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A landscaping contractor is using photos of my yard on their website as part of its portfolio of services. Nothing in my legal agreement speaks to whether it is okay for the contractor to do so.

I asked the contractor to remove the photos from the website. The company declined, saying that they had a right to do so under federal law.

What are my options? Is the contractor correct? Legally, can they publish the photos over my objection?



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I’m on an exchange website, Gemini, and I’ve got a quick question in general about such exchanges:

Say I want to sell/buy a digital asset (eg: bitcoin) at a certain time. Will my transaction be executed against the price at that moment in time, or at a later undetermined time?

is a legitimate exchange?

is a legitimate exchange?
I could not find anywhere any info for them

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assumptions – Expression simplification – Mathematica Stack Exchange

I have this term

Sqrt((B Bc)/(A^2-B Bc))Sqrt(B Bc+A(-A+Sqrt(A^2-B Bc)))Sqrt(-B Bc+A(A + Sqrt(A^2-B Bc))),

which actually can be simplified to B*Bc. However, it seems Mathematica cannot simplify it. Any suggestions on how I’d be able to do that? Thanks.

Python dynamically import modules – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I am trying to find the best practice for importing modules dynamically. I have multiple files in a specific folder called providers which contain a class Updater and all of them have the same objects.

This is the structure I have:

Each provider has 3 class objects: get_latest_version, get_current_version, install.

This is the contents of file:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from Updater.plex import Updater as PlexUpdater
from Updater.pihole import Updater as PiholeUpdater

for provClass in (PlexUpdater, PiholeUpdater):
    provider = provClass()
    latest_version = provider.get_latest_version()
    current_version = provider.get_current_version()

I need to be able to create file on the providers folder and be automatically imported on the main file without explicitly importing myself. Could you suggest a way to make this work?

Detached Passport – Travel Stack Exchange

If you dont have any other document that you can use for domestic travel within Australia, please visit the nearest Indian Embassy and highlight the issue.

If you will be in Australia temporarily and will be returning to your country of origin soon, you will anyway have to visit the Indian Embassy as that passport may cause issues (in that the border staff or the airline check in staff may consider that passport as tampered with) while travelling internationally.

A picture of the damage will help.

bitcoin cash – Is there any blockchain explorer available to track the trades of cryptocurrency exchange?

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Analyzing the functionality of a Cryptocurrency exchange – Cryptocurrencies Corner

As digital trading begins to break new records, it is important to know more about the flourishing business of Cryptocurrency  services. Let us understand how an exchange operates.

It matches interested buyers and sellers on a platform and helps them to exchange their respective assets.
They operate 24×7 and do not have limited trading hours.

They charge fees for executing trades based on the volume of transactions occurring on the platform for a period.
Supply and demand conditions in the market will dictate the prices and there is no official global price. This is why traders may experience different prices set on different exchanges at the same time.

The traders can see the orders waiting in the order book and price changes during a period before taking their respective investment decision.

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Combinatorics – Choosing sticks – Mathematics Stack Exchange

**Problem: ** Seven sticks with lengths 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and 17 inches are placed in a box. Three of the sticks are randomly selected. What is the probability that a triangle can be formed by joining the endpoints of the sticks? Express your answer as a common fraction.

My work: Using the triangle inequality, I counted $9$ ways to choose sticks: $(3,5,7) ; (3, 11, 13) ; (5,7,11) ; (5,11,13); (5,13,17); (7,11,13); (7,11,17) (7,13,17) ;(11,13,17) $.

My Question: I’m not sure how to count the total number of ways to choose sticks. Is choosing $(3,5,7)$ the same as choosing $(5,3,7)$, for example, or do those count as distinct ways to draw?