Anyone with experience with / Neostrada / SkyNetHosting.Net /

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  1. Anyone with experience with / Neostrada / SkyNetHosting.Net /

    Hello guys
    Anyone with experience with / Neostrada / SkyNetHosting.Net / and
    I ask about reliability, availability, support and overall experience
    I think SkyNetHosting.Net and have the best offer (huge amount of storage for 30-35 USD, which is amazing)

    Thank you for your help

  2. Have you ever tried to look here for reviews about them?

    Specially 4 you ||| Raise your sites
    JoneSolutions.Com (Jones.Solutions or Jones.Hosting) is on the net Providing 24/7 stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

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Availability Calendar UI / UX Approach – User Experience Stack Exchange

I am currently working on an availability calendar in which users will be able to see the available slots of a tutor that he has previously defined.

Users can book a lesson by clicking on an available location. I've come up with a basic calendar structure for this. However, this already looks like a mess. Enjoy your ideas to reorganize the design of the sites.

enter the description of the image here

[FREE] Super easy $ 20-30 / day with Adsense from the first day. No website, no experience required! | NewProxyLists

[FREE] Super easy $ 20-30 / day with Adsense from the first day. No website, no experience required!

Super easy $ 20-30 / day with Adsense from the first day. No website, no experience required!

– Adsense Method

– nice beginner

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do you have experience with directadmin and CyberPanel Enterprise?


I think trying other control panels for hosting,

have you ever experienced liveadmin and CyberPanel Enterprise? … | Read the rest of

logos – Branding of micro-applications – User Experience Stack Exchange

Following this question; We are currently in an important transition phase, going from a few monoliths (used mainly internally) to a larger number of micro-services. This means that users will now visit many small, single page (SPA) applications for the specific task they are trying to accomplish.

Branding monoliths was easy, we sent a survey to the concerned audience, chose a name and created a logo. This name then appeared in ITSM, architectural diagrams, and so on.

Now, with the micro-applications, what should be our branding strategy? For example, should it be the same process of polling and logo times SPAs? Or some brand families (eg, metal names)?

Real world examples would be much appreciated.

experience – How much should an Android app crash for each user?

I develop a program used daily by more than 3,000 people
About 8 hours a day
After two months of using the ACRA library to get a report of program crashes
And after a lot of investigations and corrections of errors
now I know that my program is receiving errors for about 150 users each day and leaving the application
Most errors are due to lack of memory or unwanted errors that occur more often on older devices.
My question is: is it the amount of error in a normal application?
If not, to what extent do programs such as WhatsApp or Uber generate errors and what can be done to prevent them?

RuneScape Giant Oyster D & D Guide: How to Get a Fishing Experience – Forex Training

The giant oyster Runescape is a monthly underclass of distraction and diversion (D & D) which consists of a subclassification of mini-games. It is accessible at the end of the quest Under the Cursed Tides. Here we provide you with a guide allowing you to gain a great experience of fishing and agriculture.

Items needed to increase XP fishing and breeding in RS Giant Oyster

To gain a great fishing and farming experience, there are some useful elements to help you increase both experiences:
– Admiral pie
– other increases in fishing and stocking levels
You can also collect and catch objects like sea cucumber and delicious seaweed to feed the giant oyster in order to benefit from an experience of fishing and agriculture.

Tips for getting an excellent fishing XP and farming with RS Giant Oyster

Once the quest free Under the Cursed Tides completed, you can access Runescape Giant Oyster. F2P World players can do this D & D but not loot the oyster or gain additional farming experience per month.
1. You can reset Giant Oyster every month by using your monthly D & D Rousset token to get a second chance of loot and juicy experience.
2. Go to the Dranenor Stone and head to the entrance to the Wizards Tower.
3. Then right-click the Myrtle wizard and choose Dive. In the meantime, you must have your Dee weapons equipped.
4. Once you enter if the month has been reset, you can click to loot the oyster and get experience items or dyes like branches and shadows, as well as the oyster's Third Age equipment , if you are lucky. So remember to do it every month to feed the oyster in order to close it so you can open it next month.
5. Harvest sea cucumber from fishing and delicious seaweed from agriculture. If you happen to have delicious algae sooner, keep growing the plot until it is empty or you can not draw any experience from it. Once you have them, left click to feed the oyster.
The experience you get depends on your level and the use of level increases. Perhaps you can get more than 70 000 ruins of farming and up to 200EK fishing experience at level 99 of Giant Oyster in less than three minutes and next month you will have a chance of getting a dear booty.

I hope these tips can help you a lot. Every week, you are able to enjoy the latest updates and game guide on our site – In addition, do not forget to take advantage of free 250M OSRS Gold and 1000M RuneScape gold on your order on September 20th.

User Test with Integration – User Experience Stack Exchange

Should I test a new feature with its integration?

For the moment I am doing it. The reason is, if I never test the integration part, how do I know if the run is correct?
Secondly, if I had to perform user tests without, then with integration, it takes a lot of time.

But I thought about it. If I include the integration of useless information, how will I ever know how to erase them?

Does any one have valid and valuable resources to talk about it?

Thank you :]

Experience of traveling between Split and Hvar out of season

I am looking to get from Split to Hvar for a day trip (Oct. 7, out of season spoken) on a catamaran, but I have struggled to find an updated schedule for departures and the arrivals. I found only 1 site that sells tickets for a round trip that matches what I am looking for. However, the site of the site displays a schedule without the same time and I do not know if it is worth risking it. Has anyone who traveled from Split to Hvar and back during the off season shared his experience about it?

One solution that I read somewhere was to travel to Starigard and then to Hvar. Would it be better?

Hiring: Writer with web hosting experience

We are looking for an editor with extensive experience and / or knowledge of popular web hosts.

Technical experience is not required; If you know cPanel, have strong opinions about which web hosts are great and who are afraid, and write well, you have the opportunity to work tirelessly.

This is a remote position that pays for 1000 words. The topics are mainly related to the reviews of popular web hosts.

Looks interesting? Cool. DM me with your price for 1000 words and the name of your favorite host, and why.

Thank you in advance.

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