Is there any benefit to leaving reviews on expedia?

Not really. The idea is to leave comments to help other travelers because they have probably also left you with comments so that you can avoid this shady hotel with bedbugs or this restaurant that has given you gastro.

The same is evident with and other similar sites. This is a benefit "I will help others and they will help me".

Sometimes, some of these sites (including offer a reward for leaving a comment – an entry in a draw, for example. And Google has tried to gamify it by adding points and levels to "Local Guide", asking users to leave comments, answer questions and add photos to get points.

In terms of direct feedback, if negative, you could Find an enthusiastic staff member at the hotel, try to contact you after seeing the review to remedy the situation.

Skymiles + MQM on Aeromexico flight booked by Expedia

Looking to buy a SFO flight to Quito with a SkyTeam airline (try to get Delta status this year!)

On the Delta and Aeromexico websites, the cost is greater than $ 1,000. However, Expedia offers an Aeromexico round-trip route for less than $ 700.

Do Aeromexico routes purchased on third-party websites collect MQMs and miles?

Any advice deeply appreciated!

How to get the lowest price on Expedia?

You just did the same search, about 1 minute apart, on Expedia to find a hotel with the same dates, the same number of occupants and filter both in a window where I would I am connected to Expedia and an Incognito Chromium system and got extremely different results for many properties.


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The price once connected is almost triple! It's the same room, of which it remains 3, and they even give an extra day to cancel with the cheapest price. This allows me to buy directly without logging in, so that the lowest price is maintained.

This is one of the most important differences, but at times the price recorded was slightly lower than incognito, so that going incognito does not seem to guarantee the best price. Maybe there are other prizes as well, depending on sponsorship links, ads, and so on. (There is an office supply store that offers a discount of almost 30% when airing an ad, but in this case it is still consistent).

Note that the address is the same but the phone number is different. Probably so that the agents know what level of pricing the callers come from.

How can you ask Expedia to quote its best price for hotels?

travel agents – How Expedia manages to sell a room significantly cheaper than the hotel itself?

I recently booked the Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta booked directly on the Hyatt website. The price of the room was approx. $ 650 per night.

Tonight, I was casually browsing through Expedia and finding the same room, same room type and same dates available for $ 300 a night, plus.

Expedia indicated that the room had a 55% discount as of tonight.

This is a significant discount … How does Expedia manage to provide the same room at this price?

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