Products do not appear in the category but appear in the layered navigation exploration

I am having a problem where I have about 1000 products in a category. I have sorted it by default price. When I go to the page, it displays the price order correctly, only there are missing products, about 800 products to be exact. however, if I explore layered navigation, these products start to show up in there.

Bing is not an exploration website?

Hi all,

I want to know more about the process of exploring and indexing Bing … In fact, I have a domain and I want to promote this domain only in Bing and I created a Bing webmaster account and verified this area in Bing as well and I did all the things 10 days before but still not a single page of exploration and indexing by Bing.

Showing this message only an error about what's going on with it, I'm unable to follow … can a Bing expert help me …?

Pending a positive response ….

Bing is not an exploration website?

Website not subject to exploration or indexing in the search engine Bing or Yahoo

Hello everyone,
I have a customer site <>. The website is well ranked in the Google search engine. But do not show in yahho or bi … | Read the rest of

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How does network difficulty affect average block exploration time if we have static hash power?

The block search rate depends only on your own hashrate and the difficulty of the network, nothing else.

The overall rate of the network influences the difficulty of a delay, which in turn influences your block search speed. However, it is the only effect.

5th dnd – Does the Explorers Rangers natural exploration feature and the vagrancy feature in the background for the stack in search of food?

I plan to build my first ranger and I'm wondering about the natural exploration function. it is said:

Natural explorer

When you forage, you find twice as much food as you normally would.

The extraordinary wanderer says:


In addition, you can find food and fresh water for you and five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so on.

Would these characteristics stack so theoretically that a foreigner Ranger (since he is on his favorite field) can find enough food and water for more than six people up to twelve? Should the ranger only search every other day?

What is the depth of exploration? – SEO help (general discussion)

Depth of sweeping is the extent to which a search engine indexes the pages of a website. Most sites contain multiple pages, which may in turn contain subpages. Pages and sub-pages deepen in a similar way to how folders and subfolders (or directories and subdirectories) deepen in computer storage.

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dnd 5th – Is the Gritty Realism variant incompatible with the classic dungeon exploration?

Variant Rocky Realism rule presented in the DMG (see page 267) changes the short breaks from 1 hour to 8 hours and the long breaks from 8 hours to 7 days. His description suggests, nonchalantly and without elaboration, that

In other words, the designers of 5th thought obviously that the ramifications of the rule would sufficiently increase the difficulty of the dungeons to justify a comment, while refusing unnecessarily to explain why. Since dungeons bear the name of the game, it is an unfortunate oversight, even for a variant rule. DMs and players who respect the rule must guess at what pitfalls they should expect – for example, what game mechanics are complicated by the design principles that inform an archetypal dungeon-based adventure. For 5th year veterans, this may not be a heavy burden, but those with little (or no) experience are faced with potential frustration.

A number of questions and answers here on RPG.SE touched on realistic realism, for example:

However, none has really considered why – or even that it behaves – Dungeons could be particularly problematic in a game using Gritty Realism.

Given the game mechanics involved, is the DMGThe observation that Gritty Realism discourages dungeons from crawling really accurate? Could it be overestimated? Could it be understated, so that groups primarily interested in dungeons should absolutely avoid imaginary realism?

GGBTC has released the official mascot "Gravitation Ge", which means continuous exploration and innovation – Advertising, Offers

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The GGBTC released the official image of the mascot – a fearless and fearless Pingtou Ge honey badge, also known as "Gravitation Ge".

"Pingtou Ge" is the nickname of honey badge that is famous for its ability to survive and its ability to discover the weaknesses of the enemy. He also has the courage, persistence, tenacity and high hunting effectiveness, and is known for his perfect cooperation with symbiotic partners. He is listed as "the most fearless creature in the world" in the Guinness Book of Records.

"Pingtou Ge" represents passion, optimism and courage. Netizens joked: The credo of Pingtou Ge's life is "I'm not afraid of any challenge."

Badger's fighting spirit:

Pingtou Ge: I will not ask who the opponent is or how many of them I have to fight. Just tell me the place and the time.

Who are you fighting with? Pingtou Ge is always in combat or fighting!

"Gravitation Ge" will become the incarnation of GGBTC, convinced that digital currency can change the existing financial system and overcomes all challenges without fearing the difficulties and obstacles of the blockchain sector.

Introduction of GGBTC

GGBTC is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as currency trading, margin trading and over-the-counter trading to meet the needs of various investors.

Since May, GGBTC has obtained investment from US-based GONE, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui & Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Capital Landscape, Insight Capital , Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners, Tachyon Capital. Total funding exceeds RMB 50 million.

At present, the public beta version of GGBTC 2.0 has been officially launched and the FM (free market) zone has been launched simultaneously.