centos – Samba: Slow to query not existing files

In a samba share we have a directory with lots of files – binaries and resources to run our ERP application (around 20K entries).

The application is taking too long to load. The found reason is that the application tries to load several files in a trial/error fashion, looking for extensions in a particular order (e.g: file.dll, file.lbr, file.gnt, file.int). Many of these files are not required and doesn’t even exist.

Every “not found” hit take ~0.2 seconds. And there are lots of these events.

The thing is that apparently samba is not caching this result.

If I run this code (in a Windows Command Prompt) in the samba share, it takes considerable time, whereas in a native Windows share it is instantaneous.

  for /L %i in (1,1,50) do @dir \serversharenot_existing.txt >nul

Anything that can be done?

Environment Details:

  • CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)
  • Samba version 4.8.3
  • Application Runtime: Microfocus NetExpress (Cobol) v3.1

security – What prevents somebody from “re-mining” an already existing Bitcoin?

This may reveal that I know nothing about math or cryptography.

Let’s say that a given Bitcoin was “lost” in that it was once mined and assigned/given to a person who had it in their wallet.dat, but then they either lost the password to this file, or deleted it, or otherwise lost access to it forever (or without any realistic hope of ever retrieving it).

Now, that Bitcoin has been mined out of the 21,000,000 total ones ever, but it’s “lost”.

But if a computer once guessed the right private key for that coin, why can’t another computer do it again?

Basically, isn’t it possible that all the Bitcoins that are currently mined and in possession of somebody, could be “re-mined”?

Is it just “extremely unlikely”? And you cannot “target” a specific existing private key/receive address/Bitcoin?

I’m always fearing that one day, somebody “re-mines” the Bitcoins that I have, thus seizing access to them, either by sheer accident or by somehow deducing the ones I own and specifically try to “re-mine” those in order to make me poor?

cropping – Crop overlap in existing panorama

I have multiple partial spherical panorama pictures taken using the standard Android panorama function. The problem is that the panorama does not stop at 360 degrees, but is overlapping at the left/right border.
So it contains not just only 360 degrees, but more – let’s say 365 degrees.

I tried to autocorrect the images and crop right or left with hugin, but without success. I can import the image using the equirectangular type and 360 degrees horizontal field of view, but I was not able to automatically (or manually) find control points in the same image in order to recognize and correct the overlap. The only way was to manually limit the horizontal angle of view using the slider on the bottom.

Is there a way to (ideally automatically without GUI) recognize and crop the overlap?

sharepoint server – Get ItemCount from Existing View

I have a Task list that I’m trying to query to get the total Active Tasks for the current user. There is a view already built that I would like to use.

/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Tasks')/views/getbytitle('My Tasks')/ItemCount

However, it throws an error:

Cannot find resource for the request ItemCount

Is there a way I can grab the item count from an existing view using the REST API ?

Easily adding multiple existing users to a multisite site

I manage a multisite network for a school. The sites are private (password protected), but users within the network should be allowed to access other sites as subscribers. (i.e. all students in a class should have subscriber access to the site of their classmates).

When you create a new site or new user, by default only the site admin has access to his site, other users are not added. You have to manually add other users as subscribers. This is ok when you have only a couple sites/users, but as soon as you have 10+ it starts taking a lot of time to add each user manually to each site.

I found many plugins, but they either seem to be very complicated with many roles configurations to do, or be simple but outdated.

This is basically a duplicate of this question: How to add multiple existing users to a multisite site? but like I said, the plugin suggested here seems to be too outdated to use now.

I am basically looking for a plugin to allow me to select multiple existing users on the network when adding them as subscriber to a site, instead of having to type each user name manually and clicking “add”.

Any easy way to do this? Or known “older” easy plugin known to work fine under newer WP versions?


google pixel – How to create a script that inputs parameters into an already existing app

I’m not even sure if script is the right term, I’m pretty new to coding with mobile devices, but it’s what I thought of.

I’m trying to create some kind of program to modify the parameters of apps that require them, specifically doing so automatically on a timer. For example automatically putting in GPS coordinates at intervals to make it appear that the device is moving. I’m not really sure how to start learning stuff like this, as I don’t have a lot of experience with android. Any suggestions are appreciated!

If it matters I have some experience with Java and with Python, and a little bit with Linux shells.

dnd 5e – Are there any existing magical/artificial replacement arms written up?

Yes. Man, are you in luck.

The DMG details two such replacement limbs as magical artifacts- The Hand and The Eye of Vecna. Both of these items replace original body parts, and grant a number of randomly determined enhancements (20 STR score or permanent True Sight, for example), as well as an Evil alignment. The Hand specifically call for the intended user to lop off their own left hand, which might fit your specific circumstances (and depend on just how much arm was lost).

Obviously, as artifacts of an undead god of secrets and magic, these are tremendously powerful, and you should consult your DM before attempting to quest for them.

magento2 – Magento 2 Add existing simple product to configurable product greyed out

I’m trying to add an existing simple product to a configurable product.

I clicked on Add products Manually in the configurable product.
enter image description here

But the the simple product I’m trying to add to this configurable product is greyed out. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

enter image description here

git – Added Solution to Devops but Existing Website (angular) didnt commit correctly

this might be a combination of issues here is the steps i took:

Created a new solution in Visual Studio 2019 And created 2 projects

i then used powershell to create an Angular Web app and added it to the sln via “add existing web site”

in VS i now see the following:

enter image description here

I then decided to start setting up the Azure Devops environment and commit the solution to it

Here is where issue 1 arrised, the “regular” projects commited just fine however the
web application did not, this is what i see in Azure devops:

enter image description here

As you can see the “FestWise-Web” project is seen as a file and when opened it just shows a alphanumeric string inside: “5a485154e242189bf16479881e377550ee5ce7b2”

Shouldn’t i be able to somehow have the angular project be added to the Repo as well ?

The second issue is that in VS i see that the source control detects a change to the “FestWise-Web” [submodule]

but when i choose to commit it throws: fatal: unexpected sequence in commit output.

enter image description here

how can i solve this ?