but I don’t remember where it was.

As for #1, no idea. I’m using Excel 365 with an OLEDB connection to Oracle.

Surely this is all something basic I’m overlooking…thanks for help.

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onedrive – Excel sync problems offline to online

My organization uses Office 365 with an administrator account and most other users (dozen) are basic plan.

We have setup a Sharepoint site and while testing to make sure everything works fine, something is broken for me (the only user testing it for now).

My setup: MacOS 11.1,OneDrive app version (latest) 21.052.0314.0001.

Powerpoint and Word files seem to sync both ways fine, however Excel is only being synced from Online->Offline.

Similar to unresolved question but with added complexity of using a Mac.

Even when right clicking the file and choosing make available offline, I get a sync icon but nothing happens.enter image description here
Changes file name/changes file content/Trying to make file available offline doesn’t sync to online.
Changing things online do trigger a successful update offline.

No errors are reported by the OneDrive app.

Create table from excel file in an email with MS Flow and Sharepoint

I’m trying to get the data from the attachment of an email which is an Excel file, I want to get the data in order to create a table so SharePoint can handle the data, so far this is what I have:
enter image description here

But it fails, the error is this even when in the Create File section the output of the ItemId is 1522, when I check the Get file metadata input the file identifier is 1522. Can you point me in the right direction?

The file /sites/example/1522 does not exist.
clientRequestId: xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
serviceRequestId: xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx