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Go with my nickname for obvious reasons because of the secrets that I will reveal to you. I am a loop hunter (nickname) a russian / glitch bug killer, could you say. My daily routine is to wake up, have breakfast and, as usual, explore loopholes in Bitcoin exchanges, online casinos and probably e-commerce sites. I'd rather work on finding problems on bitcoin websites because bitcoins are rather anonymous.
Everyday, I encounter many of these bugs that can easily be exploited to make money in bitcoins. Some are worth it, others do not. Here is an example of such a loophole that you can exploit to make money in bitcoins. Note that I am not a hacker, I am just a hunter of killers who takes advantage of defects / bugs.

Today, I came across a Digitbtcco digital store. According to their bio, digitbtc.co is a platform on which you can buy and sell digital goods for bitcoins.

What's the problem? you asked. Well, this website currently offers 10% off a minimum basket value of $ 100, 30% off over $ 399 and a 50% discount over $ 999. This platform allows anyone to become a supplier and start selling digital / downloadable products on their website. A flat fee of 10% applies to all products sold by the supplier on its website. Salespeople are paid via their part splitting method. You can read more about this on their website FAQ

Like any other ecommerce-based portal, they do not charge sellers / sellers discount coupons.

How can I exploit these offers? Now comes the most interesting part.

Step 1. Simply apply as a salesperson on their website and wait for your account to be approved. Be sure to enter each piece of information carefully and give it a legitimate look.

Step 2. Once your accounts are approved, list one or two products for sale. As always, make sure everything looks authentic

Step 3. Create another customer account, purchase your own listed products and apply the discount code.
Now, let's do some calculations, the 10% discount code will not pay you any profit because their service fees are also 10%, which will not give you any profit, no loss.

The 30% discount code of the $ 399 basket value brings the final basket value to $ 279.30. They charge a 10% fee on the sale value of $ 399, or $ 39.90.

You get $ 359.10 on your supplier account after deducting 10%

Profit = ($ 359.10 – $ 279.30) = $ 79.80

Similarly, the 50% coupon on the value of the basket of $ 999 gives a profit of $ 399.60

In simple terms, you get $ 359.10 for $ 279.30 and $ 899.10 for $ 449.50. It's like a doubler of bitcoins for many. Now, if you do not understand my calculations, use your brain and if your brain can not understand it, the best option would be to go back to school. And the best part? Without doing any kind of work.

If you buy your own product worth $ 2,000 and apply the 50% discount code, you pay $ 1,000 on your own product. After deducting the 10% vendor fee of $ 100, you get $ 1900 from your vendor account, which is automatically transferred to your external bitcoin portfolio. Many basic e-com websites often use this type of glitch. Previously, even the popular Amazon online store had this problem.

Where can I find the discount codes? It is available on their homepage https://digitbtc.co/ with a banner

Now … You may wonder how they can offer such big discounts and not go bankrupt? Well, the simple answer is that no one starts a business with low or low funding. By browsing their website and products, they are already making huge profits selling their own digital products.

Generally "I never exploit the problems / bugs of the poor and the losers"

Do you need to take advantage of this problem / bugs? The simple answer, it's completely up to you. Now, I always say that the loopholes are the best. Technically, you do not do anything against the rules, but you have the impression of escaping. It's because, basically, you are! It's not your fault if someone did not do his I and cross his T? I share this completely for free. You take it or enjoy it or you leave it and you regret it for not having taken the advantage as long as the glitch existed. Hay while the sun is shining

I highly recommend you to use a good VPN. And delete your list of products once you have looted, so that other people do not buy your blank item and complain about you.

How long will it exist to exploit it? Probably as long as they run their promotion

Too good to be true?

This is the most common misconception "too good to be true?"
In memory? When launching blocklancer.net a year ago, they were giving a $ 50 free registration bonus to the employer to get started. I wrote an article about it and my clients looted it by registering a new employer / c and hiring them. They finally stopped the promotion after about 45 days of execution. The sponsorship program for freelancer.com and many more were similar.
What I mean is that when a company launches new services, it creates attractive offers to promote new customers and strengthen their community. In this case, it is not the company that gives free money, but we exploit the flaws (promotional offers) to earn free money. I hope everyone understands.

The original message can be found here https://playbtc.club/loopholes-making-people-richer-day-by-day/

5th dnd – How does War Caster's exploit interact with Hydra's Reactive Head trait?

The DM's call, with a bias toward "You only get one attack / spell by provocation."

Leaving aside the question of how to get a hydra who can cast spells as an opportunity attack, it seems that hydra can only attack by opportunity with a head to that time. I know Crawford is no longer a rule authority, but his comments on the issue seem at least relevant.

In this post twitter, in answer to the following question:

@ JeremyECrawford Mr. Crawford, I'm confused about the reactive heads. If a
The player causes osteoarthritis from one hydra. Can he be touched with each head?

he gave this answer:

A hydra may have more reactions than normal, but that does not change the way
an opportunity attack works: an attack by opportunity. #dnD

Although there has been some confusion in the interpretation of this tweet, it seems pretty clear for this poster, at least, that he had meant "the hydra can totally to attack with all its heads in response to a single provocation ", would have been worded differently. In addition, this corresponds to the hydra behaviors of previous editions, where Hydra was able to do a lot of opportunity attacks, but only once per provocative event.

According to this interpretation, then (which is reasonably well supported by the reading of the text), you would receive only an attack or a spell.

You can now reject Mr. Crawford's analysis. He is not an official source after all (or at least not anymore). At this point, the needle returns to "this is not clear". 5th has, by design, included a number of places where the rules are not entirely clear, with the intention and expectation that, when such things happen, they become a call from the SM.

So, since War Caster replaces the Opportunity attacks, and you only get one (probably) at a time, the best answer available (apart from DM arbitration) is: the War Caster Hydra can use a head to launch an attack or cast a single spell

Of course, this still leaves you with the challenge of finding an attack spell that Hydra can actually launch, given the problem that Hydra is unable to perform verbal components. Maybe you have three wizard levels with the right kind of metamagic?

Metasploit error while running the exploit command

In attempting to launch a Drupageddon exploit:use exploit / multi / http / drupal_drupageddon . Via msfconsole, sure kali linux x64, it displays errors:

/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/msf/ui/console/command_dispatcher/exploit.rb:173:in from & cmd_exploit & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rbinter23:in `run_command & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:474:in `block in run_single & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:468:in `each & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:468:in `run_single & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/shell.rb:151:in `run & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/metasploit/framework/command/console.rb:48:in `start & # 39;
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/metasploit/framework/command/base.rb:82:in `start & # 39;
/ usr / bin / msfconsole: 49: in `
& # 39;

I did not find an answer by looking for similar errors, Thank you in advance for your answer!

5th dnd – Do you make an attack with the Mobile exploit?

I was in a game and I just got the feat of Mobile so I climb to the enemy and I hit it like a ball of destruction (I have a swordfish from the tongue of the flame infused into my body that is only for the sake of taste).

The third advantage of the Mobile exploit (PHB, 168) says:

  • When you perform a melee attack against a creature, you do not cause that creature's opportunity attacks for the rest of the turn, whether you hit it or not.

Can I do more attacks if I have Extra Attack, or am I allowed to do only one action of attack? Because it does not say that in the exploit.

pathfinder – What happens when a witch seizes the improved familiar exploit?

The improved familiar feat was designed before the creation of the witch, mainly for Wizard. I have a witch who has more than 10 level 1 spells and more than 3 level 2 and 3 spells, and I wonder if the improved familiarization feat is really a good idea at this point.
My question about this is that a witch's familiar is one who knows the witch's spells, not the witch herself. I already know that, as the wizard, taking this feat means that you do not have to pay the ritual money to change pets, but I have not found anything clear and precise about the spells.
Does the new pet know all the spells in the base game? Do you consider it a regular replacement (2 spells of each level)? Something in between?

5th dnd – How does the Sharpshooter exploit interact with the Hunter's Volley Ranger function?

From the part of Sharpshooter (PHB, page 170) that you have included (but with a different emphasis):

Before doing an attack with a weapon at a distance If you're good at it, you can choose to take a penalty of -5 on the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the damage of the attack.

This applies to "an attack with a weapon at a distance"1, not the action of attack. See What's a capital-attack action rather than a tiny attack? for more on the difference between "the action of attack" and "an attack".

