oracle 11g – ORA-27369: failed to work with exit code: no child process to wait

I have an existing .bat file where I call FDSLoader64.exe daily to update the following tables.


FDSLoader64.exe is supposed to download the latest txt files related to resepctives from FTP and download them.

Once the update is successful, FDSLoader64.exe updates the metadata tables in which one can know if the update was successful or not.

To do this I have created a PROGRAM in Oracle 11g as follows


Create a schedule for this, it should work every day at 11:30.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => "FDS_DEMO". "DAILY_9AM", attribute => "repeat_interval", value => & # 39; FREQ = DAILY; BYDAY = MON, FUTURE, MARI, GAME , FRI; BY, FRI; BYHOUR = 11; BYMINUTE = 30; BYSECOND = 0;);

Finally I have created a job who runs the program using the calendar.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => "FDS_DEMO". "FF_V3_GENESIS", attribute => job_priority, value => 1);

The calendar was successfully run at 11:30 am on June 24, 2019. According to the metadata tables, we can confirm that the data was successfully uploaded to the tables, but when I see the content of user_scheduler_job_run_details, it displays the results as following.

enter the description of the image here

** The complete error code is as follows. **
"ORA-27369: EXECUTABLE job failed with exit code: there is no job
process children to wait.
STANDARD_ERROR = "2019/06/24 11:30:16 INFO>: config.xml is at the latest
version 2.10, in progress.
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: FDSLoader version
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: Dump directory D:  FDSLoader  d ""

customs and immigration – entry / exit by train – UK / Schengen

I am not a citizen of the European Union, I will travel from Paris to Manchester next month. I was wondering therefore, since most countries follow the dates of entry and departure, if I use the train to change country and that they do not control it, my Schengen visa will look like an entry YES but no departure. Same for the UK, I will not have a date of entry but I will leave,

Will it be problems later? Do they control that in the trains? If not, is there anything I should do before?

How to cancel empty exit errors in Google Sheets?

I'm using the following code in many cells of the sheet,

= SPLIT (REGEXREPLACE ("" & S2, "( d)", "$ 1,"), ",")

not all will contain data at once. How can I prevent empty cell value notification from appearing?

ios – the command of the linker failed with the exit code

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Help using 2 parameters to exit a specific category

I am looking to be able to enter an "AGE" and a "V02" in a formula that indicates in which "category" the person would be in ie; good, excellent google leaf snapshot]

locktime – How can I lock the exit time of a transaction?

Yes, you can use OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY opcode in the lock script of the output. This opcode takes as parameter to lock either blocks, or a time of Unix (seconds since January 1, 1970). If the parameter is different from zero and less than 500 million, it is interpreted as a block height. If it is greater than or equal to 500 million, it is interpreted as a Unix time stamp. When you want to reference this UTXO when you spend, you must define the transaction nLocktime equal or larger than the OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY. the nLocktime parameter while spending should be identical to what was specified in the CLTV; that is, if the CLTV lock setting was in blocks, it should be specified in blocks, otherwise in the Unix Epoch timestamp.

Since you want it to be usable after January 1, 2030, this equates to a time stamp of 1 893 456 000 (or 0x70danga80). So, your lock script will concatenate:

OP_DATA (size of CLTV_expiry): 0x04
CLTV (little endian): 0x80d8db70
OP_CLTV: 0xb1
OP_DROP: 0x75
OP_DUP: 0x76
OP_HASH160: 0xa9
OP_DATA (size of the address): 0x14

Two things to note: (1) When you spend this transaction, the entry referencing this UTXO must have nSequence value between 0xF0000000 and 0xFFFFFFFE. (2) Median_time (time of the last 11 blocks) is used to check nLocktime when the script is evaluated, which is usually an hour late compared to the actual time of your wall clock.

exit – Where is the problem with `Length`?

j & # 39; uses

Length[Reduce[ans2[[1]]<= y <= ans1[[1]], y, integers]]

count the integers from ans2 to ans1.

This code

F[x_] : = x ^ 3 - 3 * x;
m = -1;
M = 2;
g[x] = -f[x];
ans1 = Maximize[{F[g[{F[g[{F[g[{f[g[x]], m <= x <= M}, x]// Simplify
ans2 = minimize[{F[g[{F[g[{F[g[{f[g[x]], m <= x <= M}, x]// Simplify
Length[Reduce[ans2[[1]]<= y <= ans1[[1]], y, integers]]

I have the right exit 5. When I change

F[x_] : = x ^ 3 - 3 * x;
m = -1;
M = 5;
g[x] = -f[x];
ans1 = Maximize[{F[g[{F[g[{F[g[{f[g[x]], m <= x <= M}, x]// Simplify
ans2 = minimize[{F[g[{F[g[{F[g[{f[g[x]], m <= x <= M}, x]// Simplify
Length[Reduce[ans2[[1]]<= y <= ans1[[1]], y, integers]]

The output is wrong. Then I use it by hand

year1[[1]]- ans2[[1]]+1

Where is the problem in the order?

Length[Reduce[ans2[[1]]<= y <= ans1[[1]], y, integers]]

How to have different conditions of entry and exit for a context in Tasker?

I'm using Tasker with a set of conditions on a context.

I want the context to be entered only when the screen is off.

However, I do not want the context to be got out by simply turning on the screen; only the other conditions must be relevant to get out of the context.

What is the "right" way to do this in Tasker? Is there an elegant solution?

ulimit – Using the full Apache2 processor after exit with error (it's impossible to create a worker thread)

I have my outgoing Apache2.4 (mpm_worker) instance with the following log:

[Mon May 27 11:27:33.196177 2019] [core:warn] [pid 567365:tid 139765793668032]    AH00045: The child process 567368 has still not been closed, sending a SIGTERM
[Mon May 27 11:27:35.198179 2019] [core:warn] [pid 567365:tid 139765793668032]    AH00045: The child process 567368 has still not been closed, sending a SIGTERM
[Mon May 27 11:27:37.200177 2019] [core:error] [pid 567365:tid 139765793668032]    AH00046: child process 567368 still has not stopped, sending a SIGKILL
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.297736 2019] [core:warn] [pid 569972:tid 140126180117440]    AH00098: pid file /var/run/apache2/ overwritten - Uncleaned shutdown of the last Apache runtime?
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.300264 2019] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 569972:tid 140126180117440]    AH00292: Apache / 2.4.29 (Ubuntu) OpenSSL / 1.1.0g configured - resume normal operations
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.300296 2019] [core:notice] [pid 569972:tid 140126180117440]    AH00094: Command line: / usr / sbin / apache2 & # 39;
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.303713 2019] [mpm_worker:alert] [pid 569975:tid 140126052628224]    (11) Resource temporarily unavailable: AH03142: apr_thread_create: unable to create a worker thread
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.359830 2019] [mpm_worker:alert] [pid 569973:tid 140126180117440]    (11) Resource temporarily unavailable: AH00282: apr_thread_create: Can not create a worker thread.
[Mon May 27 11:27:38.371350 2019] [mpm_worker:alert] [pid 569974:tid 140126060156672]    (11) Resource temporarily unavailable: AH03142: apr_thread_create: unable to create a worker thread
[Mon May 27 11:27:40.302219 2019] [mpm_worker:alert] [pid 569972:tid 140126180117440]    AH02325: A shortage of resources or some other irremediable failure has been encountered before successful initialization of a child process ... httpd closes!

When reading the last line of the journal, I assumed that apache would be dead now.
Instead of top gives me a 320% CPU usage for Apache. It lasts forever (at least several days).
By reading the front lines of the journal, it is clear that after apache pretends to leave, it is impossible to shut down or kill a child process for any reason.

Googlerunable to create a worker thread& # 39; Direct me to the limits of the server resources and adjustment of the correct settings of apache2. Here is the Ulimit for www-data:

Ulimit for Apache

root @ xxx: ~ # sudo -u www-data bash -c-ulimit -a & # 39;
size of the base file (blocks, -c) 0
data segment size (kilobytes, -d) unlimited
planning priority (-e) 0
unlimited file size (blocks, -f)
pending signals (-i) 1546431
max memory locked (kilobytes, -l) 16384
maximum memory size (kilobytes, -m) unlimited
open files (-n) 105000
pipe size (512 bytes, -p) 8
POSIX message wait queues (bytes, -q) 819200
priority in real time (-r) 0
stack size (kilobytes, -s) 8192
CPU time (seconds, -t) unlimited
Maximum number of user processes (-u) 10000
virtual memory (kilobytes, -v) unlimited
Unlimited file locks (-x)


    StartServers 2
MinSpareThreads 5
MaxSpareThreads 10
ThreadLimit 64
ThreadsPerChild 5
MaxRequestWorkers 100
MaxConnectionsPerChild 50

Server information:

VPS: 6core 2Ghz
Usage: One instance of domain / apache for Nextcloud.

# 1

How can I debug what's going on with Apache after saying that it was abandoned, but that it was causing high CPU usage? (repair would be even better)

# 2

How can I adjust the worker settings to the case of use? (I guess that's the root cause)

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you

el capitan – I can not exit recovery mode (OS X Utilities) by resetting or reinstalling the OS

I have purchased a used iMac and, when I turn it on, the OS X Utilities screen appears. I would like to install the operating system but I can not do it.

I have tried everything on any other questions on this topic:

  1. Back to factory settings

That is to say. formatting the hard drive (as indicated by Apple) and reboot. According to the Apple website, this was supposed to display the country selection screen, but this is not the case. It just takes me back to OS X Utilities.

  1. OS X Resintall

There is an option to reinstall OS X El Capitan. After being connected to iCloud (with a new account, I had to create this – I did not have one before), the error message "This item is temporarily unavailable". I've googled this and tried the many fixes to no avail. Apparently, the iCloud account of the original user should be used, but I do not have access to it and I do not want them to be linked to this computer either.

  1. Other macOS recovery modes

Apple gives key combinations for other recovery options. I have tried all three as shown, but I am still asked to enter the details of iCloud.

  1. Start from CD

I do not have the original CD with the operating system on it, nor access to a computer capable of burning a bootable disc. To be honest, this is not an option I want to consider – resetting an Apple computer does not require it, according to the many guides and videos on this subject.)

Screenshots of the formatting of the hard disk:

Format the hard drive

Formatting successful

Screen capture of the iCloud error:

ICloud error