synchronization – Export google calendar into outlook

I have a Google calendar that I want to sync into Outlook (web application). So I reach Google calendar -> Settings -> Settings for my calendar -> Calendar integration -> Secrets address iCal format.

Once I copied that link I open Outlook -> Add calendar -> Subscribe from web, then I paste that URL.

This works because Google’s events are imported but, if I add a new project in Google this is not reflected on Outlook.

Is there something wrong with this?

export – saving edited Mathematica image at high resolution

I’ve created several graphs for a book I’m writing by using Mathematica commands to create an output image and then adding labels, etc. with Mathematica’s drawing tools. My issue is that I can’t seem to save the edited version of the images at high enough dpi resolution.

I’ve looked at the Export and ImageResolution commands, but these seem only to work on the original output image not the edited version with my added writing/labels.

Does anyone have any ideas?

export – How to import magento products’ data to Akeneo Pim?

I’ve installed the magento side connector, and found it’s expensive to buy a PIM side connector to import magento data into pim, does it exist some instructions for importing products from magento to akeneo PIM?
I’ve more then 3000 products and their attributes set in magento.

How to export a MYSQL RDS database table that includes two text fields to a CSV file

I have a MYSQL database in RDS. I am trying to export the data from a table but cannot get it to format correctly due to two of the fields being text fields.

The command I am trying (an what seems like a million small variations of at this point)

 mysql -h <server here> -u <database user here> -D <database name here> -p -e "SELECT id, first_name, last_name, description, email, department, title, created_at, updated_at FROM bios WHERE status = 1" > prod_bios.csv

This file comes out a total mess. I have tried to use things like this after reading through the documentation


I also tried to use the QUOTE() method. None of that made any difference.

Can anyone help me get the syntax correct to export this table with the description set inside quotes so I can escape it and have a CSV file that is formatted correctly?

Thanks so much for any help!

powershell – Script to export site details SharePoint 2013

Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell"

$webApplicationURL = ""

$path ="(Enter your local folder path )"

$resultantfile = $path +"CollectionInfo.csv"

Add-Content -Path $resultantfile -Value "WebApplication Name|SiteName|SiteUrl|SubSiteCount|SiteCollectionAdmin|SiteTemplateId|SiteTemplateName|MaximumStorageQuota|TotalStorageUsed in MB|SiteCreatedDate|LastItemModifiedDate"

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication $webApplicationURL

            if($webApp -ne $null)

                $WebappName = $webApp.Name

                   foreach($siteColl in $webApp.Sites)

                        if($siteColl -ne $null)
                                $SiteName = $siteColl.RootWeb.Title
                                $SiteUrl = $siteColl.Url        
                                $TotalSubSiteCount = $siteColl.AllWebs.Count

                                $SiteCollAdmin = $siteColl.RootWeb.SiteAdministrators.DisplayName
                                $SiteTemplateID = $siteColl.RootWeb.WebTemplateId
                                $SiteTemplateName = $siteColl.RootWeb.WebTemplate

                                $MaxStorage = $siteColl.Quota.StorageMaximumLevel
                                $TotalSiteQuota = $MaxStorage/1000000

                                $TotalStorageUsed = $siteColl.Usage.Storage
                                $TotalUsedSize = $TotalStorageUsed/1000000

                                $SiteCreatedDate = $siteColl.RootWeb.Created
                                $SiteLastItemUpdateDate = $siteColl.RootWeb.LastItemModifiedDate 

            $content = $WebappName + "|"+ $SiteName + "|"+  $SiteUrl + "|"+ $TotalSubSiteCount + "|"+ $SiteCollAdmin + "|"+ $SiteTemplateID + "|"+ $SiteTemplateName + "|"+ $TotalSiteQuota + "|"+ $TotalUsedSize + "|"+ $SiteCreatedDate + "|"+ $SiteLastItemUpdateDate

            Add-Content -Path $resultantfile -Value $content



                            Echo $siteColl "does not exist"         





            Echo $webApplicationURL "does not exist, check the WebApplication name" 


    write-host -foregroundcolor green  "Finish"     

Sharepoint Datatable with export option in excel pdf and csv

I have created a list in sharepoint and trying to load in datatable using rest api with search and export option to tranfer in excel file for download. kindly help.

How to export pageviews from google analytics user explorer

I was able to get the User Explorer to show the user id my system provides google analytics as shown below:

enter image description here

However, the problem is that I need to click into each user to be able to see all the page views for that specific user. Is there a way to export a CSV of all the pageviews for all the users without having to click into each user individually? In other words, I want a CSV to have a column for Page and a column for User Id.

mysql – How to export the result of a query to a csv file from phpmyadmin

I am running a query in PHPMyAdmin. The request is correct. it shows the right result.

I want to export this result to a CSV file. It is not on the local server. It's on the web server

This is my request

SELECT, notices.gazette_notice_id, notices.notice_code, notices.company_number, notices.publication_date, companies.company_name, companies.registered_address_town, companies.registered_address_postcode, companies.sic_1, sic_codes.description, sic_codes.division, sic_codes.section, as practionar_name, as practitioner_company, insolvency_practitioners.address as prac_address,  FROM notices
LEFT JOIN companies ON notices.company_number = companies.company_number 
LEFT JOIN sic_codes ON companies.sic_1 = sic_codes.code
LEFT JOIN notice_insolvency_practitioners ON = notice_insolvency_practitioners.notice_id 
LEFT JOIN insolvency_practitioners ON notice_insolvency_practitioners.insolvency_practitioner_id =
Where notices.publication_date >'2020-05-01' and notices.publication_date < '2020-05-31'

In the phpmyadmin window at the bottom of the results pane, I can see an export link. but if i click on export it only allows me to export the notice table and not the result.

enter description of image here

I don't want to create a frontend window for this. I just want to export the result to a CSV file of PHPMyAdmin

I checked the questions here

and here

But I am confused to understand the answers. Cause I'm running this request on a remote web server and want to download the file to the local machine. And I don't want to create a new table for that.

How to export the result as a csv file?

Unity: prefab export includes many dependencies on unnecessary resources

I come exported one of my assets in a unitypackage.
He understood all the dependencies very well so that I could use them.

Then I tried another prefab but he understood a lot of unrelated assets from everywhere in the project, it's a very simple prefab and I don't know how the bulk is considered dependencies.

When I do show dependencies it brings up the clutter in the project menu. In no case should there be dependence. It really is not as complex as a prefab.

I also checked the prefabricated elements to see if some of them somehow use the clutter said, they are not.

How can this happen? Is there a way to fix it (other than a selective click in the export menu)?

How to export my results to an Excel sheet

enter description of image hereI have a nonlinear equation in single variable (xtan (x) = 5) and it has an infinite number of roots, I have some of them and I want to add them in an array this is my coded
Please tell me how to do this?