Reading the Ranger Hunter Multiple Attack Feature (PHB, 93):


You can use your action to make a ranged attack against any number of creatures within 3 meters of the point you can see within range of your weapon. You must have ammo for each target, as usual, and you must make a separate attack roll for each target.

This describes "a[n] … attack ", so Sharpshooter could apply to each attack roll (or not2). You perform multiattack action (and not the attack), which involves many "attacks", each of which can be used in conjunction with Sharpshooter.

1 The definition of an "attack" with regard to the multiple attack of a Hunter Ranger is confusing. In this Q & A, it seems that Sage Advice has stated that Multiattack is an attack with many attack jets. But if that is the case, it raises the question; When does Sharpshooter apply then? Therefore, in this case, I drew attention to the fact that Sharpshooter specifies "an attack with a remote weapon", which, in my opinion, designates one of the attack jets of the multiattack attack. I conclude that Sharpshooter applies to every attack jet, and not just to multi-attack action.

2 To extend this answer to take into account the additional question, nothing in the text of Sharpshooter implies that it must affect all the attacks committed during this turn, but rather that it applies to "an attack". In my opinion, this means that you must essentially choose before each attack that you perform as part of your Multiattack action: Volley or your Attack action (with Extra Attack). As for the whole question – nothing in Sharpshooter says that it applies to your turn or your action, but simply to "an attack", to an attack (this could even apply to an attack that you are doing outside your turn).

5th dnd – Does the sniper exploit works on spells cast with the aid of a remote weapon used as a target casting spell?

This only works for spells that require an attack with a ranged weapon

The third benefit of Sharpshooter is clear (it's me who points out):

  • Before doing a attack with a weapon from a distance If you're good at it, you can choose to take a penalty of -5 on the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the damage of the attack.

You must explicitly launch an attack with a remote weapon to take advantage of it. The only spells that can benefit as part of their effect are the punishment mark, flash arrow, and hail of thorns spells. In addition, the ranged weapon used for the attack does not need to be a spellcasting focus for the effect to work with these spells.

exploit – How to overwrite x00 on the memory address

I'm trying to overwrite a return address using a buffer overflow.

        1 #include 
  2 #include 
4 void jumphere () {
5 printf ("SUCCESS !!");
8 main int (int argc, char ** argv) {
9 character stamp [8];
10 strcpy (buffer, argv[1])
12 printf ("% s  n", buffer);
14 returns 0;

I found that the return address is

(When the main function ends, the last address that $ rip points is 0x00007ffff7a05b97)

and the address of a function that I want to access is 0x0000000000400577.

So, I filled the buffer with As and gave an additional input of
+ " x77 x05 x40 x00 x00 x00".

The return address is overwritten, but it has become

It seems that additional " x00" is ignored because x00 is a NULL byte.

But this return address does not jump to the function I want.

How can I overwrite the return address that contains " x00"?

Exploit Development – How can I prevent Windows from automatically deleting malicious files?

I'm working on a presentation and I wanted to copy an old exploit code (github file) into a file in Sublime3 with syntax highlighting, and so on.
But when I tried to back up the file, Windows automatically detects malicious content and removes it in seconds.
Is it possible to prevent this behavior?

3.5nd dnd – Do abilities-enhancing objects or spells count to meet the prerequisites of an exploit?

Do abilities-enhancing objects or spells count in the meeting of prerequisites for the feat? I've always thought that they did not do it. But now I wonder.

For example, the text for Dexterity Gloves is

They add to the dexterity score of the wearer in the form of an improvement

This comes back to the question: is a bonus part of the score itself? This makes sense in the case of an inherent bonus. The inherent bonus is just a way to keep track of permanent magical enhancement, for example. via wish spells. This type of boost is limited to 5 points. As a DM, I think that the improvement of an aptitude score through the medium of greeting spells account for the fulfillment of the prerequisites for the exploits. But if so: what is the difference with an improvement bonus?

Ok, it may not be permanent. But there are rules to follow if you no longer meet the prerequisites: the exploit stops working until you meet the prerequisites.

This kind of decision would even mean that you can cast a spell before going into gear, take a feat and that feat only works when you have enough active boost.

So, my question is: Do abilities-enhancing objects or spells count to meet the prerequisites for feats?