url rewriting – Google crawls site.com/my-category/0/page/* urls that are not supposed to exist

Google reported a schema error on a page on my website which should not exist:


my-category does not have 25 pages. It only has 3 pages. I checked the other categories and I can access those pages with /0/ on the URL as well.

my-category pages should only be


Only the main archive page, which has all the POST, should have 25 pages.

Is there a setting that I need to update, or a hook that needs filtering to remove those URLs with /0/ on the URL? Those need to be 404.

sql – How to search to see if values of a column exist in another table as sub-string in BQ

I am familiar with the CONTAINS_SUBSTR function in BigQuery.
 Here’s an example from the official BigQuery documentation of how it works (with minor modification):

WITH Recipes AS
 (SELECT 'Blueberry pancakes' as Breakfast, 'Egg salad sandwich' as Lunch, 'Potato dumplings' as Dinner UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Potato pancakes', 'Toasted cheese sandwich', 'Beef stroganoff' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Ham scramble', 'Steak avocado salad', 'Tomato pasta' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Avocado toast', 'Tomato soup', 'Blueberry salmon' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Corned beef hash', 'Lentil potato soup', 'Glazed ham')
SELECT * FROM Recipes;


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Blueberry pancakes Egg salad sandwich Potato dumplings
Potato pancakes Toasted cheese sandwich Beef stroganoff
Ham scramble Steak avocado salad Tomato pasta
Avocado toast Tomato soup Blueberry salmon
Corned beef hash Lentil potato soup Glazed ham
SELECT * FROM Recipes WHERE CONTAINS_SUBSTR((Lunch), 'potato');


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Corned beef hash Lentil potato soup Glazed ham

However, instead of a single STRING literal (potato in the above example), I want to be able to use a table with a single column that contains the keywords that I’m looking for:

Keywords AS
(SELECT 'potato' as ingredient UNION ALL
 SELECT 'egg')

Desired output:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Corned beef hash Lentil potato soup Glazed ham
Potato pancakes Toasted cheese sandwich Beef stroganoff
Blueberry pancakes Egg salad sandwich Potato dumplings

Is there a way to use CONTAINS_SUBSTR or any other function and pass the ingredient column of Keywords as input to it to get the desired output?

Example of a query that I’m looking for (this does not work):

SELECT * FROM Recipes WHERE CONTAINS_SUBSTR((Lunch), (SELECT ingredient from Keywords));

dg.differential geometry – Do exist constant curvature manifolds (hyperbolic or elliptic) with torsion?

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synology – What GUI file explorers exist (Mac or Windows) to browse folders with wildcards?

I use a synology NAS, and have snapshots enabled. This creates a bunch of timestamped copies of folders in a #snapshots directory for each share. For instance, if I have the folder homes/alex/my/folder/structure/ (where “homes” is a default share in DSM), I also have the folders homes/#snapshots/<timestamp1, timestamp2, timestamp3, etc>/alex/my/folder/structure/ containing snapshots of the structure folder at all the timestamps it existed for. This whole structure is available to browse on a client machine via SMB, assuming you’ve enabled that and have a credentialed user and so on.

If I want to find all the snapshots of structure on MacOS, I can use the terminal command `ls /Volumes/homes/#snapshot/*/alex/my/folder/structure/’.

This is a little cumbersome both because it requires a lot of typing but also because it lists the entire contents of the structure folder at every snapshot, in addition to which snapshots there are.

In a perfect world, finder would just have a dropdown menu on the folder path entry where I could see all the other folders at this level containing this same path I’m on, and could quickly switch between them. They do something similar with much more visual cruft in the Time Machine interface, but that’s not generally applicable.

Is there any GUI a-la Path Finder/Forklift/etc that has this kind of function?

Estou tendo o seguinte erro ao tentar implementar bloc pattern com Flutter: Target of URI doesn’t exist: ‘package:bloc_pattern/bloc_pattern.dart’

Estou tendo um problema ao tentar implementar bloc pattern. Ao tentar fazer o import da biblioteca, recebo o seguinte erro: Target of URI doesn’t exist: ‘package:bloc_pattern/bloc_pattern.dart’.
Try creating the file referenced by the URI, or Try using a URI for a file that does exist.

Já tentei com duas versões nas dependências do pubspec.yaml: bloc_pattern 2.3.2 e a 3.0.0.

O que pode estar acontecendo? Alguém saberia me ajudar?

formulas – Google Sheet Filter and Match (List the label where a name exist.)

I am not 100% satisfied with the expandability of my solution, yet here it is:
if you have in B10 the name you want (ex: “Paul”) then paste the following formula:


hope it helps

Does there exist an almost surely continuous martingale?

Does there exist a continuous time martingale $X_t$ not a.s. constant in $t$ that is almost surely everywhere differentiable?

Limit of $cos(n,t)/n$ does exist and converge under conditions?

I thought $displaystyle{lim_{nto 0} dfrac{cos(n)}{n}}$ does not exist, but under some conditions I noticed, it does:

$c_n = dfrac{n^2,pi ^2,sinleft(pi ,nright)-2,sinleft(pi ,nright)+2,pi ,n,cosleft(pi ,nright)}{n^3,pi }$

Here, that term converges to $frac{pi^2}{3}$

It arose from $displaystyle{c_n = dfrac{1}{2,pi}int_{-pi}^{pi}t^2,e^{-i,n,t}}$ (Fourier integral)

It is somewhat clear that integral also is defined for $n = 0$. I just can’t figure out why.

$displaystyle{left(text{As stated in the headline:} quadlim_{nto 0}dfrac{2,cosleft(pi ,nright)}{n^2,pi} quad text{shouldn’t exist on its own.}right)}$

postgresql – Retrieve all records if no record exist in the joining table

I have these three tables,


| po_number | vendor_name |
| --------- | ----------- |
| 10001     | Xyz         |
| 100002    | ABC         |


| line_number| po_number      | item_quantity | recieved_quantity
| ---------- | -------------- | ------------- | ---------
| 0001       | 10001          |20             | 10
| 0002       | 10001          |80             | 10
| 0002       | 10002          |40             | 35


| line_number| po_number      |shipping_quant
| ---------- | -------------- |---------
| 0001       | 10001          | 20         

How to retrieve order_master based on these two conditions

  1. if any po_lineitem having item_quantity > recieved quantity.
  2. if po_lineitem having item_quantity > (sum of previously shippingquantity from asn_lineitem for same line_number & poNumber) .2(b) if there no items in the asn_lineitem this should return true

I wrote this query but was not able to achieve 2(b)

select count(*) from erp_po_header 
where po_number in
(select erlitms.po_number from erp_po_line_items erlitms
    (select sum(shipping_quantity) as total_prev_shipped_items,po_number,item_number from asn_lineitem
    Group by po_number,item_number) 
ON erlitms.po_number = asn_items.po_number
and erlitms.item_number = asn_items.item_number
    and erlitms.item_quantity > CAST (erlitms.received_quantity AS INTEGER)
and erlitms.item_quantity > asn_items.total_prev_shipped_items ) 

Magento 1 Redirect Product to the category page if product doesn’t exist or found 404

I am working on Magento 1.9.1. I we have few already deleted products. Currently if we open that by URL we are getting 404. But I want to redirect these all in their parent category. Is there any event by we can handle 404 ? Any way by we can redirect to category page if product not found ?