integration – Exchanging Series and Integrals

I know that I can use Lebesgue or monotone convergence theorem to exchange limit of partial sums and a Lebesgue integral, given a power series or a generic function series. But in general given a series $sum_{n=0}^{infty}a_n$ which converges, and defined $int_0^inftysum_{n=0}^{infty}a_n f_n(u)du$ with $f_n(u)$ integrable, I was wondering when I could exchange the integration and the series. In particular in the context of Borel summation , given $int_0^infty e^{-u} sum_{n=0}^{infty}frac{a_nu^n}{n!}du$, I was wondering how could I demonstrate that if $sum_{n=0}^{infty}a_n$ converges, than I can exchange the integral and the series. (I know that for power series $sum_{n=0}^{infty}a_n z^n$ the work can be done using the radius of convergence and I can always find a dominant)

❓ASK – Making money exchanging BTC and other Cryptocurrencies ? | NewProxyLists

Hello dear BMFers !
I have a question for you ,
When surfing PTC websites , I always stumble across posts saying that you can make decent amounts of money by exchanging cryptocurrencies
It says to deposit a BTC sum on some exchanging Website and exchange for ETH
The withdraw the ETH and exchange it to BTC with a higher price
When I looked one of the exchanging websites that were mentioned , I didn’t find it on the forum !
So what do you guys think ?

Exchanging harvested URL lists for GSA Website Contact

HI All!
I have harvested about 300,000 URLs during the past 3 months. The niche is offices, factories, IT companies, b2b businesses, etc.  Is there anybody who wants to swap a list? It takes a lot of time to harvert the URL’s and that would save all of us a lot of time.

❓ASK – Creating profit by exchanging BTC to ETH? | NewProxyLists

officially launched date : 01-06-2020 minimum investment : 0.01 BTC investment plans : 0.007 BTC per one cycle of exchanges! deposit option and withdrawal : Bitcoin, ETHERUM. Warning -am not the admin neither the owner so therefore only invest what you can afford to lose.

troubleshooting – Dynamic page numbers are converted to static page numbers when exchanging files (Word 365 to Word 2019)

Here is what’s happening:

  • Joe uses Word 365 to create a file with dynamic page numbers and emails it to me.
  • I open the file with Word Pro Plus 2019.
    All page numbers have been converted to the static number 2.


  • There are NO section breaks in the file.
  • I recently upgraded to Word 2019 from Word 2010.
  • This was never a problem when I was using Word 2010. I.e., I could work with 2016, 2019, and 365 files without problems.

I tried searching online for a solution, but the hits are for “how to convert,” even when I add keywords such as problem and troubleshoot.



Hello guys, 

Today i will share with you some Bitcoin trading and exchange related tips. I think it’s very important for beginner.

1. find out how to properly store your Bitcoin first
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2. Is it worth investing in Bitcoin mining?
The industry for Bitcoin mining has accelerated at a rapid pace. within the earliest days of Bitcoin, the typical computer might be wont to crack the cryptographic puzzles and earn new Bitcoins. Unfortunately, in 2018, the sole way Bitcoin mining is completed profitably is within specialised data centres. These warehouses are full of machines built solely for the needs of mining Bitcoin. A home mining operation would cost within the millions to line up today, which suggests it’s probably best to think about investing in Bitcoin that’s already in circulation instead.

3. Set a transparent profit target when opening a trade
As Bitcoin remains a comparatively new market to take a position in, it’s very difficult to understand when the proper time is to shop for and sell your Bitcoin. The volatility within the value of Bitcoin is unlike anything you’re likely to possess experienced before with financial investments, so it’s important that you simply set clear profit and loss targets when opening a trade on Bitcoin. Most beginner Bitcoin traders fail because they fall crazy with their investments and don’t know when to abandoning of a nasty position. By setting an exit point for profits and a stop loss should the trade go against you, it’s easier to minimise losses and live to fight another day. Typically, the foremost extreme daily movements within the value of Bitcoin are often up to three .


