Is it ok to explore adding the generated tag sitemap file to Google Web Master?

I usually add a new tag with the same publication title name before publishing a new publication as follows:


Is this considered a duplicate content issue?

Additionally, I am using a plugin that generates sitemap tags, I have added this sitemap to Google Webmaster what is the effect of that? is it better to remove it from Google Webmaster.

Thank you

Web application – Integration procedure or let them explore?

Work on improving the application integration process. It's a great app with multiple modules (think Atlassian), and I can't decide whether or not start users on the main dashboard to let them choose a module in the left menu, or to have them choose before entering the platform. Thoughts? Does data support one way or another?

python – Explore alternatives to apply conditions to each data frame line other than pandas apply

I have a function called postprocess that applies everything in loop condition to find - and alphabets at each line of the data frame. postprocess looks like this:

def postprocess(description, start_index, end_index):
      if (start_index > 0) & (start_index < len(description)):
        while bool(re.match(r"w|'|-", description(start_index - 1))) & bool(
            re.match(r"w|'|-", description(start_index))
            start_index = start_index - 1
            if new_start == 0:
      description = description(new_start:new_end)
      return description

For example, description East credit payment velvet-burger and the start_index is 7 and end_index is 12. So description(start_index) will be b Who is the b in burger will be executed in a while loop going back to return the target substring we want to see because burger is not complete because we want the word velvet- also.
After running postprocess we will get velvet-burger.
The complete code looks like this:

df("target_substring") = df.apply(lambda x: postprocess(
                         x("description"), x("start_index"), x("end_index")+1),

Is there a better way to write this code?

Explore some of the best Airdrop websites

When studying cryptocurrency and blockchain, you should have come across the term "Airdrop" with dollar signs and a few exclamation marks. Isn’t it? But what makes it so remarkable? Well, if you are not very familiar with this term, we will provide you with useful information about it. Apart from that, we will also be revealing the best parachuting websites to read. But before that, let's do a brief introduction to the term "Airdrop".

Sources >>




seo – How does Googlebot explore cookiepro integration pages?

Google bot adds the link in the banner cookiepro on my main product details page and gives 404.

On the webapp, the link goes to the appropriate URL, but I can see a lot of URLs in my Googlebot logs where this link is added to the existing URL giving 404.

Can I get an idea of ​​how Googlebot is exploring the cookiepro cookie consent banner?

Does Google explore referrals? – SEO help (general chat)

Google does do not Redirected index Pages. It's probably obvious to most of you, but Google & # 39; s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google does it do not index referrals. … we do not usually do it index URL that redirectso it seems to work well.

usability – Explore alternatives to a tree to select a person's breed

I work for a company that is software as a service for the social services industry. We are rethinking breed selection in order to be able to comply with the standard needed for data exchange in the healthcare space. This means that we have to store our data according to the HL7 Race specification, which becomes quite complicated:

We originally planned to do a treeview control to select more specific race levels. In practice, however, we find that it does not seem very intuitive to use. People do not notice that nodes are developing or, when they do, they have the impression that they have to fill it at the most specific level. In general, we find that breed selection is not intuitive.

Some other notes that may be useful:

  • All levels of the hierarchy must be recorded for reports
  • There is a high turnover in the area of ​​social services and
    the control must be usable with little or no training.
  • There will be a way to configure the control so that levels below a certain
    the level will be hidden for agencies that do not need it. Some agencies
    will have to go down at least to the third level.
  • I had initially rejected the idea of ​​a search box for finding a person 's race. People will not necessarily know what they are looking for when they start filling it.

In order to solve the problem of people feeling as if they should fulfill the highest level of specificity, I had started by wired a slightly different kind of tree. There is a selection of checkboxes with radio controls that control whether the sub-selection is enabled or not. I am not sure that this really facilitates the selection process.

When a user encounters control for the first time, it will simply be a radio button with Select and Unknown as options. If Select is selected, the initial checkbox list appears.

showing the initial race selection

When the user selects one or more items in the list, a secondary level automatically appears under the option with more radio buttons and the next level of selections. It will default to Unknown and the checkboxes will be disabled.

secondary level displayed for race selection

If the user selects the Select option, the checkboxes become enabled and the model can continue down.

tertiary level displayed for breed selection

I find it hard to step back and see if there is an alternative to using a tree control for this. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative commands or ways that a tree can be better used?

Allow all robots except Googlebot which should only be able to explore the home page

I want to allow all robots to crawl and index a site, except for Googlebot. I want to allow Google to index only the homepage (/) URL, but nothing else.

I would prefer to do it in the robots.txt file. How can I achieve this goal?

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