php – How to take a screen capture of a complete web page, so that the user can include or exclude a page / DOM area from the screen capture

In my web application, I have to take a screenshot of a web page. What I do via the Google PageSpeed ​​API. But I have to provide an extra feature. The user must be able to select a Web / DOM page area to include or exclude from the screen capture.

I need to give the user the ability to drag their mouse pointer on the screen to make a selection, and any DOM elements entering this selection must be included or excluded from the capture. ;screen. My question is: how would that kind of thing be done? What should I review / read about / check?

For example, in the following GIF files from this promo of the home page, they allow the user to select a web page area and have read on his website that the The user can include or exclude a selected area from the screen captures.

enter the description of the image here

custom taxonomy – How to exclude common terms?

I have two taxonomies custom Tax1 and Tax2. Suppose that in a Name1 article the name is the name for both taxonomies. Like that

The value of Tax1 is Name1
Tax2 values ​​are Name1, Name2, Name3

But I want to exclude the common terms "Name1" from Tax2 taxonomy.

How can I run it?

Exclude the taxonomy term from the view display, except his own?

I'm working on a news editor site and need help to exclude a taxonomy term but keep it with its own page.

For example. Our content is organized by theme and region. For a series of articles, I have added a particular label. I would like to exclude articles with this tag from all pages displaying views of regions and themes, while maintaining a page containing only the display of this tag. So that these articles do not display on the displays of themes and regions (even if they are organized in categories), but still on the tags page.

So exclude tag: xyz from all pages except

My problem is that when I filter the tag criteria, all items are removed from the tag's landing page.

It would be easier not to just give these articles certain regions and themes, but we need them to be organized as such on the final server and for future use.

Thanks in advance !!

Command line – Invisible space when attempting to delete file (but exclude all files from a list)?

I'm trying to accomplish a simple task using the excellent post here: I would like to delete all files from a folder, except those listed in a .txt file contained in the folder. The syntax works well, but for some reason, all the files are deleted – the script indicates in principle that there is no correspondence between the file names of the folder and those of the .txt file – but I see that there are some!

I thought that there might be an invisible white space after my file names that I can not see (in the folder or the .txt file). But I do not think so … Is there another solution that I do not think?

How can I exclude these URLs from Google Analytics

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Exclude | Include for FileSet entity in bareos bconsole

I write a REST layer to configure bareos using bcondole. And I have encountered some limitations in the configuration.

I do not understand how to pass Exclude | Include values ​​at FileSet entity in the bconsole. configure add fileset no settings Exclude | Include.

Is not it possible to use bconsole? And need to edit the configuration file?

Scripting – Get-ADUser filter from Powershell to exclude a specific organizational unit from the list?


I need help solving the powershell script below do not to search for an account in the specific organizational unit of the list.

The AD account that will be reported is the AD account with none of the following attributes:

Phone Number
Mobile/Cellphone Number
Job Title
Email Address.
office address

That's the script I've got so far:

$filter = "(Enabled -eq 'true') -and ((mail -notlike '*') -or (company -notlike '*') -or (l -notlike '*') -or (physicalDeliveryOfficeName -notlike '*') -or (title -notlike '*') -or ( (telephoneNumber -notlike '*') -and (mobile -notlike '*')) )"
$properties = @('mail', 'physicalDeliveryOfficeName', 'Company', 'DisplayName', 'title', 'SamAccountName', 'CanonicalName', 'lastlogondate', 'mobile', 'telephoneNumber','l','Whencreated')
$domainDN = (Get-ADDomain).DistinguishedName

$excludeOUs = @(
    'OU=Disabled Users,DC=GlobalCorp,DC=com'
    'OU=GlobalCorp Testing,DC=GlobalCorp,DC=com'
    'OU=Admin Accounts,OU=GlobalCorp Global,DC=GlobalCorp,DC=com'
    'OU=Service Accounts,OU=GlobalCorp Global,DC=GlobalCorp,DC=com'
    'OU=Shared Mailboxes,OU=GlobalCorp Global,DC=GlobalCorp,DC=com'
) | ForEach-Object { $_ + ',' }

Get-ADUser -Filter $filter -Properties $properties -SearchBase $domainDN |
    Select-Object -Property `
        @{n = "OU"; e = { $_.CanonicalName.Remove($_.CanonicalName.LastIndexOf($_.Name) - 1) } },
        @{n = 'CN'; e = { Split-Path $_.CanonicalName -Parent } },
        @{n = 'ParentContainer'; e = { $_.DistinguishedName -replace '^CN=.*?(?=CN|OU)' } },
        Whencreated |
    Where-Object {
        ($_.DisplayName -notlike '*Admin*') -and
        ($_.DisplayName -notlike '*Calendar*') -and
        ($_.DisplayName -notlike '*Room*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike 'SM_*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike '*SVC*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike '*Test*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike '*admin*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike '*$*') -and
        ($_.SamAccountName -notlike 'HealthMailbox*') -and
        ($_.DistinguishedName -notcontains $excludeOUs)
    } |
ConvertTo-HTML | Set-Variable HTMLBody

Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer -From "$env:COMPUTERNAME@$env:userdnsdomain" -To -Subject "Incomplete AD User report as at $((Get-Date).ToString("dd-MM-yyyy"))" -Body ($HTMLBody -join "`n") -BodyAsHTML

I wonder if anyone here can help modify the Where-Object filter above?

Thank you in advance.

analytics – Demographics on LinkedIn websites – exclude internal company traffic?

In LinkedIn Ads, after setting up the Insights for remarketing tag, in Website, is there a way to EXCLUDE your company's internal traffic to appear as a public of the website? Currently, under Demographics on the website, my own company posts LinkedIn's audience traffic on the company's website. So, if I make a remarketing ad to this audience now, I will do it again for myself and the internal employees of the company, which will make it useless. Did I miss something? No advice?

Magento 2 Exclude specific products from catalog price rules

How can I exclude specific products from catalog price rules ?.

I have 3 price rules that apply to all products depending on the group of customers, but I do not see anything in conditions that can exclude products from these rules.


networking – How to exclude a Hyper-V switch from network location detection

I use Windows 10 Pro (1903) with the Hyper-V role.

I need an internal network switch to be able to create a community from my host to my virtual machine with static IP addresses. The "default switch" Hyper-V adds changes to its IP range each time it is restarted.

I need to exclude this network card from the network location detection. I know this should be possible because the "default switch" and the "nat" (added by Docker) do not display anything else on the Network Connections screen (see picture).

Switching the network interface privately via Powershell does not persist between reboots, which is not ideal. Changing the group policy to make all unidentified networks confidential is also not due to security concerns (this is a laptop).