SO, you can follow these tips.

thank you for your cooperation.

Java Exercise FileInputStream – Exchanging Code Review Stacks

I just learned the custom packaging classes and am a little confused about a couple of things.
First, what is the use of such a tool? From what I understand, you can emulate the behavior of the copied class but with slight modifications. How often is this tool used?

Could you also check my code? I know I'm supposed to close the feeds with "try with resources", but I don't know where that is inside a constructor. Any other suggestions on the quality of my code are appreciated, please rip it!

Change the TxtInputStream class so that it only works with txt files (* .txt).
For example, first.txt or name.1.part3.txt.
If a non-txt file is passed (e.g. file.txt.exe), then the constructor should throw
an UnsupportedFileNameException.
Think about what else you need to do if an exception is thrown.

x 1. The TxtInputStream class must inherit the FileInputStream class.
2. If a txt file is passed to the constructor, TxtInputStream should behave like a regular FileInputStream.
3. If a non-txt file is passed to the constructor, an UnsupportedFileNameException should be thrown.
4. If an exception is thrown, then you must also call super.close().


public class TxtInputStream extends FileInputStream {
    private FileInputStream original;
    public static String fileName;

    public TxtInputStream(String fileName) throws IOException, UnsupportedFileNameException {
        if(fileName.substring(fileName.length()-4).equals(".txt")) {
            this.fileName = fileName;
        } else {
            throw new UnsupportedFileNameException();


    public static void main(String() args) {

windows 10 – Multiple monitors – Preferences change when exchanging inputs

I have 3 monitors. 2 horizontal and one vertical at the end.
I recently configured an input swapper, so that I can alternate between using my main monitor for my PC or a connected Nintendo Switch.
So two inputs, PC Tower and Switch, by pressing the swapper button, you change the input that actually goes to the monitor. Easy.

However, each time I change the monitor from the PC to the switch, my multiple monitor settings (managed in the NVIDIA control panel) change. Monitor 2 becomes main, vertical monitor becomes horizontal, distorting the wallpaper and making navigation difficult.
That would be fine, except that when I switch the swapper again, the second monitor remains the main one, the vertical remains horizontal and it arranges them as if the first monitor was on the other side of the vertical. (If it makes sense.)

IT'S TO SAY. it deletes all parameters, and they do not return to the previous state when the input is inverted. So I have to manually change the settings. (Make monitor 1 main, move it to the left, make monitor 3 vertical, etc.)

Is it repairable or a natural consequence of my pride?

Lightning Network status update order when exchanging private keys and new engagement transactions

I recently studied Lightning Network and got confused.

I want to know that the order of generation process of a new state to revoke the old state in the Lightning network. When a new Escrow transaction is generated, do the two parties exchange signatures for the new transaction first, then the private key used in the previous Escrow transaction is sent to the other party to revoke the previous state, or is the situation reversed? (In other words, the private key is exchanged first, then the new pair of commitment transactions is signed and exchanged).

Or is there a more specific order?

GMail Application Script Error – Exchanging Web Application Stacks

I am trying to run a GMail Apps script that I collected on this forum in response to the following question about spamming GMail

The script I am trying to fix is ​​as follows:

var threads ="label:myspamindicator -is:spam");
for (var iThread = 0; iThread < threads.length; iThread++) {
   var threadId = threads(iThread).getId();

I put this in a function and try to trigger it regularly. The error I get just comes from running the function without a trigger,

The idea is to train GMail to recognize all of my spam emails by sending spam messages to Gmail's spam box rather than staying in the inbox and being deleted.

I'm almost sure I understand the concept of code (although the language is completely new to me), but I get the following error:

Message details Exception: the parameters (string) do not correspond to the method signature for GmailApp.moveThreadToSpam. (line 5, "sendtoSpam" file)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong.